With the steady growth of the automotive parts industry Noorhan aims to raise the bar in the products and services available for automotive aftermarket distributors in the GCC.


Noorhan offers auto parts distributors maximum convenience while providing them quality parts with highly competitive pricing to match, and is continuously exploring ways to expand its range of products and improve its services.


Noorhan has established long-term relationship with leading OEM component manufacturers around the world and its uninterrupted supply chain consistently offers genuine quality parts at the most competitive pricing.


Noorhan is constantly on the lookout to expand its distributor network and is looking for interested parties in the GCC, Africa & beyond. Our team of parts professionals ensures all inquires are handled quickly and efficiently so that they can be picked, packed and shipped from our vast stocks in Dubai, offering customers absolute piece of mind about quality, price and availability at all times.


What Are Aftermarket Car Parts?

Unlike OEM, aftermarket parts are those made by a company that is not the original manufacturer of your vehicle’s make. Many believe that aftermarket car parts are secondhand or bootleg parts, but this is really not the case. Aftermarket parts are brand new, and depending on the car we have and the part we are looking for, they might work exactly as OEMs would, or even better.

 As a matter of fact, the build quality of aftermarket parts has significantly improved during the last couple of years. Therefore, many car owners are starting to choose these affordable and efficient options.

Benefits of the After Market Parts-

The main reason why we might choose aftermarket parts is that they are significantly more affordable than OEM.

Cost Effective

Multiple Options

Prominent Quality

When we buy aftermarket parts, there are two sides to the issue of quality. We can either find parts of excellent quality or low-quality items that will simply not work for our vehicle. This is because we have many options to choose from, We at Noorhan are here to help you suggest the best reliable and long lasting option for your After Market Parts purchase.


Sometimes it becomes hard to find quality and reliable Aftermarket auto parts.


Retail customers do not know a good source for their requirement of aftermarket parts and Traders cannot find all the aftermarket parts in one roof.


But now with Noorhan, you don’t need to worry anymore. Our replacement parts covers the complete spectrum of categories of auto parts i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, Service parts, Suspension, Brake, Transmission, Air Conditioning, Body parts and much more. Some of the brands and products we provide

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