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Myth vs Reality of car maintenance & spare parts

We believe in some stories whether they are true or not. But often there is a fight between the myth vs reality of certain aspects in every field.

We have stories, rumors, and myths when it comes to our car maintenance as well. For example: Did you know it is bad to drive with your car’s windows open for fuel economy?

In this quick article, we will be busting some common myths associated with car maintenance and car spare parts.

Myth #1: Premium fuel is better for your Car

which one is better premium fuel vs regular fuel

Regular fuel is sufficient to keep the car running, and it keeps your car engine in good condition.

You don’t need to fill your car with Premium fuel. Premium fuel is good for cars that have engines that get to very high temperatures in a very short while.

Myth #2: Keeping your windows open will help you save fuel

myth of keeping car window open

It is said that when you are driving a car at high speed the vehicle will get heated up and it needs to have a good flow, not just to deal with the engine but also inside the car.

This myth is also believed because keeping the windows open saves you from switching on the Air Condition system of the car which saves some fuel.

The fact is that when you open the windows of the car it has an adverse effect on the car’s aerodynamic moment. And, it requires more pressure than it would need normally. Which ends up burning more fuel.

Myth #3: Jump starting recharges your battery

car jumper cables for battery

When your car has a dead battery and it won’t start, it is recommended to jumpstart your car. The myth around this idea is that jumpstarting recharges your car battery. This is false. 

After you jump-start the car, it is recommended that you keep the car in running condition or go for some rides. because then the alternator will take on the work and recharge the battery.

Myth #4: You need to warm up your car in Winter/Cold weather

Myth vs Reality of car maintenance & spare parts

It is true that engine parts have to warm up before they go into the zone of efficiency. But the thing is, modern cars are equipped with technologies and equipment that warm up faster. So there is no point in warming up the car in cold weather.

Myth #5: You should replace all your tires at once

Myth vs Reality of car maintenance & spare parts - replace all tires at once

When the threads of your tire are worn out and you have to replace the tires, you must have heard that you should change all your tires at once else it might create problems in the flow of your car because all the tires will not be at an even level.

It is completely fine to replace two opposite tires together.

Myth #6: Myth vs Reality: You need to frequently change your Transmission Fluid

myth of frequently changing transmission fluid

Transmission fluid is essential to ensure there is lubrication in the transmission system.

There’s a myth that you have to change the transmission fluid more frequently. It is completely fine if you change your transmission fluid at above 100,000 Miles. Because transmission fluid in modern cars has more life.

To wrap up...

It is always recommended to get a professional opinion about the different aspects of maintenance of your car.

Make sure that you deal with trusted service providers and authorized dealers and suppliers of spare parts for your car too.

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