Quality Aftermarket Spare Parts in Dubai

Noorhan is a trusted name when it comes to Aftermarket Auto Parts in Dubai

Aftermarket spare parts are made by a company that is not the original manufacturer of your vehicle. 

Most people think that aftermarket spare parts are not good for their cars.

That is a myth, In fact, good quality aftermarket parts are as good as genuine spare parts or sometimes better.

Aftermarket parts are comparatively cheaper than genuine spare parts or OEM parts, which makes them affordable

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Most important factors to consider while buying Aftermarket spare Parts

There are some questions when we consider purchasing aftermarket parts, one of the common questions is “What should I consider while purchasing Aftermarket Parts?”

These are the two important things you should consider:

  1. Quality of Aftermarket Part
  2. Dealer or Supplier of Aftermarket Part

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How is the quality of Aftermarket spare parts

We agree there are low-quality aftermarket parts in the market that can cause more harm than good. So it is important that you check for the quality of the aftermarket parts you are purchasing for your car.

Dealer or Supplier of Aftermarket Part

It is important that you purchase aftermarket parts from a  trustworthy Dealer of Auto Parts. They don’t provide low-quality aftermarket parts. They have a stock of quality aftermarket parts from good brands.

Quality Aftermarket Spare Parts in Dubai

Noorhan Auto Parts is amongst the leading and trusted Aftermarket spare parts dealers in Dubai. With the steady growth of the automotive parts industry, Noorhan aims to raise the bar in the products and services available for automotive aftermarket distributors in the GCC.  

Noorhan offers auto parts distributors maximum convenience while providing them quality parts with highly competitive pricing to match, and is continuously exploring ways to expand its range of products and improve its services. 

Noorhan has established long-term relationships with leading OEM component manufacturers, aftermarket parts manufacturers, Genuine parts manufacturers around the world and its uninterrupted supply chain consistently offer quality aftermarket parts at affordable prices in Dubai.

Noorhan is constantly on the lookout to expand its distributor network and is looking for interested parties in the GCC, Africa & beyond. Our team of parts professionals ensures all inquiries are handled quickly and efficiently so that they can be picked, packed, and shipped from our vast stocks in Dubai, offering customers absolute peace of mind about quality, price, and availability at all times.

At Noorhan Auto Parts we deal with aftermarket part brands that offer good quality.

Here are some of the aftermarket brands that we deal with:

Aftermarket Auto Parts
Tokico Shock Absorbers - Aftermarket
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts
Aftermarket Auto Parts

TiBAO is a quality aftermarket spare parts brand for German/ European car brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Volkswagen

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Founded in 2009, Tokico is the subsidiary of Hitachi, which aims to bring in environment-friendly and safer automobiles in the market. It is an integrated service that manages manufacturing, development, sales, and all the other services related to the transportation and automotive industry seamlessly.


Tokico shock absorbers are manufactured by Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. Its sophisticated design and testing have made Tokico Shock Absorbers the best shock absorbers for your car. Its three key qualities are Perfect fit, Perfect performance, and durability. Your ride will be as smooth as riding on clouds.

Koyo, the JTEKT brand for bearings, founded in 2006, is the amalgamation of Koyo Seiko and Toyoda Machine Works. It was founded to blend modern technology with a rich heritage for manufacturing a range of bearings of all shapes and sizes, including the super large ones too.


Koyo bearing brings various products offered with 80% less uneven rotations and sound insulation with its ceramic balls and bearing that provides long life with reliability. It is corrosive-resistant and suitable for use in solutions, enhancing your automobile’s performance.

Founded in Japan in April 1988, HDK (Himeji Daiichi Kogyo) Co. Ltd. is the top-notch manufacturer and seller of auto parts. It started with the motto of meeting the customers’ needs quickly and coming up with attractive products. 


HDK has a vast range of CV joints, and complete driveshafts finished with grease & clips. The products are precisely designed to give you reliability and clean performance.

