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What is meant by a Power Train in your car?

Have you ever been in a conversation where you had to pretend that you knew What it was about, when you had no idea about the subject?

You must have heard about the term “Powertrain” when you are deciding to purchase a car or when you are at an auto spare parts dealer or at your service station for regular maintenance of your car.

Powertrain is an important component of any vehicle.

In this blog, we will be discussing the following:

Okay, Let’s dive in…

Powertrain components - Diagram

A Powertrain is an assembly of parts and components. Every part of the car that plays a role in locomotion of the vehicle is part of the powertrain.

The function of the powertrain is to take the power generated from the engine and deliver/transmit the power to wheels of the car.

The main components of powertrain are following:

Let’s take a quick look at different components of powertrain:

Powertrain Component:


The car engine is the most important part of the vehicle. The engine of the car is responsible for generating power. The engine consumes fuel and converts the energy into mechanical energy. Engine undergoes combustion and different physical experiments that result in motion.

Engine consists of elements like piston, cylinders and crankshaft and a lot of other minor spare parts. These parts play a vital role in transforming the energy and generation power to move the vehicle.


The transmission system in the car is responsible to make sure that the right amount of power reaches the wheels. If the power generated from the engine is not channelized in the correct way, it might transmit the wrong amount of power to wheels which will result in severe locomotive problems.

For instance car gearbox is part of the transmission system, it adjusts the power transmitted to the wheels after generation from the engine. The driver or the Artificial Intelligence operated the transmission according to the required speed or power for the vehicle.


The driveshaft is responsible to transfer the rotatory motion, the torque, from the transmission system to the wheels of the car.

This is arranged in a particular manner to form the right synergy and alignment of the components. The length and the angles involved have to be accurate.


The axle of the car lies between the two wheels of the car.

The axle holds both the adjacent wheels and rotates them. It finally transmits the power to the wheel from the engine. Another important role of the axle is to handle the complete weight of the car.


The Differential is connected with the rear axle of the car. To clearly put the use of differential: if differential is not present the wheels of the car would spin together, they would be locked together.

The differential helps the car to move at different speeds and gives better control over the grip of the car.

Some signs and symptoms of a faulty or problematic powertrain

Let us discuss some signs that you should check your car powertrain.

As mentioned above, the engine is also a major part of the powertrain. So any problems that are associated with a car engine are directly related to powertrain.

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To quickly summarize the signs of bad powertrain, here is a list.

  1. Your check engine light is on – this means there is obviously some problem with the engine.
  2. Problems is milage of the car – if you’ve noticed sudden drop in car mileage it is sign of problems in powertrain components
  3. Problems in gear shifting – if you are having rough gear shift or it is showing delayed response, it is sign of transmission system failure
  4. Problems in starting of the car
  5. Sudden stopping of the car – if your car is stopping suddenly, there is a chance of problems in the powertrain.

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