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Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car And Make Your Car Last Longer

Purchasing a good car is one thing and maintaining the car is a different thing. If you ensure your car is in good condition you’ll be able to use it for the long term but if you’re going to ignore it you might just lose the edge quicker.

This blog is about how to make sure your car has a long life span.

We are going to categorize different parts of the car and share tips to extend the life of that category.

Let us look at the different categories of car parts before we go into the details about maintaining and preventing them for a long life span.

Categories of car parts to maintain:

  • Car Body Parts
  • Car Engine Parts
  • Electrical Car Parts
  • Car Parts in Cooling system
  • Car Fluids and Lubricants
  • Transmission Parts 

Let us discuss in detail the different car parts categories.

Tips to extend the life of your car Body Parts

car parts disassembled

When it comes to taking care of the car body parts, let’s start with the looks of the car.

The car paint gives all the glossy and sophisticated look to the car, if the paint of the car is dull, the car looks old and loses its glamour. 

To protect the car paint for long time please remember the following tips:

  • Park your car in the shade, do not park directly in the sun for long hours.
  • If you are parking your car for the long term, make sure to cover the car with covers
  • Wax the paint of the car to improve the look of the car and protect the paint
  • Clean your car’s exterior from time to time. Have a fixed schedule.

Tips to maintain the Car Brake Parts

  • In order to increase the lifespan of your car brake parts make sure you avoid heavy braking. When your car is at high speed and you press the brake to stop the car urgently, this adds stress on the brake parts, reducing its strength
  • Keep a check on the car brake pads, if the car brake pads are worn out this will cause a bad effect on the brake parts

Tips to extend the lifespan of taillights and headlights

Headlights of the car could get slightly foggy which could create problems in clear emission of the light from the car. And there could be other dirt accommodation on the car as well. To clean your car lights, use toothpaste.

Apply toothpaste or soap and rub the glass, then clean it off with water.

Other tips to increase the lifespan of the car body parts

  • Check the wheel alignment of the car, it is recommended you check the wheel alignment of the car every 2-3 years. 
  • Check the door seals, also known as Weather Stripping, it is rubber material on the edges of the car door, over time, it could get a little loose. So keep a check on those
  • Check the window seals too, Weather Stripping for windows, the rubber on the windows can loosen up.
  • Avoid driving with excessive weight on the car, it increases the pressure on the overall car body parts.

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Car Engine Parts

The engine is one of the most important parts of the car. Concluding if any car is in good condition or not is mostly defined by looking at the performance of the engine. To make sure your engine is in good condition, you have to make sure the parts associated with it and the different operations and processes inside the engine are smooth.

Let’s start with keeping lubrication in the engine.

Tips to keep the oil filter in good condition

The oil filter is responsible to ensure that the oil that goes inside the engine is clean. If there is debris and dirt inside the engine, it will cause problems. So the oil filter ensures the oil passing to the engine is clean. But this accommodates dirt on the oil filter, which needs regular cleaning.

Change Your Engine Oil Regularly

Regularly changing your engine oil has many benefits apart from extending the lifespan of the engine like: 

  1. Keeps the car engine clean
  2. Protects the different parts of the car engine
  3. Keeps your car fuel-efficient
  4. Causes low emissions and hence, protects the environment
  5. Improved engine performance
  6. Prevents cars from overheating and other engine-related problems.

Make sure you regularly change your car engine oil as per schedule to keep your car engine in good condition.

Use Good Quality Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are useful in maintaining the life of a car engine. 

Adding good quality fuel additives to your car will benefit you in:

  • Cleaning the fuel system
  • Keeping the internal combustion of the car engine clean
  • Reduces the overheating in certain spots in the engine
  • Lubrication of the system
  • Cleans the fuel injector hence regulating to flow of fuel to the engine

For more detailed info read our blog:

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Keep the Spark Plugs Clean

The spark plug is very important to keep a car in running condition. When debris is lodged on the spark plugs it can cause a malfunction in its operation. Having a clean spark plug is important to maintain the healthy life of an engine system in a car.

Fortunately cleaning a spark plug is a simple process – you can do it yourself

Regularly check and clean the Air Filter

The air filter is responsible for keeping the dirt and dust out of your car and the engine system.

Keeping a regular check on the engine oil helps you in extending the life of the engine by reducing fuel consumption, preventing fuel injectors, and reducing emissions.