Valeo, founded in 1923, is a French supplier of the best automotive products across the globe. To both automakers and aftermarkets, they supply higher-quality products, satisfying customer needs.


Valeo is a leading provider of compressors for automotive air conditioning systems worldwide. Their range of products includes controlled air conditioning compressors, with reduced energy requirements for enhanced performances while lowering fuel consumption.


Valeo developed complex clutch designs such as Valeo SAT (Self Adjusting Technology). The SAT is a Valeo revolutionary technology that uses a self-adjusting facing wear compensation device on the pressure plate, thereby enhancing the clutch life and improving the pedal comfort.

Founded in 1971 as Central CAS, CTR is a Korean company, and one of the leading producers of the items required in the transportation field. With the vision of Safe Mobility, it transformed into one of the core companies for the assurance of safer services and products for the automobile industry.


CTR Suspension products add safety to travel. As a leading manufacturer in automotive steering, suspension, drive, and braking with superior quality and technology, CTR provides customers with safer products and services.

Founded in 1949, DENSO is a Japanese company and is the fourth-largest supplier of automobile parts across the globe. Toyota Motors owns 25% of its shares, and Toyota Group owns 8% of its shares, and the company owns 189 subsidiaries globally. Further, extending its production structure globally, DENSO intends to set up the manufacturing branches in India, Mexico, and Indonesia, and accommodate the global need for its products.


DENSO provides automotive service parts based on its expertise as a leading global supplier to all major automakers. Every component has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards, and improves rigorous performance parameters.


DENSO aftermarket components do not compromise in quality and reliability and provide tremendous value to our customers.

GMB Corporation is a Japanese Company, founded in 1962, and currently, it has the subsidiaries GMB Korea and GMB North America. It is one of the globally popular companies that engages in the manufacturing and supplying of the parts required in the automobiles sector.


The Water Pump is an integral part of car cooling systems and has a vital role in circulating the coolant through the engine block water jacket and radiator.


GMB designs, manufactures, and tests all products in-house before sending out, such as bearings(life), impellers (pumping water), mechanical seal kits(sealing), and housings(ruggedness). Integration of these parts through its experience and accumulated knowledge ensures total quality assurance, unsurpassed by anybody else.

The Osaka Air, Fuel, Oil filter from Japan is a quality part suitable for your vehicle. Osaka Oil filters are durable and help keep debris out of your oil to protect your engine manufactured with high standards.

Max Auto Parts is an auto parts brands with products ranging from the Bearings, Suspension Parts, Brake Pads & Shock Absorbers, rubber parts, and other auto parts.

The Japanese Company MITSUBOSHI Belting Ltd., founded in 1932, entirely manufactures a range of products including rubber ones, plastic products, transmission belts, and other products required for transportation and automobiles field.


From lightweight cars to trucks and buses, Mitsuboshi produces automotive belts with excellent weather (cold resistant) and ozone resistance, with eco-friendly EPDM rubber. It combines the advantages of V-belts and Flat belts with excellent flex resistance and can be used in high-speed rotation in small pulley diameters. Its reverse bending layout with rear side pulley offers superior specifications that match engine characteristics.

Mintye is the leading producer and manufacturer of automobiles and transportation-related materials like brake linings, brake shoes, and others. It also works in the trade and supplies of the automotive parts and investments on its products.


Mintye is the leading producer and manufacturer of automobiles and transportation-related materials like brake linings, brake shoes, and others. It also works in the trade and supplies of the automotive parts and investments on its products.

Established in 1975, RBI (Rubber Intertrade Co. Ltd.) is a globally popular brand that provides a range of products including metal bonded parts. In the automotive industry, it provides the best quality rubber products, and it mainly handles the manufacture, supply, and exports of the products.

With its products, RBI has achieved a definite milestone as a Global-Trusted Quality Rubber Parts Manufacturer. The company focuses on product, Quality, Brand, and value for money — a promising value that drives RBI’s business expertise in all manufacturing aspects to ensure that they meet customer satisfaction.

