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Should You Use Fuel Additives for Your Car?

Let us address the elephant in the room and settle the debate about fuel additives.

If you have been driving for a while and thinking about different solutions to increase your car mileage, you must have come across the suggestion of adding fuel additives for your car.

Obviously, like any other topic on the dining table, this topic has people on both sides too, some say, it helps you and some say it doesn’t make any difference.

In this blog post we will discuss and address the following questions:

Let’s discuss the fuel additives…

What are fuel additives?

Fuel additives are chemically formed compounds used to add to the fuel of automobiles and vehicles, to increase the efficiency of the fuel and improve the quality of the fuel used in the automobile.

Sometimes, when you want to improve the fuel efficiency you might have to make modifications to the engine. And, making modifications to the engine is clearly more expensive, energy-draining, and a time taking the deal. Some of these problems can be addressed using proper fuel additives.

There are fuel additives available to solve specific problems of fuel efficiency and engine. Fuel additives may be used for maintenance too.

How do fuel additives work?

Fuel additives work along with the fuel system. They mix along with the fuel in the system, it could be with gasoline, diesel, or petrol. The fuel additives flow through the systems and work.

Fuel additives consisting of cleaning agents mixes with fuel and remove the cluttered deposits. Other fuel additives might increase the octane rating of the fuel making it more efficient.

Sometimes a fuel additive targets an individual spare part like a fuel injector and cleans the part but removes the debris.

What different types and forms of fuel additives?

What are the Benefits of using fuel additives?

In any automobile, as the fuel is consumed, there is the creation of carbon deposits. This happens irrespective of the quality of the fuel. Even if you use high-quality premium fuel, there will be carbon deposits formed eventually.

As these carbon deposits build up and accommodate they start to create problems for your car.

There can be problems related to the mileage of your car, power flow in the engine, starting of your car, and other hesitations.

To remove these carbon deposits, you need to use fuel additives.

The fuel additives help you with the following:

  • Fuel additives clean your car fuel system
  • Increase the engine response
  • They help in maintaining the proper balance of fuel and air mix for the combustion system
  • It helps in the reduction of hotspots (Overheating of certain parts) in the engine system
  • Reduction and removal of moisture if any in the fuel system of the car
  • Prevents corrosion of the parts associated with the fuel system
  • Fuel additives also help with the rough idling of the car
  • The solve the problems related to the acceleration of the car, as the fuel injector is performing better after use of fuel additives
  • Fuel additives help in problems like stumbling and stalling of the car
  • Fuel additives also help in increasing the lubrication of the system, thus reducing the friction which helps in overall engine performance.

Should you consider using fuel additives?

The fuel additives certainly have advantages and benefits, and you should definitely consider using good quality fuel additives for your car.

But here are some details you should know about:

To remove the carbon deposits there are three different types of fuel additives.

  • PIB – Polyisobutylene fuel additives prevent the formation of carbon deposits, but they can’t properly clean and remove the existing carbon deposits. You have to use them with every refill of your car fuel.
  • PIBA – Polyisobutylene Amine fuel additives are good for preventing the formation of carbon deposits and also cleaning the existing carbon deposits. The problem with PIBA fuel additives is that they can’t perform well in high temperatures
  • PEA – Polyetheramine fuel additives are good in preventing carbon deposits, cleaning the existing deposits and they can perform well in high temperatures too.

So in order to have the good and efficient performance of your car, it is recommended that you should prefer the PEA-based fuel additives for your car.

Moreover, if you are having an old car or a car that works on diesel fuel, it is recommended that you use fuel additives because it will have added benefits for your car. Gasoline is a good solvent in itself and sometimes comes with additives already added, so you need to check before choosing fuel additives.

It is also mentioned that one size fits all doesn’t necessarily apply to fuel additives. You have to ensure to check the car model, fuel quality, environment, and problems before you choose the fuel additives.

Please ask your car spare parts dealer or maintenance associate to help you choose the right fuel additive for your car.

One oil-based additive by Toyota to flush the engine

Where can I find Fuel Additive/ Petrol Additive in Dubai?

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