Transmission & Steering System

Every car has thousands of components, but the ones that control what your car does may be more crucial than others. Yes, we are talking about the steering and transmission system.

Transmission system and its working:

A car’s transmission system works for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. As a result, the car won’t move if the transmission system isn’t functioning properly.

There are different types of car transmission systems:

However, all of them work on the same principles. The driver’s effort is the only factor that can differentiate between transmission types. 

In order to maintain an adequate engine RPM or “revolutions per minute,” a transmission adjusts its gear ratio based on the vehicle’s speed and accelerator input, or how far down the car’s pedal is pushed.

Transmission system components

Some of the most important components of the transmission system in cars are:

  • Gear: It controls how much power the engine produces and how quickly the wheels turn.
  • Gear ratio: The ratio at which the input and output set of gears move.
  • Clutch: A link between the vehicle and its transmission system.
  • Transmission: It refers to the transfer of power from an engine to an axle (wheel).
  • Shift Lever: A lever the driver uses to control the current gear.

What’s a steering system?

Every one of you must be aware of this important part. If the transmission system is responsible for the movement of your car, then the steering system definitely tells your car which direction to move. 

Cars have a steering system that includes parts such as steering wheels, gears, linkages, etc. It is used to regulate the motion of the vehicle. Using a steering system enables the driver to safely and carefully turn the wheel.

Components of a steering system

The following components of a steering system help in a comfortable and safe drive.

  • Steering wheel to control the direction of the car.
  • Steering linkage to link the steering and the car’s wheels.
  • Steering shaft is used to transmit motion to the steering box.
  • Steering gear to convey the driver’s instruction to the linkage mechanism.

There are other essential components such as a drop arm, ball joints, drag links and a steering arm that make up a steering system. 

Your car is a lot more than just a complex engine. Each part decides how well your vehicle performs.