NPR Aftermarket Auto Parts

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Noorhan, Your Premier Distributor of NPR Automotive Components

Exceptional Piston Rings for Peak Performance:
Noorhan proudly introduces NPR, your ultimate source for top-tier aftermarket auto components. We specialize in distributing NPR’s exceptional piston rings renowned for their unparalleled performance in sealing combustion gas, controlling lubricating oil, and withstanding the harshest conditions. Our commitment is to provide you with access to NPR’s extensive lineup of high-quality rings designed for various engines, including gasoline, diesel, motorcycles, stationary, and rotary engines.

Innovative Solutions for a Greener Future:

Driven by the need for eco-friendly vehicles, NPR has developed piston rings with a focus on low-friction designs, thinner compression, and advanced surface treatments. Noorhan is your gateway to these innovative solutions, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally conscious driving future. We bring you NPR’s cutting-edge technology to enhance the efficiency and environmental performance of your vehicle.

Diverse Portfolio Beyond Piston Rings:

NPR’s excellence extends far beyond piston rings. Noorhan ensures you have access to NPR’s diverse range of components, including cylinder liners, valve seat inserts, camshafts, and valve rocker arms. From lightweight P/M camshafts to tribology technology in valve train parts, NPR’s innovations are now within your reach through Noorhan’s extensive distribution network.


Globally Recognized Quality:

NPR products, recognized as genuine parts by automakers worldwide, are synonymous with unmatched quality. Noorhan stands as your trusted distributor, delivering NPR’s excellence to your doorstep. Choose Noorhan for your NPR needs, and experience the confidence that comes with driving with the best in aftermarket auto parts. Elevate your driving experience with NPR, exclusively through Noorhan.