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Selecting a car battery for your car is important as it is the main source of power in your car. Your car won’t even start if the battery is dead, and you may face a lot of trouble if the car battery is dying or if it’s faulty. Your car battery along with the Alternator make sure that the electric current is available for all the assemblies, systems and components that are dependent on electric supply

Your car battery contains chemicals that react with each other to convert the chemical energy into the electrical energy. This electrical energy is used by Ignition system of your car to start the engine. The ignition system makes use of the ignition coil to create the spark in the spark plugs that helps in burning the fuel inside the pistons

The battery also provides power to all the electronics components in the car such as sensors, AC, Display screen, camera etc. Thus it is vital to select the battery that has good and consistent power generating and recharging capabilities

We at Noorhan provide high quality car batteries with expected warranty so that you can confidently replace it for your beloved car. Btw which car do you drive? let us know.

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