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Noorhan: Your Trusted Distributor for FD

Uncompromising Dedication to Quality and Innovation
FD’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality electronic components is evident in their extensive product range. This range includes essential components such as auto meters, ignition coils, fuel pumps, battery relays, voltage regulators, solenoid switches, and various other key components. Noorhan places great trust in FD as their primary source for electronic parts, recognizing the importance of quality and innovation within the automotive industry.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction at the Forefront

FD, a leading auto electrical component manufacturer in Japan, prioritizes product quality and performance above all else. From the earliest stages of production through to the final quality checks, each product undergoes meticulous inspection to ensure it complies with the industry’s highest standards. Noorhan highly values this dedication to quality, understanding its direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Global Availability of Trusted Products

Noorhan takes immense pride in offering FD’s complete range of high-quality auto electronic components to a global customer base. With FD’s brand earning trust for over 87 years, customers can have full confidence in the durability and performance of these products. Over the years, FD has consistently expanded its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry.


A Forward-Thinking Vision

FD’s motto, “We Run for the Future,” perfectly encapsulates their forward-thinking approach. This vision is shared by Noorhan, who is dedicated to enriching the automobile industry with high-quality products and services. Noorhan’s mission revolves around delivering customers a superior automotive experience, while their vision centers on providing reliable electrical products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of a global customer base.

By collaborating with FD, Noorhan aims to provide innovative, reliable, and high-performance electronic components, ultimately empowering the automotive industry to equip customers’ vehicles for a future characterized by efficiency, innovation, and excellence.

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