Car Engine Maintenance Tips

You have to take care of your car engine, else you’re just ignoring important aspects of your car.

If you are good with taking care of your car and regularly maintaining it you will have a longer life for your car and better performance.

Ignoring your car engine maintenance will create problems and result in larger problems. Sometimes ignoring your car problems might lead to your car suddenly stopping or overheating or improper noises from your engine.

With that said, let’s talk about some car engine maintenance tips.

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Engine Oil

This is probably the most important one when it comes to taking care of your engine. Engine oil ensures that the engine is functioning smoothly. If your engine oil is below the recommended level, there will be less lubrication and the friction between the engine elements will increase causing further problems. So to have a proper car engine maintenance change your engine oil at regular intervals.

Cleaning the Fuel system

Even with high quality fuel, with time =, there is accumulation of carbon deposits in the engine. There is also blocking inthe fuel injector. And, there is dirt on the fuel filter as well.

Having a healthy fuel system will give you better performance, moreover, it will have a clear and direct impact on the mileage of your car.

So in order to maintain your car properly, keep a check on the fuel system. Clean your fuel filters and to clean the carbon deposits, you can use good quality fuel additives. Using a good quality fuel additives will remorse the carbon deposits while preventing further deposits, and clean the fuel injector as well.

Cleaning Air Filter

The Air filter keeps the dust from entering the engine. With time, there is accumulation of dirt on the air filter. It prevents your car engine by passing the clean air through it.

Here are some of the benefits of cleaning the air filter:

  1. You get efficient fuel consumption
  2. You get reduction in emissions
  3. You get longer engine life
  4. It prevents the Carburetors and fuel injectors
  5. You get better working of Carburetors and fuel injectors
  6. Your time gets saved as its Easy & Quick

Clean Oil Filter

The oil filter is responsible to keep dirt and contamination with external dust and materials away from your engine oil.

The oil filter ensures that the engine oil is clean. The cleaner your engine oil is, the better performance of your car. As the oil filter works on cleaning the lubricating oil for your engine, it accumulates dust and dirt, and other impurities, which makes it less efficient. So, it is essential that you keep a check for some signs that mean you should immediately check/replace the oil filter for your car.

Clean the spark plugs

Spark plugs are amongst the most frequently used auto parts of your car. They are needed every time you start your engine. When there’s dirt accumulated at the spark plug, this causes a delay in starting the car and a problem in the smooth operation of your engine.

Check the cooling system

The cooling system of the car is responsible for keeping the car engine and other systems from overheating. And, you don’t want your car to overheat. Because, if your car starts to overheat it will create further problems.

One of the things in the cooling system is coolant. Driving with low coolant is very risky. If your car is low on coolant, this will have a direct impact on the entire cooling system. Your engine can get too hot.

Apart from this, another important part of the cooling system is the cooling fan. It helps in cooling down by increasing the airflow in the system. A cooling fan helps even when you’ve turned your car off and the engine is hot. If your cooling fan is broken, it will prevent proper cooling of the engine.

Other parts of the cooling system to maintain include: Thermostat, temperature sensor, water pump and radiator.

Wrapping Up

We discussed some of the most important things to include during car maintenance. You have to make sure to regularly check and maintain your car so that you can avoid other massive problems.

Please ensure that you use good quality car spare parts from trust dealers in auto parts. It is recommended you go ahead with genuine parts or good quality aftermarket parts while considering replacing a car spare part.

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