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Why is my car not starting?

We’ve all been there, if you’ve not yet been there, we pray you never get into that situation when your car doesn’t start. It could truly turn into a quick nightmare. And, the worst part is you never know when that could happen.

You can easily start getting frustrated with thoughts like “why is my car not starting”, “Is my car in big trouble”, and whatnot.

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why your car is not starting.

Let’s start with some reasons why your car is not starting:

Now, Let’s discuss each  point separately 

If your car's battery is dead, that's when your car will not start

Failure of car battery

If you are able to hear the engine clicking sound but your car is not starting, it means there is a problem with the starter attached to the car engine.

The engine starter is an electric motor that cranks the car engine when we turn on the key. If the electric power reaching the starter is not enough the motor won’t function. If your car headlights and other interior lights dim when you are attempting to start the car, that is also a sign that there could be a problem with the car starter. And, sometimes there can be other problems with the starter that need addressing or replacing of a spare part.

Problems in the ignition system may cause the car to not start

Why is my car not starting?

Another common reason your car won’t start is a problem in the ignition system or the ignition switch in the car. 

The ignition system is responsible to ignite (Light up) the fuel in the engine. The ignition system works with the spark plug of the car. The ignition coil converts the normal voltage into a higher voltage which is powered by spark plugs and then there is burning of fuel that powers the engine.

If there is any problem with the ignition system or the ignition switch there will be no burning of fuel and thus the car won’t start.

Faulty fuel filter may be the reason, why your car is not starting

Why is my car not starting?

If your fuel filter is clogged with debris and dirt this will stop fuel from smoothly entering the combustion chamber of the car. And, if the fuel is not entering the combustion chamber the car won’t start.

Additional tip: Please keep your Engine Oil  at appropriate level. This will not affect directly on starting your car, but will keep your engine healthy.

Reason for car not starting: Problem in Spark plug

Check spark plugs to Get Better Fuel Mileage for your

If you have checked the car battery and found it is in good condition, if you’ve checked the starter, you’ve got your fuel above the required level and your car’s fuel system is in working condition, but your car is not starting, check the spark plugs.

The spark plugs are necessary to provide the spark that further starts the engine. The spark plugs work in conjunction with the ignition system. 

A spark plug normally lasts up to 100,000 miles, if you’re maintaining and cleaning the spark plug regularly. But if there is an overload on the engine, and there are oil leaks in the system, the spark plug might malfunction quickly. So please check the spark plugs of your car if your car is not starting.

Fuel tank problem may be?

We are talking about really low fuel to no fuel at all in the fuel tank.

Wrapping up the reasons for your car to not starting at all or not self starting

In a nutshell, here’s a list of the reasons we discussed if the car is not starting.

  1. Dead Battery
  2. Problems with the starter (attached with the engine)
  3. Problems in the ignition system
  4. No fuel in the car
  5. Faulty fuel filter
  6. Problems with the spark plug

To prevent these kinds of problems, ensure that you get your car serviced and maintained regularly and when you replace the auto parts for your car, use genuine spare parts or quality aftermarket parts.

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