How to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer Heat

The scorching summer heat can be tough on your vehicle, especially in hot climates like the UAE. To keep your car cool in the Summer Heat not only ensures a comfortable ride but also helps in maintaining the vehicle’s health and longevity. Here are 12 detailed tips to help you keep your car cool during the summer months.

The best tips on how to keep your car cool this summer

1. Test the AC

Ensure Optimal Performance: Before the heat becomes unbearable, test your car’s air conditioning system. If the AC blows hot air, it might just need a refrigerant recharge. Regularly check and maintain the refrigerant levels to ensure your AC performs efficiently.

Professional Check-Up: If a refrigerant recharge doesn’t solve the issue, consult a mechanic. They can diagnose and fix underlying problems, ensuring your AC is ready for the hot months ahead.

2. Check Your Tires' Air Pressure

Prevent Blowouts: Properly inflated tires are crucial, especially in hot weather. Under-inflated tires can overheat and blow out, causing dangerous situations on the road. Regularly check your tire pressure and ensure it matches the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Maximize Fuel Efficiency: Proper tire inflation also helps in improving your car’s fuel efficiency. Regular checks can save you money and keep your car running smoothly on long summer drives.

3. Top Off Engine Fluids

Maintain Coolant Levels: Coolant is essential in preventing your engine from overheating. Check the coolant levels regularly and top off as needed. This simple step can prevent significant engine damage.

Regular Fluid Checks: Besides coolant, ensure other fluids like transmission, power steering, and windshield washer fluids are topped off. This helps in maintaining overall vehicle performance during extreme heat.

4. Get Your Oil & Filter Changed

Lubricate Engine Parts: Fresh oil and a new filter keep your engine parts well-lubricated and running smoothly. In hot climates, to keep your car cool in the Summer this is especially important to prevent overheating and excessive wear.

Prevent Contaminant Buildup: Changing your oil and filter regularly prevents particle buildup that can damage your engine. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil change intervals.

5. Test Your Brakes

Ensure Safety: Hot weather can exacerbate brake issues. Test your brakes regularly for any signs of squealing, grinding, or pulling. Address any issues immediately to ensure your brakes are reliable.

Regular Maintenance: Routine brake inspections and maintenance can prevent costly repairs and ensure your safety on the road during hot summer days.

6. Replace Windshield Wipers

Maintain Visibility: Dust, pollen, and intense sunlight can impair visibility. Check and replace your windshield wipers to ensure they effectively clear your windshield.

Clean Light Beams: Ensure your headlights are clean and free from pollen and other particles. This enhances visibility, especially during night driving.

7. Routinely Clean or Replace Air Filters

Improve Air Quality: Clean air filters keep pollutants out of your car’s cabin, providing cleaner air to breathe. In hot and dusty climates, this is particularly important.

Protect the AC System: A clean air filter ensures optimal performance of your AC system. Replace the filter as per the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent costly repairs.

8. Clean Your Car

Protect the Interior: Regularly clean the interior to prevent damage from melted plastics or spilled food. This keeps your car looking and smelling fresh.

Maintain the Exterior: Washing your car protects the paintwork from the sun’s harmful rays and removes any debris that can cause damage. Regular cleaning preserves your car’s appearance and value.

9. Rotate Tires

Even Out Wear: Regularly rotating your tires ensures even wear, extending their lifespan. This is especially important in hot climates where the road surface can be extremely abrasive.

Improve Handling: Properly rotated tires improve vehicle handling and safety. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for tire rotation intervals.

10. Park Your Car in the Shade

Protect the Exterior: Parking in the shade prevents sun damage to your car’s paint and interior. If shade is not available, use a car cover to protect your vehicle.

Keep the Interior Cool: A shaded car remains significantly cooler, making it more comfortable to enter and drive. Window shades can also help by blocking UV rays and reducing the internal temperature.

11. Keep Your Engine Cool

Monitor Coolant Levels: Regularly check the coolant levels and ensure the cooling system is functioning properly. An overheated engine can cause serious damage.

Emergency Measures: If your temperature gauge indicates overheating, pull over immediately and let the engine cool down. Have a mechanic check the cooling system to address any issues.

12. Stay Hydrated

Driver Alertness: Staying hydrated is crucial to keep your car cool in the Summer heat for maintaining alertness and reaction times. Always carry water, especially on long trips in hot weather.

Passenger Comfort: Ensure all passengers have access to water to stay hydrated and comfortable. Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion, affecting everyone’s well-being.


In hot climates like the UAE, taking proactive steps to keep your car cool is essential. These 12 tips to keep your car cool in the Summer Heat will help you maintain your vehicle’s performance and ensure a comfortable driving experience throughout the summer. Regular maintenance and smart practices can prevent costly repairs and keep you safe on the road. Stay cool and enjoy your summer drives with confidence!

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