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Nissan Spare Parts

If you’ve been crazy about cars, you’ve been surely crazy in love with Nissan Car models! 

The Car brand Nissan offers some of the world’s highest quality vehicles with the latest innovations and advancements. Nissan is known for adopting the latest tech in their cars.

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Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., is the Japanese manufacturer of automobile parts, and it mainly provides cars for the public. Previously it also earned the titles among the top automakers and the car producers across the globe. It is also the largest producer of electric vehicles with sales of 320K+ electric vehicles globally.

A leading Japanese car brand that gives you reliable performance and comfort. From a wide range of SUVs, Sports, 4X4, we have partnered with Nissan to provide you with the complete range of Spare parts at the best prices.

At Noorhan, we stock and source all the below category of parts for Nissan:

Noorhan is one of the established brands in UAE which deals in Nissan spare parts, Nissan aftermarket parts.

We are known to provide Nissan genuine parts and Nissan aftermarket parts.

If you are looking for Nissan spare parts online, Noorhan helps you with that as well. You can visit our website and place an order for Nissan spare parts through channels like WhatsApp.

Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Spare Parts

We have various different genuine spare parts for Nissan cars available, including Brake oil, Filter spark plug, Nissan Filters, Nissan Parts, Nissan Brake Parts, Nissan Electrical Parts. Nissan Mechanical Parts, Nissan Tools, Nissan Fuel Parts, Nissan Chassis Parts, Nissan Powertrain Parts and Nissan Air Conditioning Parts

Nissan is one of the popular car brands across the globe. Sometimes Nissan spare parts availability is scarce due to very few Quality dealers in spare parts. If you are looking for genuine Nissan spare parts and Nissan aftermarket parts. Noorhan can help. 

You can get in touch with us and order the respective part for your Nissan car.

Noorhan also deals with other car accessories as well. 

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Noorhan has availability of Nissan spare parts for all the major car models

Nissan Spare Parts for Sedan

Nissan Spare Parts for Hybrid

Nissan Spare Parts for SUVs

Nissan Spare Parts for a few more Nissan Car Models

  • Nissan NP300 Auto parts
  • Nissan Z-car Auto parts
  • Nissan Navara Auto parts
  • Nissan Titan Auto parts
  • Nissan Atleon Auto parts
  • Nissan AD/AD Expert Model Auto parts
  • Nissan Fairlady Z Roadster
  • Nissan 370Z Roadster Auto parts
  • Nissan NP200 Model Auto parts
  • Nissan Frontier Model Auto parts
  • Nissan R90C Auto parts
  • Nissan Livina Geniss Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel RN Auto parts
  • Nissan R381 Auto parts
  • Nissan R89C Auto parts
  • Nissan Cedric Y31 Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel Condor Auto parts
  • Nissan R391 Auto parts
  • Nissan Civilian Auto parts
  • Nissan Paladin Auto parts
  • Nissan Gloria Y31 Auto parts
  • Nissan Largo Auto parts
  • Nissan Liberty Auto parts
  • Nissan Ute Auto parts
  • Nissan Prince R380 Auto parts
  • Nissan Rasheen Auto parts
  • Nissan Gazelle Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM Auto parts
  • Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo Auto parts
  • Nissan Stanza Auto parts
  • Nissan NV1500/NV2500 HD/NV3500 HD Model Auto parts
  • Nissan NV200 VANETTE Model Auto parts
  • Nissan NV350 Caravan Model Auto parts
  • Nissan 180SX Auto parts
  • Nissan Cefiro Auto parts
  • Nissan NV400 Model Auto parts
  • Nissan Sileighty Auto parts
  • Nissan Micra Auto parts
  • Nissan Primastar Model Auto parts
  • Nissan Vanette Auto parts
  • Nissan Cherry Auto parts
  • Nissan Figaro Auto parts
  • Nissan Pulsar GTI-R Auto parts
  • Nissan 240SX Auto parts
  • Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Auto parts
  • Nissan Tiida Auto parts
  • Nissan Almera Tino Auto parts
  • Nissan 200SX Auto parts
  • Nissan Terrano II Auto parts
  • Nissan Hypermini Auto parts
  • Nissan S-Cargo Auto parts
  • Nissan Pao Auto parts
  • Nissan Sunny Auto parts
  • Nissan S30 Auto parts
  • Nissan Fuga Auto parts
  • Nissan Primera Auto parts
  • Nissan Prairie Auto parts
  • Nissan Laurel Auto parts
  • Nissan President Auto parts
  • Nissan Presea Auto parts
  • Nissan The Third Generation (Z31): 300ZX Auto parts
  • Nissan Versa / Latio Auto parts
  • Nissan Versa HB Auto parts
  • Nissan Wingroad Auto parts
  • Nissan R390 GT1 Auto parts
  • Nissan Avenir Auto parts
  • Nissan NX Auto parts
  • Nissan Bevel Auto parts
  • Nissan Saurus Jr. Auto parts
  • Nissan Saurus Auto parts
  • Nissan R’nessa Auto parts
  • Nissan Bluebird Auto parts
  • Nissan Stagea Auto parts
  • Nissan 350Z Auto parts
  • Nissan Altra Auto parts
  • Nissan 280ZX Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP Auto parts
  • Nissan 300C Auto parts
  • Nissan Prince Homer Auto parts
  • Nissan Prince Royal Auto parts
  • Nissan Bassara Auto parts
  • Nissan Homy Auto parts
  • Nissan R382 Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel Space Runner RP Auto parts
  • Nissan Be-1 Auto parts 
  • Nissan Presage Auto parts
  • Nissan Bluebird Auto parts
  • Nissan Bluebird (U12) Auto parts
  • Nissan P35 Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel Quon Auto parts
  • Nissan Hardbody Truck Auto parts
  • Nissan Diesel Big Thumb Auto parts

Noorhan ensures that you get the best services. We make sure that each and every customer of Noorhan is satisfied.

