how to take care of your car brakes


How to take care of your car brakes: 5 Useful Tips

It is important that you keep a regular check on the brakes of your car. Especially in the regions where the temperature is sometimes too high and sometimes too low, there can be problems arising with the brakes.

If your car brakes are not well maintained you’re putting yourself and your family at risk.

If your brakes are not functioning properly, there can be problems in emergency stopping, stopping at the traffic signals and worst is when there is severe brake failure.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different maintenance tips for car brakes.

Before we go deeper, let’s take a look at the different terms associated with car brake systems and their meaning in brief.

Car braking and its maintenance

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A quick glossary of the braking system of the car

Brake Pads:

The brake pad comes between the tyre of the car and the brake calipers. The brake pad works like a contact between them.

Brake Fluid:

The brake fluid is hydraulic fluid responsible to transform the force you apply on the pedal to the force that stops the car.

Brake Lines:

The brake lines convey the brake fluid. These lines connect the brake pedal with the wheels of the car.

Let’s dive in.

Tips for Car brake maintenance

  1. Check the contact between brake pads and rotors
  2. Check the brake fluid
  3. Check and bleed the brake lines
  4. Practice relaxed braking
  5. Check the brake parts

Now, let us discuss the different tips in brief.

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

Wondering how to take care of car brakes? Here are some useful tips that you can follow to improve the brakes of your car

Check the contact between brake pads and rotors

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

Whenever you apply the brakes of your car, the brake pads are squeezed against the rotor to create friction. This friction stops the car.

Brake pads require maintenance as they are pressed again and again and wear off with time. If you hear squeaky sounds and feel vibrations when you apply the brake pedal it means the brake pads are wearing off and need replacement.

To keep a proper maintenance of your brake you have to make sure the contact between the brake pads and rotors is correct.

Check the brake fluid

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

As mentioned above, the brake fluid is responsible to transform the pressure applied on brakes into a force that stops the vehicle.

The brake fluid has to be such that it works well in both high and low temperatures. With time, there is an accumulation of moisture inside the brake fluid. Moisture reduced the effectiveness of the brake fluid.

Hence, it is important that you keep a check on the brake fluid. It is recommended to change the brake fluid every 25,000 miles.

Check the brake lines

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

Checking and replacing the brake fluid is also accompanied by checking the brake lines.

Sometimes, there is air trapped inside the braking system, this happens in the brake lines. So it is important that you bleed the brake lines. Bleeding the brake lines is a process to remove the air inside the brake lines.

It is recommended to bleed the brake lines every 2 years or as per your regular maintenance schedule.

Practise relaxed braking

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

The more pressure you apply on the brake pedal the more pressure is exerted on the car brake and the car stops accordingly.

The more pressure applied on the brake the more quickly the brake pads will wear off and moreover, it causes the heavy flow of energy in the complete brake system which causes parts to weaken in the long term.

So, it is recommended that you practice applying calculated and relaxed braking which is smooth.

Check the brake parts

Car Brake Maintenance Tips

Over time, there can be some problems with other parts of the brake system.

As the parts directly associated with the brakes are associated with high temperatures, it could affect the brake parts.

When you’re replacing the brake parts, it is recommended that you go ahead with higher-performance brake parts.

The modern brake systems come with slotted disc brakes, Automatic braking systems, ceramic pads, etc.

To summarize the above brake maintenance points...

The braking system is an important element of your car. It is important that you ensure it is well maintained. Ignoring brake problems could cause serious problems.

Here is a quick recap of the things you should consider while maintaining the brake system for your car.

  1. Check the contact between brake pads and rotors
  2. Check the brake fluid
  3. Check and bleed the brake lines
  4. Practice relaxed braking
  5. Check the brake parts

Have a safe ride.

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