Synthetic Oil vs Mineral Oil


Synthetic Oil vs Mineral Oil. Which one is better engine oil?

When you’re fixing your car, you have seen different options in the motor oil or engine oil for your car. You have seen there are different options, one is relatively cheap and the other is expensive.

You have also been asked if you want to proceed with conventional oil or synthetic oil. This has obviously made you curious about the difference between them. And, if you understand the difference you have been curious about the benefits.

In this blog, we will discuss the difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil. Conventional oil is also referred to as mineral oil. First thing, Both the oils are made from crude oil

Synthetic oil is not purely based on chemicals. Both of these are oil and they function as lubrication for the engine. The engine oil makes sure the operation of the engine is smooth.

What is the difference between synthetic oil and mineral oil?

In simple terms, The difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil (mineral oil) is the level of refinement and addition of other minerals and chemicals.

Synthetic oil is more refined and artificially made by adding some chemicals that improve the operation and performance of the engine.

Engine wear protection

Engine parts function with close and constant contact with other elements. Over time, the engine parts can wear down. The engine oil makes these contacts better, it works as a barrier between the contacts. The synthetic oil protects the parts better.

Conventional oil doesn’t have the ability to function in extreme temperature contrasts and speeds. Synthetic oil protects the parts.

Although, it is worth mentioning that if there is already a leak in the engine, neither of the oil can stop it from further damage. The damage will only increase regardless of the oil you are using. So make sure the engine is in good condition and there are no cracks before you plan on changing or switching oils.

Keeps your engine clean

The conventional oil can form sludge over time. It can accommodate deposits. If the engine is not in clean condition, this can cause problems over time. It can reduce the efficiency and life of the engine.

The synthetic oil is very well processed and ensures there are fewer deposits, this keeps the engine clean.

Performs better in high temperature

The conventional oil might break down in case of extremely high temperatures. The thickness of the oil and viscosity of the oil is disturbed. As a result, there is a reduction in the efficiency of the car engine, not just efficiency, it can cause other major problems as well.

Synthetic oil can operate well in high temperatures, as it is engineered to maintain the thickness and viscosity in different temperatures.

Performs better in cold weather

We humans sweat in summer and most cars sweat in winter 😪.

Conventional oil creates some problems in winters, you might have problems in starting the car and you might see some reduced efficiency in engine performance. 

Synthetic oils are engineered to operate well in low temperatures.

Protecting Turbocharger Engines

The turbocharged engines work at a higher temperature than the normal non-turbo engines. The turbine in the turbocharger engine revolves very fast at more than 280,000 rpm.

The oil heats up to very high temperatures that could be approx 400° Fahrenheit. In such high temperatures, conventional oil doesn’t handle it well. Synthetic oil operates well at high temperatures, hence protecting the turbocharged engines.

Better Lubrication

Synthetic oil provides better lubrication compared to conventional oil. As it is engineered to perform in extreme temperatures and pressures, synthetic oil doesn’t break down or lose its properties. It provides better lubrication than conventional oil.

Is it ok to switch from mineral oil to synthetic oil?

Yes. It is completely fine to switch from conventional oil to synthetic oil. In fact, it is recommended to switch.

Most modern cars are tailored to work better with synthetic oil. As synthetic oil contains the chemical compounds that lubricate the engine better, it improves the performance of your engine. It also affects the fuel efficiency of your engine. This might also prevent your car engine from overheating and problems like the car suddenly stopping.

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