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We provide Aftermarket auto parts for all the major car brands in Dubai

NDC has established itself as a leading aftermarket auto parts manufacturer, specializing in Cooling System, Engine Drive System, Transmission Parts, Drive Line Components, Steering and Suspension Parts, Axle Parts and Bearing.

Their dedication to innovation and fine-train material processing enables them to develop high-quality, reliable products that cater to a wide range of applications. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, GMB provides exceptional services and support to ensure clients receive the best auto parts solutions for their needs.

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Cooling System

GMB understands the importance of the engine cooling for various applications. That’s why they offer an extensive range of materials and designs, ensuring clients get the performance and durability they require.

These auto parts include:

Introducing GMB’s Advanced Electronic Water Pump:

– Crafted specifically for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Electric Vehicles (EVs), and Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs).
– Highlights include fuel cell efficiency enhancement, noise reduction, weight saving, and exceptional durability.
– Utilizes Brushless DC (BLDC) motor type without the need for Hall effect sensors.

Role of the GMB Electronic Water Pump:

– Essential for maintaining optimal temperature within HEVs, EVs, or FCVs by cooling surrounding devices.
– Unlike traditional mechanical water pumps reliant on engine revolutions, GMB’s pump operates only when necessary, minimizing engine load.

Features of the HCC-20 Electric Water Pump by GMB:

– Renowned product from the 20W series.
– Unique dual functionality, acting as both a pump and an auxiliary heater.
– Activates to circulate heated liquid to the heating device when the engine stalls.

Overall, GMB’s Electronic Water Pumps are a testament to their commitment to high-quality products that embody the latest in automotive cooling technology.

Introducing the GMB Water Pump:

  • All essential component parts are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house, including bearings (for lifespan), impellers (for water pumping), mechanical seal kits (for sealing), and housings (for ruggedness).
  • Leveraging GMB’s experience and accumulated knowledge ensures total quality assurance that is unrivaled.
  • Coverage spans from domestic to foreign applications, micro automobiles to trucks and industrial vehicles, as well as from outdated to future models.

Functions of the GMB Water Pump:

  • A crucial component for circulating coolant around the engine.
  • The heat generated by engine combustion is absorbed by the coolant which then moves through the radiator to cool down before returning to the engine.
  • The water pump, positioned between the radiator and engine, is driven by a pulley through a timing belt or fan belt.

Structure of the GMB Water Pump:

  • Composed of a body (made from materials like aluminum diecast, cast iron, etc.), flange (forged steel, sintered iron, etc.), impeller (pressed steel, cast iron, synthetic resin, etc.), water pump bearing, and a mechanical seal kit.
  • Materials are chosen based on performance level, quality, customer requirements, and working conditions.
  • Revolution power of the crankshaft is transferred to the impeller via the water pump bearing. Impeller vanes then drive the coolant out into the circulation jacket.
  • The water pump’s vortex chamber, filled with coolant, is separated from the water pump bearing by the mechanical seal kit.
  • A sliding seal, like the mechanical seal kit, must always be lubricated by the coolant fluid.
  • The coolant used for lubrication evaporates and exits through the weap hole on the pump body.

GMB’s Water Pumps showcase the company’s commitment to comprehensive quality assurance, encompassing diverse applications and models while providing excellent performance and durability.

Introducing the GMB Fan Clutch:

– GMB crafts the key components such as the “bearing” (for longevity) and “diecast body” (for strength).
– Leveraging extensive experience and knowledge developed from GMB’s proprietary production techniques, the fan clutch assures top-notch quality and reliability.

Functions of the GMB Fan Clutch:

– It controls the fan speed based on the ambient air temperature around the radiator area, thereby maintaining an optimal heat balance in the engine’s cooling system.
– Driven by engine revolution, the fan clutch can dynamically adjust its fan speed by regulating silicone oil controlled by a temperature sensor (bimetal).
– Whether driving on a highway or stuck in traffic jams, it quickly responds to temperature changes.
– Controlling fan speed minimizes power loss, maintains an optimal temperature level, and enhances quietness.

Structure of the GMB Fan Clutch:

– A temperature-sensitive bimetal turns a slide valve to open and close the flow control aperture.
– This opening and closing action either connects or disconnects the passage of silicone oil from the reservoir to the function chamber (labyrinth).
– When the temperature increases, the flow control aperture opens via the turning slide valve, and centrifugal force pushes the silicone oil into the function chamber.
– The viscous silicone oil mass then transmits the pulley shaft revolution through the rotor and case to the fan.
– At lower temperatures, the slide valve closes the flow control aperture, forcing the silicone oil in the function chamber to be discharged through an exit aperture by centrifugal force, returning to the reservoir.
– The reduced mass of silicone oil leads to a decrease in torque and the rotor idles, resulting in a reduction of the fan’s revolution.

Overall, GMB’s Fan Clutch stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to superior quality, performance, and durability, ensuring optimal engine cooling under diverse driving conditions.