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What is wheel alignment and why is it important?

Have you ever been on a ride where you felt there was some kind of bounce in your car, even when you couldn’t see any bulge on the roads?

Have you ever felt like your car is turning itself to any one particular side?

These are signs that there is a problem with the wheel alignment of the car.

What is Wheel alignment?

What is wheel alignment and why is it important?

Wheel alignment is the angle of the wheels of your car with other wheels and with the vehicle body itself. It is also about how well the car suspensions are aligned with the tires and how well they are adjusted.

There are modern technologies and ways to determine the alignment for each of the tires of the car.

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What are some causes of improper wheel alignment in a car?

Car Wheel alignment

Let us discuss some of the reasons why a car wheel alignment is improper:

  • A sudden impact on the road

If your car passed on from a terrible pothole or if it passed on a speed break at a very high speed, this creates a sudden impact on the car wheels and the suspensions. 

This normally disturbs the wheel alignment of a car.

  • Minor collisions

Collisions will land your car in trouble. It can cause many other problems as well. But most of the time collisions cause errors in the wheel alignment of the car. 

  • Off-road riding

Going on off-road rides with cars that are not well equipped for off-roading are also reasons for improper alignment in the wheels of the car. If you are planning for an off-road trip, please make sure you use a car that supports off-roading.

How to know if your car’s wheel alignment is off? Symptoms of improper wheel alignment

What is wheel alignment and why is it important?

Let us discuss some signs that you need wheel alignment:

Uneven Steering Wheel

This is an easy check to see if the wheel alignment is off or has any problems. When you are driving on a straight road, which does not have any clear elevations, your steering wheel should be straight. 

If you notice the steering wheel to be a little uneven, meaning if it is turning tilted towards the left or right, it is a sign that your wheel alignment is improper.

Loose Steering

If your car steering feels like it is very loose it is a sign that your wheel alignment is off. A loose car steering might feel disconnected in front of the main body, you will have to apply little to no pressure on the steering and you will notice it turning towards any side.

The vehicle is pulling to the left or right

You’re driving on a straight road, you’ve held the steering in an even position. Your car is supposed to stay in a straight position without any extra application of force. 

When your wheel alignment is off, you will feel the car pulling towards the left or right by itself. 

Uneven Tire Wear

As you keep driving the car, eventually the car tires will wear off. As the amount of pressure is the same on all the wheels the wear on the tire should also be the same. But when your wheel alignment is not right, there will be uneven tire wear.

Noise From the Steering

If you are hearing noise from your car steering system, it is also a sign that there is some kind of problem with the wheel alignment of your car. Noisy steering is also a sign that there is something wrong with the power steering of the steering fluids.

Benefits of having car wheel alignment done

Benefits of having car wheels aligned

Here are some of the benefits of having car wheels aligned:

Smooth ride

When the car wheel alignment is off, you might notice some drifts and car pulling over to any one side. But when car wheels are aligned, the ride is smooth as water.

Fuel efficiency 

When your wheels are aligned, your tires have to do the hard work. It puts less pressure on your engine. This means the fuel efficiency is decreased.

Better control of the car and improved steering

When the car wheels are aligned it connects with the steering as it is supposed to. This improves the control you have over the car.

Long-lasting tires

Having your car wheels aligned means equal pressure and weight on different tires. When the alignment is off, one tire might worn out quicker than the other. Thus having your car wheels aligned means long-lasting tires.

Long-lasting suspensions

When the wheels of the car are misaligned, it has a negative impact on the suspension. Your suspension might have to do more than it is supposed to. Having car wheels aligned gives you long-lasting suspensions.

How often should you check if the car wheels are aligned?

It is recommended that you get your wheel alignment checked at least every 10000km. Also get is checked when you experience a change in the driving or handling of your vehicle.

Wrap Up:

Wheel alignment gives you better control and fuel efficiency on the road. So it becomes really important especially in times like these where fuel prices are sky rocketing.

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