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What Are Aftermarket Car Parts?

Should you purchase aftermarket parts for your car?

Many car drivers are not much aware of aftermarket parts of cars. It is an obvious problem to understand the difference between car spare parts, genuine spare parts, OEM parts, and aftermarket parts.

The problem increases when you see the difference in prices for the same spare part. Some might also think that aftermarket car parts meant second-hand or used car spare parts.

Confused about what are aftermarket parts

You might be having questions like:

  • What are aftermarket car parts
  • Why are aftermarket parts cheaper than genuine aftermarket arts
  • Are aftermarket parts good for my car?
  • Are aftermarket parts legal
  • Are they second-hand or used parts?
  • Does it create a problem for my car if I replace parts with aftermarket parts?

In the blog post, we will try to clear your doubts about the aftermarket parts.

What are aftermarket car parts?

The aftermarket parts are a type of spare parts for your car. These car spare parts are not manufactured by the original car brand. The aftermarket parts are manufactured by a completely different company. These parts are used to replace damaged car parts.

Let us take a look at this by an example of a completely different industry: You go to a pharmaceutical store to purchase a medicine. The pharmacist shows you a medicine with the same content (ingredients) but a different company. This medicine might be cheaper than the original name you suggested, but it is equally effective and works the same way.

The concept of aftermarket parts is similar. Same parts but from a different company. So say you drive a Toyota Land Cruiser and you want to replace spark plugs, you go to an auto parts shop and tell them your car model.

They can give you Genuine Toyota spare parts spark plugs or a spark plug from a different manufacturer which will perform the same function for your car.

Genuine parts and aftermarket parts

As you can see in the image above, spark plugs from Genuine Toyota spare parts & aftermarket spark plugs from Bosch. The quality of these aftermarket spark plugs may be similar to that of genuine ones.

Why aftermarket parts have gained popularity

The aftermarket parts use was already quite decent across the globe. But in the last few years, the demand for aftermarket parts has increased. According to an analysis by, it is estimated that the global aftermarket industry would reach $562 Billion USD by the year 2027.

Now, you must be thinking why are they so popular when they are not manufactured by the original car manufacturer. Moreover, some of the car aftermarket parts come with little or no warranty. Yet, the demand is rising.

This is because the aftermarket parts come in a wide range of qualities.

There are aftermarket parts available for your car at equal or better quality than the original equipment. And, that too at a much cheaper price. As the manufacturers of aftermarket parts delivered good quality, the popularity of the aftermarket parts also increased.

Aftermarket Spare Parts

Is the quality of aftermarket parts good enough? or at par with the genuine parts?

It is a complete myth that the aftermarket parts are not good for your car. As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of quality in the aftermarket car spare parts. Good quality aftermarket parts are as good as genuine spare parts.

There is no doubt that there are aftermarket parts available in very low quality. So, we highly recommend you to purchase aftermarket parts from a trustworthy car spare parts dealer. 

In fact, when you purchase a low-quality aftermarket part for replacement, you are taking a huge risk. As low-quality aftermarket parts might break down at any time or cause more serious troubles for your car.

Benefits of Aftermarket parts for your car

The major advantage of purchasing aftermarket parts compared to genuine spare parts or OEM parts is that these are less expensive.

The aftermarket parts are affordable and available at the best prices. You get to replace spare parts for your car without drilling a hole in your pocket and you get equally good quality.

Moreover, there are a lot of manufacturers for aftermarket parts and you get to choose from the best company. Some specialize in specific car brands and some specialize with specific kinds of spare parts.

Disadvantages of Aftermarket Car Parts

A disadvantage associated with aftermarket car parts is that sometimes there can be a little or no warranty on the products and it voids the warranty offered by the original car manufacturer.

Although, if you are purchasing certified and good-quality aftermarket parts, it shouldn’t impact the overall warranty.

Where can you find quality aftermarket parts in Dubai?

In order to purchase quality aftermarket parts, it is important that you choose a reliable and trustworthy auto parts dealer.

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