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How to clean the spark plug of your car

Spark plugs are amongst the most frequently used auto parts of your car. They are needed every time you start your engine. When there’s dirt accumulated at the spark plug, this causes a delay in starting the car and a problem in the smooth operation of your engine. 

Imagine. You are on a long road trip and it’s been an amazing ride so far. You stop for grabbing something to eat at a restaurant on the way to your destination. As you return to your car after a delicious lunch and try starting your car. You notice the car won’t start. You try again. The car is making all the right sounds, it seems it would start the very next second and yet it won’t. 

You get down and check the bonnet of your car and notice there is nothing wrong. There is no heating, no foul smell. It could mean that your spark plug needs cleaning.

Normally, a good set of spark plugs lasts for 20,000 to 30,000 miles. 

If you keep cleaning your spark plug this will increase its life.

Dirty Spark Plugs

Why does the spark plug get dirty?

With time dirt gets accumulated on the spark plug and it also starts to collect oil, fuel, or carbon. You should replace the spark plug on a regular schedule but sometimes it just needs some small cleaning.

Given below are quick fixes for your spark plug. 

These steps will help you clean your spark plug.

Before you remove the spark plug of your car, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery (the negative terminal is the one with the minus sign on it).

Car battery terminals

How to clean the spark plug of your car step by step

How To Clean Spark Plug Of Your Car

Here are two methods to show you how to clean spark plugs in your car. A quick step-by-step guide to help you clean spark plug.

Method 1: Clean Using Sandpaper

How To Clean Spark Plug Of Your Car

Step: 1: Take out the spark plug of your car.
Step: 2: Take sandpaper and fold it in half.
Step: 3: Slide the sandpaper in between the arm of the spark plug and the electrode. Keep sliding it front and back.
Step: 4: If the gap between the arm and electrode is small, do not fold the paper, instead clean one side and then flip it to the other.
Step: 5: Slide the paper between the white insulator and the electrode and clean it.
Step: 6: Use a blower or a hairdryer to blow off the sanded areas. You can also blow this yourself if needed.

Method: 2: Using Wire Brush and Brake Cleaner

How To Clean Spark Plug Of Your Car

Step: 1: Take out the spark plug
Step: 2: Use a cloth to clean the debris on the spark plug
Step: 3: Spray some brake cleaner fluid on the spark plug
Step: 4: Use a wire brush to clean the spark plug
Step: 5: Use a blower or a hairdryer to blow off the debris.

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