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The world is changing and so is the Automobile industry. 

In today’s era, Technology has massively influenced automobiles. The industry has seen a significant change in how we drive vehicles and how the vehicles interact with us.

Not to mention the latest craze of the Automobile in the Metaverse thingy 

Automobile manufacturers are now focusing on revolutionizing their vehicles so that the driver can get the best experience.

If you’re an automobile lover, it’s important to get updated with the latest technologies transforming the automobile industry

Here we will discuss 5 Technologies that can transform the Auto industry in 2022.

These technologies can provide an array of features to the driver. The tech can offer a lot to your automobile, ranging from car safety to driving assistance.

Below, we have shared a list of those technologies that can transform the automobile industry in 2022.

Here are the 5 technologies transforming the automobile industry

Please note: These are in no particular order

  • High-Tech Driving Assistance (ADAS)
  • Mobile Apps for Connectivity / Digital Keys
  • Teen Driver Assistance
  • 360 – Degree Camera Systems / Rear View Monitor / Blind Spot Monitor
  • Electric Vehicles (EV)

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1. High-Tech Driving Assistance (ADAS)

Advanced driver-assistance system

This is one of the most important and crucial technologies transforming the automobile industry

For a driver, it’s crucial to ensure the surroundings, the blind spots, and the car’s position. With the entry of digital technology into the automobile space, these things can now be checked using digital technologies. These technologies are collectively known as Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The role of ADAS is to enhance the safety of the vehicle by providing helpful suggestions. Some applications of ADAS include Lane departure correction, blind spot recognition, objects/pedestrians detection, emergency braking, and traffic signs detection.

For the functioning of ADAS, several Radars, LiDAR sensor, and other sensors are fitted to the car’s system to assist the driver. These technologies are helpful for drivers, especially on highways or expressways.

The Adaptive Cruise Control helps the driver in adjusting speed. It can slow down or accelerate the vehicle according to the objects in the surroundings. The Glare-free high beam and adaptive light adjustment help the driver to change the vehicle’s lights according to the environment.

The ADAS improves the driver’s accuracy while driving, and it helps predict the objects and blind spots out there in the surroundings.

2. Mobile Apps for Connectivity / Digital Keys

Mobile Apps for Connectivity - Digital Keys

Digitalization has now become a standard in every industry. The auto manufacturers are now launching their apps. These apps will be helpful for you to connect and interact with your vehicle even if you are not present there.

Many details such as the location of the car, maintenance suggestions, how your vehicle is performing, etc., can be accessed through the mobile app. Companies such as Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, etc., have launched their apps for better convenience.

You can even lock/unlock your car just with the mobile app even if you aren’t present there. This feature makes your mobile phone a digital key. Mobile apps have much more features to offer. Other information like Insurance details, when the servicing is to be done and more can be accessed through the app.

3. Teen Driver Assistance

Teen Driver Assistance

According to Chevrolet, only 61% of teenage children wear a seat belt. And approximately 93% of them play loud music that can distract the driver.

Teen driver assistance can be helpful if you have a teen driver in your home. It is a built-in system in your vehicle that lets you guide your teen while driving. It can work even in our absence. It offers safety and security. Your teen will get all driving suggestions and other alerts. It helps in driving sensibly and carefully.

Teen driving assistance provides many security features. These include a speed tracker, audio volume tracker, speed alerts, automatic volume adjustments, and more such features. One key feature of this technology is the Seat belt audio mute. Until the front seat occupants put on the seat belt, the audio will remain muted.

The speed tracker monitors the vehicle’s movement and alerts whenever the speed goes beyond the limit. The audio volume tracker monitors audio volume and adjusts it automatically to avoid distraction to the driver.

4. The 360° Degree Camera System / Blind Spot Monitor

car blind spot monitor camera

While driving or parking the vehicle, it is crucial to be aware of the surroundings and objects present. The camera systems don’t directly come under A.I. Tech. Yet they play a critical role in driving assistance. 

New car models have now started rolling out new camera features. The 360-degree camera helps in monitoring all sides of your car. It is helpful while parking the car, driving in cross-traffic, or reversing the car. Along with 360-degree cameras, rear-view monitors and blind-spot monitors are also useful.

The video rear-view monitor has a wide horizontal screen that shows the view of the back side of the car. It is helpful while reversing your car. Blind-spot monitors show you the blind spots of your vehicles. While parking your car in a compact area, you can face problems monitoring all sides of the car. The blind-spot monitor gives you insights into what objects you have in the blind spots.

5. Electric Vehicles (EV)

Technologies Transforming the Automobile Industry - Electric Cars

While EVs launched earlier in the decade, they have now started garnering attention from consumers. EVs are one of the biggest crazes for the upcoming decade. 

They function on electric motors for locomotion, unlike the traditional fuel engines. EVs are cost-efficient as they don’t run on fuels. Electricity is much cheaper than traditional fuels. According to MVU, drivers save approximately $700 by using Electric Vehicles. As they don’t function as fuels, they are green vehicles. An average EV emits three times less pollution than a traditional fuel vehicle.

Electric Vehicles give a better performance as compared to Diesel/Petrol vehicles. They have efficient electric motors, so they require less maintenance.

Here is an excellent resource that will help understand EVs more –> What is an EV and how does it work

Wrap up: Technologies Transforming the Automobile Industries

According to Statista, the automotive electronics industry has reached a market size of $235 Billion. This industry includes the sales of semiconductors, chips, radars, sensors, touchscreen monitors, cameras, etc. The figure shows us how the automotive industry is changing with the beginning of digital assistance systems. 

To enhance your driving experience, it would be important for you to update your car with these technologies. The smart assistance systems not only help in the detection of nearby objects but also improve the driver’s accuracy. For a regular user of automobiles, these systems can prove to be helpful.