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Noorhan is one of the most established brands in UAE which deals in Volkswagen spare parts, Volkswagen aftermarket parts, and a wide range of  products like automotive batteries, oil, and lubricants. 

We are known to provide genuine spare parts and  aftermarket parts.

If you are looking for Volkswagen auto parts online, Noorhan can help you with that.

Simply connect with us through channels like WhatsApp and email and place your orders.

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Volkswagen goes around with its strategy, “NEW AUTO – Mobility for Generations to Come”. Volkswagen was founded on 28th May 1937. The headquarters is based in Wolfsburg, Germany.  Volkswagen group is driven by the goal to offer safe, environmentally friendly, and attractive vehicles that compete in the tough automobile market and establish a standard in the respective class.

The Group’s goal is to offer attractive, safe, and environmentally sound vehicles which can compete in an increasingly tough market and set world standards in their respective class.

The current focus of Volkswagen groups is to provide excellent and innovative Electrical Vehicles.

Volkswagen aims for quality in their vehicles. It is one of the most successful European car brand. They engineer and design cars aiming for optimum efficiency. This requires them to have excellent quality spare parts.

So when you need to replace spare parts of your Volkswagen car, you should prioritize the quality of the spare parts.

Noorhan is one of the most established car spare parts dealer in UAE which deals in genuine spare parts, aftermarket parts, and a wide range of other products like automotive batteries, oil, and lubricants. 

We are available to provide genuine Volkswagen spare parts and Volkswagen aftermarket parts.

Noorhan can help you if you are looking for Volkswagen spare parts online. You can visit our website and place an order for Volkswagen spare parts via WhatsApp, just give us a call or simply visit our store located in Al Quoz 2, Dubai

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You can get genuine spare parts for Volkswagen cars, including Brake oil, Filter spark plug, Volkswagen Filters, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Brake, and Volkswagen Electrical. Volkswagen Mechanical, Volkswagen Tools, Volkswagen Fuel Parts, Volkswagen Chassis, Volkswagen Powertrain, and Volkswagen Air Conditioning Parts. 

If you are looking for Auto Parts in Al Quoz, Dubai, you have come to the right place

Nissan Spare Parts

Sometimes Volkswagen spare parts availability in Dubai is scarce as the manufacturing of the car brands like Volkswagen is in Europe/ China etc.

If you are looking for Genuine Volkswagen spare parts and Volkswagen Aftermarket Parts. Noorhan has a stock of different spare parts. 

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of the different genuine parts and accessories required for Volkswagen Cars.

We have an catalog for you to choose your options. And you can select what suits you the best and select your Volkswagen spare parts. and Volkswagen aftermarket parts.

Noorhan also deals with other accessories required for your Volkswagen car

Noorhan has the availability of genuine parts for the following Volkswagen cars.

Genuine Auto parts for Volkswagen Cars

Which Volkswagen do you drive?

  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volkswagen Golf R
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Volkswagen Teramont
  • Volkswagen Touareg
  • Volkswagen Arteon
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • etc

Importance of Genuine Volkswagen Auto Parts

When it comes to the quality of the auto part you are repairing or replacing, Genuine Volkswagen Parts are the best, as they are manufactured by the Volkswagen brand itself. 

Genuine spare parts or auto parts are also known as original auto parts or OEM parts.

It is recommended that you use Genuine Volkswagen parts. When you invest in a Genuine Volkswagen auto part for your car, it will work as it should, there are generally no problems associated with the Volkswagen spare parts and you will get a perfect replacement.

The life of Volkswagen genuine auto parts can also more than the Volkswagen aftermarket parts because of the quality.

Availability of Volkswagen Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai

Volkswagen Genuine spare parts in Dubai are available at Noorhan Auto Parts. Noorhan has been established in the UAE since 1989. We are a trusted name that deals with genuine spare parts at good prices in Dubai.

Some of the Genuine Volkswagen auto parts are backed with a warranty for a particular time duration compared to aftermarket parts.

Online Volkswagen Spare Parts Dealer Dubai

Noorhan is amongst the well known car spare parts dealers in Dubai. We provide Volkswagen spare partsand try ensure the best services to our customers.

If you want to enquire about Online Volkswagen car spare parts in Dubai you can reach us out through WhatsApp or call. +97143397110 We will be glad to help you out.

Various Genuine Volkswagen Spare Parts in Dubai

Noorhan deals in different genuine Volkswagen spares including the following: 

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate the aftermarket parts from the genuine auto parts if they are out of cover. Sometimes when a lower quality aftermarket part is used for a Volkswagen car it could cause some problems like engine heating, suspension failure etc.

Identifying Genuine Volkswagen Spare Parts

Follow these steps to know if your Volkswagen spare part is genuine:

To identify a genuine Volkswagen auto part please check for the hologram and serial number that comes with it. 

Genuine parts or OEM Volkswagen parts can also come with a QR code that can be scanned using your smartphone.

Volkswagen Genuine spare parts can also come with an RFID tag, this tag could be used by the manufacturer to trace the originality of the spare part. But this can only be checked by the manufacturers to verify and cross-check.

Most of all, check for Auto Parts Number. It’s a universal and unique number that is printed on the Box. Please ask our expert staff and they will help you identify the Part number 

Volkswagen Aftermarket Parts

We also provide Aftermarket parts for Volkswagen in Dubai. Aftermarket parts are those parts that are not manufactured by the original (Volkswagen) manufacturer, but rather they are made by a different company.

Aftermarket auto parts can be a great choice as they come with many benefits, such as low cost and easy availability

As they are manufactured by different third party companies, it is important to purchase them with care and after consulting with our expert.

On the other hand there is no doubt that some of the aftermarket parts are as equally good as genuine Volkswagen auto parts in Dubai, but there is no warranty with aftermarket parts.

In most cases, the cost of the Aftermarket part is comparatively lower than genuine auto parts in Dubai. But, there are chances of poor or low-quality material. Again, that completely depends on the manufacturer, sometimes the aftermarket part is equally good. 


You can find different spare parts at Noorhan. Here is a very small list of Volkswagen spare parts. 

Note: This list is small, there are lot more parts available.


OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It basically means, the auto part is manufactured by the same company as it came with the new car.

The OEM parts have high quality and are costlier than aftermarket or replacement auto parts

Common Volkswagen auto parts are readily available, but some body parts or uncommon auto parts may take time for them to be available

Please call us on +97143397110 and make an enquiry. Our expert team member will convey you time for the auto parts to be available more specifically 

Yes. It is completely fine to buy aftermarket auto parts for your Volkswagen. Aftermarket parts are meant to perform the same function as genuine/ OEM parts.

Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper than the genuine ones and gives you more or less same performance (depending on which aftermarket brand you have purchased)\

Please get give us a call or visit our store and our staff will assist you to arrange the part for your Volkswagen that is suitable for your budget

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Where can you buy Volkswagen Spare Parts in Dubai?

Volkswagen Spare Parts are available at different suppliers and dealers of auto spare parts in Dubai. Noorhan is amongst the leading brands that deal with genuine auto spare parts and aftermarket parts for different car brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Jeep, Ford, and other Japanese, European, American, Korean, luxury cars brands

If you’re looking to replace your Volkswagen spare parts with high-quality aftermarket parts in Dubai, Noorhan can help you.