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Electrical car parts

Electrical car parts come with their own challenges. Read here to find out how you can extend the life of your car by properly taking care of electrical auto parts

Tips to increase Car Battery life

The car battery is responsible to send electricity to all the electrical appliances in the car. Most people complain that the battery life is not very long. We say that when you take care of your car battery, you will see an increase in the car battery life.

Here’s are a few tips to extend car battery life:

  • Clean your battery at regular intervals
  • Clean and check the wire contacts
  • Service the battery – top up on time with distilled water
  • Check if the battery is tightly fit
  • Disconnect the terminals when you are planning to park your car for long term
  • Don’t use your electronics when the car is idle
  • Regularly check your battery to determine if it’s healthy.

These pointers will help you keep the car battery healthy for a long time.

Tips to increase the life of the Car Alternator

The alternator provides electricity to the different electric and electronic parts of the car and even charges the batter. The alternator takes the rotatory motion of the car as input and provides output in form of electrical energy.

Here are some tips to increase the lifespan of the car alternator:

  • Check for fluid leaks, if there is a leak in the gasket around the engine or someplace else this could damage the alternator.
  • Check the belt alignment, if the belt is not aligned with the alternator, it reduces the efficiency of the alternator. Loose belts can cause overheating.
  • Check the bearings, if the bearing of the alternator are worn out, One sighs that bearings have worn out is noise from the alternator
  • Clean the engine, this keeps the air flowing by the alternator keeping it healthy for long term
  • Clean the battery terminals, The terminals are prone to rust, and cause a problem in the flow of electricity, so the cleaner the better.
  • Make sure you never make mistakes in jump-starting, wrong jump start has an adverse effect on the alternator

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Cooling System Parts of the Car

The cooling system of the car is directly connected with the engine. If the cooling system of the car is good, you will not have problems like overheating and moreover, the engine will have smooth operations.

Follow these tips to maintain the health of the cooling system of your car:

  • Check the level of coolant, if you see it is below the recommended level, add the coolant, if the coolant is not available add water.
  • Check if the water pump is working properly, the water pump is responsible to make sure the water is circulating properly.

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Transmission Car Parts

The transmission system of the car includes the gear assembly and other parts associated with the locomotion of the car. 

Here are some tips to protect the Transmission system of the Car and increase its lifespan:

  • Drive smoothly, when you drive smoothly, the stress on the parts of the car is less. Rash driving requires you to frequently change gears, frequently press brakes, and fluctuations in accelerations, which reduces the lifespan of the car.
  • Avoid overfilling transmission oil, if the level of transmission oil is increased, it causes a hard shift in gears and slippage. Moreover, the properties of transmission oil are lost quicker.
  • Reduce the car weight, The more weight on the car the more stress on the overall system.

Other Important Tips to extend the life span of the car: Maintenance Tips for Car

The above-discussed tips and pointers are based on the different categories of car parts. Now, there are some tips to increase the life span of the car parts that are not directly connected with categories.

Let us discuss the different tips to extend car life span:

  • Avoid traffic – When you drive in heavy traffic, Acceleration and braking are frequent, which causes problems for the car. Moreover, it reduces fuel efficiency as well.
  • Keep a log about the car – Maintain a record of the mileage of the car, the different service dates, and other stuff like an oil change or change in spare parts. This will help you stay cautious if the car is not functioning properly, thus alarming you before the problem is huge.
  • Run AC in every season. Even if the season is quite favorable, occasionally use the Car Air condition, this keeps it in running condition
  • If you are parking a car for the long term, add fuel stabilizers and fill the tank. This avoids condensation in the fuel tank.
  • Clean the interiors of the car too, the cleaner you maintain the better it looks and feels
  • Be alert about the check engine light, please do not ignore the warning lights. Ignoring is just inviting bigger problems for later.
  • Replace only with quality spare parts, If you want to make sure your car has a huge life span you need to have quality parts installed, please go for OEM parts, Genuine spare parts, or quality aftermarket parts

Wrap Up: Tips to make your car last longer

Increasing the lifespan of the car comes down to maintaining your car. The better you maintain your car the more life it will have.

Keep your car clean, check the fluids and lubricants, do regular servicing, change or replace only with quality spare parts and park carefully and you can make your car last longer.