Authorized Dealer of Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai

Have you ever struggled to find Genuine Spare parts in Dubai?

As most car manufacturing brands are either from Japan, Europe or America, sometimes there is a problem and scarcity in the availability of genuine auto spare parts in Dubai.

The most popular car brand in Dubai, Toyota, is based in Japan. Nissan is also based in Japan. Jeep is based in America, Ford is also based in America, BMW , Audi & Mercedes are from Europe.

So this is a very common occurrence that the availability of genuine spare parts is sometimes rare.

Yet. There is now availability of genuine auto spare parts at one of the trusted spare parts dealer in Dubai Noorhan Auto Parts.

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Noorhan Deals in Genuine Spare Parts for all the major Car Brands in Dubai

Noorhan has acquired the dealership for all the below automotive brands over the years with a long-standing relationship with the distributors and a strong reputation in the market. Noorhan stocks thousands of genuine auto spare parts for all Japanese, Korean and American brands and helps to deliver them to our customers at the most competitive prices for Export, Wholesale and Retail inquiries.





First, Let us discuss why you should lookout for Genuine Auto Spare Parts for your car.

The answer is simple. Genuine Auto parts are manufactured or taken care of by the car manufacturer itself.

This means the genuine spare part is an exact replacement of the part you are trying to repair, fix or replace.

Moreover, Genuine Auto Spare Parts are backed by a warranty. Although, it is worth mentioning that the warranty is for a set time period only. Which comes with terms of the spare part you are purchasing.

genuine spare parts dealer in Dubai

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Aftermarket Auto Parts or The Genuine Auto Parts. Which one is Better ?

As we discussed that genuine spare parts are manufactured by the car brand itself, this is obviously more beneficial for the car. As there are low chances of problems associated with that. If you drive for long durations and long trips, it is recommended you purchase genuine spare parts.

Should you consider purchasing aftermarket parts?

Well, this depends on the quality of the aftermarket part you are planning to purchase. If you are purchasing a high quality aftermarket part which is an exact replacement, you can actually benefit from purchasing the aftermarket part. Because the pricing of the aftermarket part is way cheaper compared to genuine spare parts.

Noorhan has a stock of different genuine spare parts as well as high quality aftermarket parts.

List of Car Brands - Genuine Auto Spare Parts available at Noorhan Auto Parts, Dubai.

Where can you get genuine spare parts online in Dubai?

Noorhan has an option for online order placement for genuine spare parts for your car.


Step: 1: Visit our website

Step: 2: Look out for WhatsApp icon on the bottom of the page

Step: 3: Click on the WhatsApp icon and place your order.


We have different WhatsApp numbers for different parts. You will get connected to the right customer service executive for your enquiry and your order.

If you are looking for reliable and genuine parts your search ends here. Our experts can help you with your exact requirement as we stock many types of parts with major categories:

Genuine auto parts


Genuine auto parts

Body Parts

Genuine auto parts

Electrical Parts

Genuine auto parts

Brake Parts

Genuine auto parts

Mechanical Parts

Genuine auto parts

Fuel Parts

Genuine auto parts

Chassis Parts

Genuine auto parts

Power Train

Genuine auto parts

A/C Parts

Genuine auto parts

Genuine Lubricants

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Benefits of Genuine Auto Spare Parts-

Straightforward selection

All you need to do to get a Genuine part is to connect with Noorhan and ask for a specific part. All car parts are assigned a code, so you have no chance of getting a faulty part.

Assured quality

The manufacturer of OEM parts must comply with the quality standards set by the industry. Therefore, all their parts are without doubt free of defects. You can buy a part without worrying about its quality and performance.

Noorhan stocks thousands of auto parts for all Japanese, Korean and American car brands that are 100% genuine.