Dolphin Radiators & Cooling Systems Ltd., situated in the United Arab Emirates, aims to be the best one in the automotive sector. The major automobile products, including the higher quality copper and aluminum-based cooling products, are all manufactured, and exported by the company. It provides a wider range of products for the transportation field.


The Dolphin Group excels in designing and manufacturing high-performance Industrial and Automotive thermal products. It offers a wide range of precisely engineered complete Radiators & Cores that help meet various performances and allied requirements.

Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. is a Japan-based corporation that works for the development of high-quality products and components that are required in the automobile industry. Toyota Group owns 51% shares of the company, found in 1949. The company also delivers a higher quality Engine, drivetrain body, chassis, and many other vital automotive parts.


Aisin provides a range of superior auto parts from cooling, drivetrain, clutches, and engine replacement parts, including pumps and hydraulics. All the auto parts from AISIN are the same standards that original equipment manufacturers use in building their vehicles.

NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd., established in 1936 is a Japanese corporation and also a leading provider of spark plugs. It also provides the best glow plugs and other sensor technologies other than the spark plug and serves the automobile industry with higher quality and modern technology-based products.


NGK Sparks plugs push the limits of performance and innovation, bringing the most advanced technology to today’s high-efficiency engines.


From the high-tech Ruthenium HX™ to the industry standard OE-style spark plugs, NGK drives the future of spark plug engineering.

NPR Group was established in 1934, as the first piston ring manufacturer in Japan. The key businesses that NPR deals in are the manufacturing and supplies of engine parts for automobiles and marine-equipment, and other products of the transportation field. It is also a Japanese Company, and it leads the market of the piston rings.


With the advance in automobile technology, higher quality/performance, NPR piston rings have both spring-like tension and the properties to become a right circle when closed. NPR products are in all kinds of engines with high quality backed up by proven technology and a fantastic lineup.

Established in 2002 in Japan, NDC Co. Ltd. is the manufacturing unit for automobile parts. They mainly deal with the engine bearings and export them across the globe to several leading brands of automobiles. They work for the development of the materials that absorb sound efficiently.


When building or rebuilding your car’s engine, you need only the best main bearings and rod bearings you can buy. From Cosworth’s main bearings and rod bearings, NDC Engine Bearing has it all to breathe new life into your car.

Founded initially in April 1959 as Brake & Brake Fluid Laboratory, Seiken Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. is the producer of automobile brakes. This Japan-based firm serves the globe with its motto of Quality First and ensures highly reliable products for the global folks.


Seiken develops a wide range of brake cups, piston seals, and brake fluid. Seiken gives your car the optimal braking performance improving the vehicle’s breaking life and increasing the tyre life in the long term.

KYB is a Japanese automobile company, founded by Shiro Kayaba in 1948. It is the leading producer of shock-absorbing products, and it also provides air suspensions, pumps, motors, and other products for the automobiles’ manufacturing. So far, the company has 34 manufacturing units along with 62 offices, and it serves the global automobile brands with higher quality products.


KYB’s leading products are shock absorbers, air suspensions, power steering systems, hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves. It is one of the world’s largest shock absorber manufacturers and is known for its trust and reliability in auto parts.

“FEBEST” company determined its marketing line of development as the manufacture of OEM compatible aftermarket parts for Japanese, Korean, European and American cars. The company slogan is “German efficiency for Japanese cars”. This means that every assembly of the car should have its own repair kit!


Febest manufactures a wide range of suspension parts, bearings, braking system parts, clutch systems, numerous types of CV joints (inner and outer), rubber parts, universal joints and others.

Where can I find aftermarket spare parts in Dubai?

In order to purchase quality aftermarket parts, it is important that you choose a reliable and trustworthy auto parts dealer. 

Noorhan is a leading dealer and supplier of good quality aftermarket parts for different car brands such as Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Ford, Jeep, and more.

Noorhan has been established in Dubai since 1989. We are known to make sure our customers are happy.