Flush Your Brake Fluid

The brake fluid is used to transfer pressure from the brake pedals to the brake pads and rotors. Due to the fact that brake fluid is liquid, it baits moisture which is a catalyst for corrosion. Besides, the moisture can accumulate and drastically affect the performance of the brakes. If you check the brake fluid and notice a cloudy or milky mixture, it ought to be flushed out.

Most car manufacturers recommend the brake fluid to be replaced after every 25,000 miles.


Check Brake Pads And Rotors

When you hit the brakes, it’s the brake pads and rotors that initiate the point of contact to quickly stop the tires from moving. Since brake pads and rotors are directly in contact with the tires at full speed, it is evident that they’re very likely to get worn out due to the intense friction. Therefore, it is only logical to remove the tires and inspect the brake pads and rotors for any signs of attrition.

Additionally, if you notice it takes longer than usual to stop or you detect a burning odor whenever you hit the brakes, it may be time to change the brake pads and raptors.



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