You are currently viewing 12 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain in Dubai

Driving in the rains is different from regular driving. It needs some changes and intentional maneuvers. 

As it is unpredictable to know when the rain would completely stop, In this blog post, we will talk about safe driving tips while driving in the rain in Dubai.

There is so much to talk about but for now, we have just tried to discuss some core issues superficially.

Let’s dive deeper (not into the rain 😆) into the points to remember:

1. Understand the concept of Hydroplaning 🌊

what is hydroplaning

What is hydroplaning you say?

A very layman description is given below. But If you want to know more about it read this article Hydroplaning

See, the rainwater on the roads gets displaced by the tires, right! But when you moving fast or maybe when it its raining heavily, your car (or car tire) is not able to displace enough water in time.

What happens is, water starts accumulating in front of the tires and lifts the tire up slightly. This occurs very quicky, so if you are thinking that how can a small quantity of water lifts the car tire, then it’s not the quantity of the water but the speed of the car

(So it’s a no brainer that one should drive slow while its raining. More the rain, less the speed)

So because of this, a thin layer is formed between your car’s tire and the road. And all of a sudden you find yourself skidding, or you see that the car is kind of spinning. It’s a troublesome situation when the car is not in your control.

So what can you do in this situation?

  • Well, first of all, the very first rule is don’t panic. And Don’t Apply Break!!!
  • Remove your leg off of the accelerator.
  • Adjust the car spin using the steering wheel.
  • Slowly slow down, and pull over.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Done!

2. Keep headlights, Keep on while driving in the rain

You can see a little bit farther & if anyone is driving or walking from the other side, they will notice your car because of the lights

Turning on the headlights helps in heavy rains as well as in foggy weather or smog

Also, Dubai is kind of famous for its winter fog, so it makes sense to turn on the headlights while its raining

3. Use windshield wiper even in low rain 🧹

Put those wipers to good use 😆

Try to avoid any obstructions to your view, to be able to respond quickly to any sudden change on the road

So run them even when there is a slight drizzling 

4. Maintain a safe distance from other cars while driving in the rain

12 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain in Dubai

In rains, the visibility goes down for everyone, Keep yourself a room to react.

As you can’t have a clear view of the roads in Dubai in the rains and in the fog, other travelers are having the same problems. And, everyone is driving under pressure. You never know if the driver in front of you might suddenly stop the car.

So always maintain a safe distance.

5. Watch for pedestrians 🚶🏼‍♂️

watch for pedestrian while driving in the rain

Make sure that you are extra careful while driving in the rain. As there is a problem in having a clear view, you could accidentally hurt a pedestrian

While driving in the rain in Dubai, watch out for the road crossings and in general while you are on the internal roads

6. Drive slow while driving in the rain

If you are driving at high speeds you might lose control of the tires. You might encounter problems with the braking system. You never know. If you drive slow, even if something goes wrong, you can control the speed and come to a halt

7. Keep your car Ventilated

When there is rain, you will notice the car’s windows getting foggy. If your windshield gets foggy it might cause serious trouble to your view.

This is because there is an increase in humidity because of the rain.

Please keep your car ventilated to avoid this.

8. Avoid sudden/heavy braking

As the roads are wet with water, there are high chances of your car slipping when you brake heavily.

Heavy braking could cause problems for your car and every other car around you and moreover, sudden and heavy braking in rain could sometimes cause severe accidents.

9. Be prepared for heavy winds 🌀

With rain comes chances of heavy winds, be prepared for heavy winds.

If the winds get too heavy, it is always recommended that you pull over and drive when it gets comfortable.

10. Pull over if the rain gets heavy ❌

There is no point in taking the risk for the commute if the rain gets too heavy.

If there is an emergency, you can always call an ambulance. There is nothing worth risking your life.

11. Rethink off-roading while driving in the rain

If you are a pro in dune bashing and desert offroading then it’s a different case, but in general, we suggest you drive as per your abilities

Let us know if you like us to cover this topic in depth.

12. Avoid driving in the heavy rain unless important

If you are feeling there is a risk in driving under the rain, or the rains are heavy, it is better that you abandon the commute.

Unless the work or task at hand is important or it is an emergency.

And what better way to spend some cozy time at home watching the rain from your window with a hot cup of coffee or tea