Car Body Parts


Just like a human body, cars are also made of different parts. While most people know about engine, transmission and suspension, they don’t seem to know a lot about other parts of a car. So let’s get to know about them.

What makes up a car’s body?

Here’s the list of main parts of a car;

Bonnet: The folding cover that lies over the engine of a car is called a bonnet.

Bumper: A bumper is a structure that is attached to or built into the front and back ends of a motor vehicle.

Body shell: The primary structure of a motor vehicle resting on the chassis and housing the electrical components as well as the seats.

Cables: These wires connect the battery and the electrical parts.

Dashboard: It is the control panel seen in the center console of a car. It has the instruments and controls so the driver can operate the vehicle.

Door parts: Door handle, window regulator, door locks and latches are some parts of a car’s doors.

Windshield: This is the glass right in front of the driver.

Mirror: These are the flat mirrors helping the driver to see other vehicles on the road.

Wheel: The rims on which tyres are mounted are called wheels.

Windshield motor: The windscreen washer fluid tank’s bottom holds the windscreen washer pump (motor).

Wiper: A wiper is a tool used to remove raindrops from a car’s windscreen.

Extensions for a car body

Extensions work as improvements for your car to improve its performance or looks. 

Numerous extra parts are manufactured or customized for a car which include Electrical accessories, Navigation and communication, and Under-Car components. 

The first type always contains a GPS system, and such components often are sold with locally relevant maps already preloaded. 

Today, for the ease of the driver, these systems also come with voice assistants, so the driver need not take their eyes off the road. Dual Battery Kits, Solar Panels, Jump Starters, Fog Lights, and Lamps are a few examples of the parts that are commonly found in electrical accessories and are useful for battery repairs, lighting, and malfunctions. 

The final category consists of components that are essential to a vehicle’s operation. Breaking pads, discs master, breaking shoes and slave cylinders, etc. are some of the examples.

You can add these extensions to your car to make it match with your personality or comfort.