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6 Signs you should replace your brake pads

Having a good brake is essential for the safety and security of your car. Ignoring the brakes of your car is serious, as it could cause serious accidents. Hence, it is important to keep a check on your car brake parts.One of the important brake parts is the brake pad.

Car Brake Pads

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What is the use of a brake pad?

6 Signs You Should Replace Your Brake Pads

The brake pad comes between the tyre of the car and the brake calipers. It could be said that the brake pad works like a bridge between them.

Now, with frequent use of brakes, which is obviously going to happen, because no one could avoid the use of brakes. Over time, the brake pads reduce the grip and start wearing off. Thus reducing the capacity of the brake.

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Signs that you should replace your brake pad?

As mentioned earlier, if you ignore changing the brake pad in such conditions where it is completely damaged, your car is at risk.

Let us discuss the signs of a damaged brake pad.

1. Brake Light Warning

Brake Indicator - car dashboard

This is the easiest sign when it comes to spotting worn-out brake pads. The brake light on the dashboard of the car glows. It is also worth mentioning that a brake light doesn’t necessarily mean that brake pads are damaged.

It lets you know there is a problem with the brakes. This light is a clear sign that you should get your car brakes checked.

2. Slower Brakes

slower brakes

When your car’s brakes are brushed off for a long time, the strength of the brakes is reduced. Thus, when you apply brakes it takes time to stop the car.

If your car is taking more time to stop after you apply the brake, than it normally does, it is a red flag.

3. Noise while braking

Noise While Braking

Are your brakes making squeaky sounds while braking?

This is a sign that brake parts are damaged. Squeaky sound happens for two reasons, one is because of bad brake pads and the other is when the lubrication of brakes is reduced. The friction caused during braking makes this sound.

4. Vibration in the brake pedal

vibrations in brake

Worn off brake pads or damaged rotor in the brake system causes vibrations in the brake pedal, this is because of the direct contact between rotor and brakes.

If you feel vibrations or pulsations in the brake pedal it is a clear sign of damage.

5. Spongy brake pedal

Spongy and loose Brakes

Spongy brake pedal refers to easy brakes that don’t work. You have to apply extra pressure to the brakes in order to stop the car. Sometimes you might apply sudden brakes and there might not be any effect of it.

6. Reduced physical thickness

Old brake pads

For identifying this particular sign of a worn brake pad, you have to take a look at the physical thickness. If the size is less than 6.35mm (¼ inch), you have to get them replaced.


It is always recommended to keep every part of your car in good condition. You don’t want to land in trouble on the way to important meetings or long road trips. 

Make sure you keep a regular schedule to check brakes, engine oil, and other parts of your car.

Where can you purchase brake pads in Dubai?

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