Is it worth buying an electric car in Dubai

Is It Worth Buying An Electric Car In Dubai?

Electric vehicles were a boom in 2022. It seems like the trend is going to keep up in 2023. But it’s still tough to be normal to buy an electric vehicle in UAE. Whether you support it or not, electric cars are the way of the future. People who care about the environment will know why it is ideal to choose electric vehicles. 

According to a survey, the sales of electric vehicles are gonna be way greater than the sale count of traditional vehicles by 2050. Electric cars could sometimes be an investment than a liability. You don’t always need to spend hidden charges in terms of fuel to maintain a car.

Electric automobiles are becoming increasingly popular as people become more concerned about the environment. Consumers have a lot of options when they buy a car in Dubai. One of the premium and branded electric cars are manufactured by Tesla. Telsa offers a variety of electric vehicle types with standard amenities at affordable prices. Many investors poured their money into the electric vehicle industry in the hope of getting profits in the future.


As gas prices are touching heights, electric vehicles got attention from consumers. Improvements in technology made electric vehicles affordable to the average consumer too. This way technology has been so closer to humans. If it comes to buying an electric car in Dubai, it all depends on your needs and your budget matters.

Electric vehicles come in all price ranges and are offered in the market. You have a choice to pick the model within your budget. The maintenance burden is always cool compared to filling your car’s fuel tank. In Dubai, you can find numerous charging ports on your way to charge your vehicle.

You could consider installing a charging point at your home, you could get government subsidies to cover installation charges. This battery technology can give you better savings if you choose it wisely.

Perks from the government

There are a few perks that the UAE government offers as a reward for opting for electric vehicles. They offer in the terms of tax benefits. Additionally, they provided free electric vehicle charging stations throughout the nation.

Many loan sanction benefits can be seen in the Dubai government for buying electric cars with a 50% cashback on loan processing fees. The UAE government also encourage a scheme that attaches special license plate sticker on electric vehicles to provide parking plots for free.

Economic Friendly

The main reason for the government supporting electric vehicles is they are green vehicles. The potential for preserving our environment through electric automobiles is also greater. If we switch to electric vehicles instead of conventional ones, there will be a significant reduction in air pollution and no carbon emissions, thus electric vehicles do a major contribution to improving the air quality of Dubai.

More businesses in Dubai are working towards renewable energy sources, they will add up to an extra source for electrical energy generation. They do also contribute to the reduction of sound pollution. You don’t even notice when the electric vehicles pass by you, they are that silent and smooth.


There is a misconception that electric vehicles are slower. Many electric cars are much faster than regular cars but don’t push them to maximum performance which leads to shorter battery life. All you need to take is choose the electric car that suits your lifestyle.

You can invest a major chunk of your money in various categorized electric cars like speed-specific electric cars, long battery life electric cars, etc. So, speed should not be a concern unless you wanted to fly on Dubai roads.


The advancements in technology can be conveniently adopted by electric vehicles than usual cars. Streaming Netflix, Bluetooth, and internet connections are highly possible in electric vehicles.

Some electric vehicles also allow users to control charging via smartphone applications. Advanced driving assistance features and self-driving cars can be easily made under the electric vehicles category.

The drawback of owning an electric car in Dubai is they deplete faster in a hotter environment and we witness our Dubai temperature when it is hot.

Final Thoughts: Should you consider buying an eclectic car in Dubai?

Since consumers are becoming more aware of their many benefits, such as higher fuel efficiency and cheaper operating costs, the number of electric vehicles on the road is rising. If you ask me is it worth buying an electric car in Dubai? I would say it all depends on your requirements.

To help you, I had mentioned the major categories to consider while choosing a vehicle for you. If you are an environment person, then go for it no doubt.

If you ask for my personal favourite, then I recommend electric vehicles as they satisfy many of our needs with minimal maintenance and investment. The UAE’s electric vehicle scene will soon be hassle-free, accessible, and reasonably priced.

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