Axle, Suspension & Brakes

Driving on a bumpy road can be risky. However, your car is built with parts that wave these risks and make sure that your drive is safe and smooth..

Suspension system

It is well understood that the purpose of a suspension is to act as a cushion only when a bump or crack emerges in the road. It includes transforming force into heat thereby eliminating the impact that force would have had.

Suspension components

The following components make the entire suspension system. 

Springs: They increase the wheel’s traction and absorb the shock generated from the road surface

Shock absorber: It dampens the up & down movements caused by the springs

Ball joints: These connect the car’s tire to its suspension system

Stabilizer bar: It helps in balancing the car when it takes turns

Bumper: It is used to prevent physical damage to the front or rear of the car

Upper and lower arm: These help the tyres to move in the same direction as the car’s body.

Strut: It holds the lower arm to help the smooth functioning of the front wheels.

Axle, Suspension & Brakes​ System

Brake system

In essence, the brake system of a car is made to slow down or stop the vehicle using a series of parts that turn the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle into heat by creating friction.

Components of brake system

Your vehicle may have four-wheel disc brakes (most commonly), four-wheel drum brakes or a combination of the two, with drum brakes in the back and disc brakes up front (possibly). Regardless, the breakdown of each brake system component is provided below.

Even though these parts are small, a broken pin or a missing clip can prevent your brakes from functioning properly.

Axle, Suspension & Brakes​ System

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One of the crucial parts responsible for transferring rotary power from the engine to the drive shaft is the automobile axle.

The car axle includes a number of related parts that must work together for it to function effectively, including:

  • Drive pinion gear
  • Drive pinion shaft
  • Gasket
  • Ring gear
  • Spider gear
  • Differential carrier
  • Axle shaft bearing
  • Side gear
  • Adjuster nut
  • Axle shaft housing

The majority of the time, cars with RWD or 4WD drive systems contain axle components. With this element, the speed of the car can be stabilised because the right and left tyres will be moving at the same speed.

Axle, Suspension & Brakes​ System