If you are looking for Nissan spare parts, your search is over.

Importance of Genuine Nissan Auto Parts

You’ve been waiting for months for this day. You have everything packed and ready for going on this long road trip. You check if you have got your food and snacks with you. You check if you have got all your camping essentials. You make sure your phone is charged and that you have extra power banks. You check if the fuel tank of your Nissan car is sufficiently full. 

You start your journey and move towards the beautiful roads. The trip just keeps on getting better by the seconds. This is what you wanted for a real long time. You look at your family (or friends) and it fills your heart to know they’re having an amazing time as well. 

Your stop for camping. You eat, laugh and play. And, just as you plan to take your car to the next destination, it won’t start. 

You check if the fuel is sufficient, and find if it’s more than that. You try to start your car again and again. But, it just won’t. 

You get down and check your bonnet. Everything looks fine, until you spot the spare part for your Nissan car, which you had changed the previous month. 

The energy in your car drops. Your face shows anger, frustration and sorrow, all at once. You’re angry with yourself because you choose to replace the spare part for your Nissan car with the aftermarket part. Oh, yes, it was cheap. But looks like it broke down before you thought it would.

You don’t want this to happen. EVER.

If you need repairing or replacement of any auto part or spare part for your Nissan Car, it is highly recommended that you use genuine Nissan parts. 

Some say that the Nissan aftermarket parts are also a good option as they are also good quality and available at low cost. 

But, When it comes to the quality of the auto part you are repairing or replacing, genuine Nissan parts are the best, as they are manufactured by the Nissan brand itself. 

Genuine spare parts or auto parts are also known as original auto parts or OEM parts.

When you invest in a genuine Nissan auto part for your vehicle, it is obvious that it will work as it should, mostly there will not be any problems associated with the Nissan spare parts and you will get a perfect replacement.

You can also be sure that the life of Nissan genuine auto parts is more than the Nissan aftermarket parts because of the quality.

Some of the Genuine Nissan auto parts are backed with warranty for a particular time duration compared to aftermarket parts.

Nissan Aftermarket Parts

Nissan aftermarket parts in Dubai are also available for your car. Nissan aftermarket parts are not manufactured by the original (Nissan) manufacturer. These parts are also available in many options, especially for popular car models. There is no doubt that some of the aftermarket parts are as equally good as genuine Nissan auto parts in Dubai, but there is no warranty with aftermarket parts.

In most cases the cost of the Aftermarket part is comparatively lower than genuine auto parts in Dubai. But, there are chances of poor or low quality material.

Availability of Nissan Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai

Nissan Genuine spare parts in Dubai are available at Noorhan Auto Parts. Noorhan has been established in the UAE since 1989. We are a trusted name that deals with genuine spare parts at best prices in Dubai.

Different Types of Genuine/ Aftermarket Nissan Auto Parts in UAE

Noorhan deals in different genuine Nissan spare including the following: 


Nissan Brake oil, Nissan Filter spark plug,  Nissan Filters, Nissan Brake Parts, Nissan Electrical Parts, Nissan Mechanical Parts, Nissan Tools, Nissan Fuel Parts,  Nissan Chassis Parts, Nissan Powertrain Parts and Nissan Air Conditioning Parts.

Identifying Genuine Nissan Auto Parts

You don’t want to be going on a road trip and find out later that you were conned into believing you had purchased an aftermarket part which looked exactly the same as the original spare part for your Nissan car.

Follow these steps to know if your Nissan spare part is genuine:


  1. Please check for the hologram and serial number that comes with it.
  2. Genuine Nissan parts also come with a QR code that can be scanned using your smartphone.
  3. They come with an RFID Tag. But this can only be checked by the manufacturers to verify and cross check.

Online Nissan Spare Parts Dealer in Dubai

Noorhan is one of the best Nissan spare parts dealers in Dubai. We have been serving for more than 30 years, and we ensure best services to our customers. If you want to enquire about online Nissan car spare parts in Dubai you can reach us out through whatsapp and email. We will be glad to help you out.


You can find different spare parts at Noorhan. Here is a very small list of Nissan spare parts. 

Note: This list is small, there are lot more parts available.


Below are some signs that you should change spark plug for your Nissan Car:


  1. Poor mileage

Your car is consuming more fuel than it normally does.

  1. Takes time to start

Your car is taking more time to start or you could possibly say that your car is hard to start.

  1. ‘Check engine’ light

This sign is clear. Your ‘check engine’ light is on

  1. Engine Sound

If your car engine sound is loud, this is a sign that you need to check and change the spark plug of your car.

Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Filters
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Brake Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Electrical Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Mechanical Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Tools
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Fuel Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Chassis Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Power Train Parts
Nissan Spare Parts
Nissan Air Conditioning Parts


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