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Reasons of your car engine overheating…​.

and what you should do immediately to avoid bigger problems.

One of the most frequent problems most cars have is car engine overheating. While sometimes overheating is a normal occurrence, other times it is a sign of some serious trouble coming your way. When you ignore engine overheating, you are inviting more problems for your car, which might end up charging a lot more too.

How to know if the engine overheating problem is serious?

  • If you start feeling hot inside the car.
  • If your dashboard shows signs of vapors or smoke.
  • If you feel the car is at a high temperature even after turning the engine off for more than 30 minutes.
  • If you get an alarm signal – in modern cars
  • Indicator on dashboard
car problems - Car Engine Overheating

Let us discuss the reason why your car engine is overheating.

Following are the major reasons why you car engine is overheating:

  1. Radiator Problem
  2. Bad Water Pump
  3. Faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor
  4. Faulty Thermostat
  5. Low Coolant
  6. Broken Cooling Fan
  7. Lack of Engine Oil

Let us discuss the major reasons why your car engine is overheating:

1. Radiator problems

Car Radiator Problem

The function of the Car Radiator is to reduce the excess heat from the car engine. When there is a problem in the radiator of your car, this has a direct impact on the heat inside the engine. The heat is trapped inside the engine, which increases the overall heat.. 

Sometimes there is a problem in the radiator cap as well, this also creates problems inside the engine.

2. Bad water pump

Car Water Pump Problem

The Water pump drives the coolant and maintains the circulation for heat exchange. The water pump helps the engine reach optimum operating temperature effectively. This helps in avoiding engine overheating.

When there is a problem with the water pump, the circulation is messed up. The coolant does not circulate well and this causes a problem in the engine block. A bad water pump doesn’t just overheat it causes other additional problems to the engine like cracked cylinder heads, burnt pistons, or pushed head gaskets.

3. Coolant temperature sensor

car coolant temperature indicator

The Coolant temperature sensor in your car is used to detect the operating temperature of the car engine. It is important that the temperature detected is accurate because this makes an impact on the other functions like signaling an alarm and control units for the cooling system

A problematic coolant system will create a problem in the overall system that takes care of engine overheating. The system might not even report the car is overheating and your car’s engine temperature will keep on increasing causing further problems.

4. Bad thermostat

Car Thermostat
Image Source and Author

A Thermostat is an important part of the engine’s cooling system. The Thermostat regulates and maintains the required amount of coolant that circulates back to the engine and also the coolant before circulating to the radiator.

A bad Thermostat is also a major reason for car engine overheating problems.

5. Low coolant Level

Car Engine Coolant

Driving with low coolant is very risky. As we are discussing since the beginning of this blog post, coolant is an integral part of the car engine’s cooling system

If your car is low on coolant, this will have a direct impact on the entire cooling system. Your engine can get too hot, which can have many other problems as well.

6. Car Engine Overheating because of Broken Cooling Fan

car cooling fan - radiator fan

The cooling fan helps when the temperature of the engine is too hot. It helps in cooling down by increasing the airflow in the system. A cooling fan helps even when you’ve turned your car off and the engine is hot. 

If your cooling fan is broken, it will prevent proper cooling of the engine.

7. Car Engine Overheating because of Low level of Engine Oil

car problems- low level of engine oil - Engine Oil cans

The Engine oil ensures proper operation of the engine by providing proper lubrication. If the engine oil level is high, the lubrication required for the engine to operate is sufficient and so the friction in the engine is less. 

As a result of this the temperature of the engine is maintained.

On the contrary, if the engine oil levels are low, this increases the friction of components inside the engine, which overheats the entire system.

Hence it is important that you regularly check and maintain engine oil and choose oil of good quality.

What Should You Do When Your Car Engine Overheats?

  1. The first thing you should do when your car is overheating is to turn off the heater in the car. This will start pushing the Hot Air inside the car and reduce the overall temperature of the engine.
  2. After turning on the engine, you should immediately look for an appropriate stop alongside the road and turn the engine off.
  3. After you turn the engine off, it is recommended to wait for a while like 20 minutes to let the engine cool down a little.
  4. After you think the temperature is lowered a little, now open the bonnet or the hood of the car and locate the radiator cap and carefully open it.
  5. If this cap resists opening up, use a cloth to tightly grab it and open it.
  6. After opening it up, add antifreeze liquid, as a coolant for your car.
  7. If you don’t have an antifreeze liquid, you can proceed with water as well.
  8. Pour down the coolant until the full mark on the radiator.
  9. If your problem with overheating was serious, adding a coolant will not be the final solution, it will just help you get through to the nearest car repairing station.

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Final Thoughts on why your car engine is overheating

To avoid problems such as an engine overheating in your car you should keep a regular check and maintenance of your car

If you are ever trapped in such a situation, where your engine is overheating, it is highly recommended to immediately take it to the Car repairing station.

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