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We provide quality car spare parts for all the major Japanese, Korean, American, European, and Luxury car brands in Dubai

Japanese Car Brands

American Car Brands

European and Korean Car Brands

Luxury Car Brands

We are making high-quality car spare parts easily available in Dubai.

Noorhan Auto parts is a known and established name in the car spare parts industry in Dubai. We have been serving for almost 30 years now. We have satisfaction and fulfillment in helping you resolve your car issues. We ensure you get quality and satisfaction. You get delivered what you’re promised. You can get genuine car parts and Original Equipment Manufacturing or OEM spare parts as well as aftermarket parts. 

We have a detailed and comprehensive inventory and stock of spare parts. We can assist you with finding the exact replacements for auto parts and accessories. We also help with lubricants and automotive batteries for your car.



The Ultimate Guide to Car Spare Parts

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  • Car spare parts knowledge
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Genuine Car Spare Parts

Noorhan has a dealership of all the major automotive brands in Dubai. We have ensured a good relationship with both: our distributors and our customers. 

We have a strong reputation in the market for dealing with genuine spare parts. Trust is the most important factor that defines us and our business practices. 

We have genuine car spare parts available for different Japanese car brands, American Car brands and European Car Brands as well.

We have stock of Genuine Auto Parts that helps us deal with high demands too. We can deal with Wholesale and Retail. We can provide genuine spare parts to individuals and fleets. 

  • Authorized care spare parts Dealer of Japanese car brands in Dubai, these include: Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda
  • Authorized auto parts Dealer of Korean car brands in Dubai, these include: Hyundai and Kia
  • Authorized auto spare parts Dealer of European car brands in Dubai, these include: BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda
  • Authorized car spare parts Dealer of American car brands in Dubai, these include: Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet, GMC, Chrysler and Dodge

Japanese Brands

American Brands

European & Korean Brands

Aftermarket Car Spare Parts

Noorhan Auto Parts is also known across Dubai and the UAE as a robust dealer and supplier of quality aftermarket parts. The aftermarket parts offered at Noorhan are manufactured by trusted brands in the auto industry. 

The material used is quality. You can get spare parts at affordable quality with aftermarket parts. Some of the Spare parts we offer are at best prices in Dubai. 

At Noorhan, we have aftermarket parts available for all the major car brands in Dubai. We have aftermarket parts available for Japanese Car Brands, American Car brands, European car brands and Korean car brands. With aftermarket parts, you can get quality spare parts at best prices.


German Aftermarket Auto Parts

Japanese and Korean Aftermarket Auto parts Brands

Tokico Shock Absorbers - Aftermarket

Ordering car spare parts in Bulk ? Send us an inquiry

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Available Car Accessories Brands

Noorhan is your trusted Car Accessories supplier for your retail and bulk orders. Buy high-quality car care accessories at a competitive price. We are located at AlQuoz 2. 


We at Noorhan also cater to the vehicle requirements of our various corporate, fleet and export customers. Our customers have a complex array of demands on their vehicle requirements. From compact cars to commercial vehicles and with an extensive model portfolio we offer an extremely broad spectrum of mobility solutions.

Auto Parts Dealer and Suppliers for Corporates, Fleets, and Exports

At Noorhan ( Noorhan General Tradic LLC ), we are not just serving retail and wholesale customers. Our detailed stock held us in serving auto parts for corporate companies, auto parts for fleets, and auto parts for export purposes. We can cater services to a range of vehicles, from commercial vehicles to regular models. 

We can provide auto spare parts for vehicles of luxury models to the extensive cars with advanced technical functionalities.

We can help you with large orders for genuine auto parts for fleets. And, in case you have a requirement of aftermarket parts for fleets, we can help with that as well.

Not in UAE? Send us an enquiry, we will export the parts to your country

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Areas We Serve


You can get Auto spare parts for different car brands online in Dubai at Noorhan Auto Parts.


Noorhan has Auto Spare parts availability for online customers as well. We ensure you get to place the order for your car spare part online. You can place the order through visiting the website and contacting via WhatsApp. You can get auto spare parts and aftermarket parts at affordable prices online at Noorhan.

Genuine Auto Parts or the OEM parts are important to the car as they are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty for the part. The OEM parts are not similar to genuine Auto Parts. These are manufactured by a third party who manufacture the parts for the original automotive brand manufacturers as well.


So the OEM parts are equally good as the Genuine parts.


Noorhan is an Authorized dealer in Genuine spare parts and OEM spare parts.

You can save money and get quality at the same time by purchasing Aftermarket parts for your car. Noorhan is a known dealer and supplier of aftermarket parts in Dubai.


The aftermarket parts are manufactured by a different company. Not by the manufacturer itself. The aftermarket parts are generally available at affordable cost.

The aftermarket parts are cheaper when compared to genuine auto parts. Although you might ask, is it safe to use aftermarket parts in your car?

Yes. It is if you are using good quality aftermarket parts for your car.


The aftermarket parts Noorhan deals with are high quality. In fact, these are trusted and known bands of aftermarket parts. 


With Noorhan, you can get car spare parts at prices that don’t drill holes in your pocket.

You never know when your car would break down and you would need to change, repair or fix your car. Noorhan aims to help everyone with their car problems.


There is a way to prevent your car from being damaged again and again.


It is to keep a regular check on your car and make sure you are having the product replaced with good quality.


If you are purchasing spare parts with good quality, you don’t need to worry. And Noorhan ensures you get the best auto products..

Noorhan also deals with other auto products such as the Engine oils, transmission fluids and other lubricants for your car. We have this under the brand name Swiftec. We ensure you get quality and services with these as well.


Noorhan also deals with automotive batteries and other accessories for your car.


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