RIKEN Aftermarket Auto Parts



In its role as a distributor, Noorhan proudly presents RIKEN, a brand committed to building competencies and capabilities for both the present and the future. RIKEN’s mission revolves around creating innovation through the seamless integration of human expertise and technology while remaining adaptable to change.

Advancing Automotive Technology Responsibly

RIKEN addresses the growing environmental concerns within the automotive industry by developing engine and vehicle parts that not only enhance durability but also elevate performance under increasingly demanding conditions. Leveraging in-house technologies, RIKEN has achieved notable milestones, particularly in valve train products. Notably, their as-cast hollow camshafts showcase cutting-edge technology, allowing for versatile designs, reduced weight, and improved material wear resistance.

Driving Efficiency in Vehicle Systems

As the demand for fuel-efficient, safe, and comfortable vehicles rises, RIKEN adapts by pioneering design changes in critical vehicle systems such as transmission, air conditioning, and power steering. By continually developing a diverse range of products, RIKEN ensures its capacity to meet evolving requirements in every facet of vehicle functionality. This dedication aligns seamlessly with Noorhan’s commitment to providing customers with state-of-the-art automotive solutions.


Innovative Solutions for Safety and Comfort

RIKEN plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and comfort of vehicles by supplying critical components for brake, suspension, and steering systems. Utilizing cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology, RIKEN designs and manufactures cast iron parts with intricate shapes and thin-walled designs. These components contribute significantly to the reduction of overall vehicle weight, showcasing RIKEN’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Noorhan, as a distributor, takes pride in offering RIKEN’s extensive range of automotive solutions, including engine parts, transmission parts, drive and chassis parts, and various other components. Together, Noorhan and RIKEN drive towards a sustainable and technologically advanced automotive future.

Source: https://www.riken.co.jp/