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A Snapshot of Automobiles in The Metaverse

A Snapshot of Automobiles in The Metaverse

There is a big elephant in the room called the Metaverse. It has taken the world by storm. Not a lot of people are aware of the term itself and we are here at this stage daring to discuss automobiles in the Metaverse.


Let’s put on our geek hats and try to understand what Metaverse is in the first place.


Firstly, Metaverse is not a new concept. The term metaverse can be found in 1992. Science fiction writer Neal Stephenson owns the credit for it. He did a great job of painting the right pictures about the 3D world and virtual reality back in 1992 when things were almost unrealistic and impossible. Metaverse was pretty much a dream for 1992.

Automobile cars in Metaverse

Fast forward to 2021, Facebook changed its name to meta. On 28th October, Mark Zuckerberg made this massive announcement, that they’re changing their branding to meta, and every Facebook product will now be under meta. 


Zuckerberg says, the purpose remains the same, connecting people, but their focus expands to the metaverse and that’s their priority at this moment.


Not just Facebook, Microsoft is on this mission as well. 


But, what the heck is metaverse? Let’s discuss. (I hope you have your geek hat on)


We’ll keep the jargon and complex terms away, and talk about the Metaverse in simple terms.

What is a Metaverse?

Metaverse is a shared online space. It is virtual reality. It’s like social media but instead of just liking a picture or commenting on it, you can virtually meet the person. Metaverse incorporates 3D graphics


It is a different world, that you can access as you put on the glasses, where you can purchase land, own a house, meet friends, have coffee, even work at your office. 


Ever played the Sims game? You can relate

Sims Game like Metaverse

For example, you want to meet up with a friend who stays in a different country. You’re both busy with your lives, it is practically impossible for you to get together and meet up. With metaverse, you can arrange a meeting, a party, and meet up in the virtual world.


Maybe, you’ve been working from home for a pretty long time now, and you want to experience a physical office environment. That is all possible in the metaverse.


As you are reading this article, there are properties on sale in the metaverse. Not just properties, different assets, collectibles, art, and even cars and automobiles are being sold. 


As per business insider, a yacht in metaverse was sold for $650,000, the most expensive NFT sold in one of the platforms that deals in virtual assets. A virtual plot was sold for $4.3 Million, setting a record for the most expensive plot as of 12th Dec 2021. 


Speaking of NFTs, NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. These are collectibles, assets, and properties in the virtual world, it could be in crypto and blockchain space, or the metaverse.

List of companies working on metaverse development:

Here is the list of some companies working on developing metaverse:

Please note this is not the exhaustive list. There are other players as well.

Company Name



San Mateo, California

David Baszucki

Redmond, Washington

Satya Nadella

Menlo Park, California

Mark Zuckerberg

Santa Clara, California

Jensen Huang

San Francisco, California

John Riccitiello

Santa Monica, California

Evan Spiegel

San Rafael, California

Andrew Anagnost

Shenzhen, China

Ma Huateng

Cary, North Carolina

Timothy Dean Sweeney


Jeff Bezos


Ranjit Kumar


Supreet Raju


Krishnan Sunderarajan


Vaibhav Sharma

Traveling in Metaverse

Like we travel in the real world, go on trips, drive to the office, off road trips, and across different countries. This is all being implemented in the virtual world, the metaverse, as well. 


Virtual reality creates a 360-degree view of the places. As you travel in the Metaverse, you will be able to access places using cars or any other medium of travel as you would, in reality, giving you a much better view than a video or photograph would.


You will soon be exploring options where you could go and explore virtually before you buy the travel package.


So the possibilities are way o high for the automobiles in the metaverse

cars and automobiles in metaverse

Automobiles and Cars in Metaverse

You can purchase cars and other automobiles in the metaverse. These could be in the form of NFTs as well. You can get them in exchange for cryptocurrencies.


Audi is backing up a startup, Holoride, which has begun selling virtual rides. Nils Wollny, the CEO of Holoride aspires to take the company to be known as a transportation company for the metaverse. 

(Big Auto Giants, are you listening?)


Nissan is on the verge of making the rides more exciting. They are working on ideas for both virtual reality and augmented reality. They are using Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology that works with the 3D view and augmented reality. The driver of the car would be able to see both real-world and virtual worlds and create immense possibilities for better rides. They’re attempting to launch this technology around 2025.


Hyundai Motors has also stepped into the metaverse with the online entertainment platform Roblox. They have bought Hyundai Mobility Adventure where the users of metaverse can communicate and interact. They can play games, have fun and a lot more. 


Virtual reality and fun is one aspect. Metaverse is going to make the car purchase a lot easier. You will be able to check the cars after putting on the glass and complete a good look at the car. You are practically going to see everything in 360 degrees in the car.

Metaverse & Auto Commerce

There is a very helpful use case when we think about how the Metaverse can impact Automotive industry, and that is car dealership


Metaverse and Auto Commerce

How will it work?


Users of metaverse can virtually visit the car showroom. They can sit inside the car’s virtual model. They can even take the car for a spin. All the functionalities of the car can be replicated in the metaverse. It’s just like having a digital twin of the real world car model.


If they like the car, they can even make the payment in the form of Cryptocurrency.
And the car can be delivered to them in the real world.

payment in cryptocurrency for the cars in the metaverse

Recently, a tech company known as Tech Mahindra announced their version of Metaverse. They have named it TechMVerse where they specifically mentioned providing car dealership solutions in the metaverse which they named DealerVerse 

NFT Artists for Automobiles

As we understood that blockchain is the underlying technology to build cryptocurrencies.


NFTs are the digital assets (investment instruments) of the future (at least they look like for now) and they are dependent on cryptocurrency especially Ethers.


So it becomes inevitable to talk about them when we are talking about Metaverse.


Here are some of the artists making NFTs for cars and automobiles.

Josue Tovar


Josue is a passionate 3D designer from Valencia.


Here’s link to Josue’s Instagram

Voxel Assets


He is a 8-bit voxel art designer.


Here’s link to his Twitter



Peter is a 3D artist who has made some good cars NFTs.


Here’s link to his Instagram

Wrapping Up about the automobiles in metaverse

car driving in the metaverse

Metaverse has just begun and it is all you can hear people, especially GEN Z talking about.


Metaverse could be a major part of what we’re all about to see in the future.


It could be interesting to see how the automobile companies will react to this new phenomenon.


Who knows a completely non automobile company may become a world leader in the automotive industry in the metaverse.


As of now, it just feels like talking about the internet in 1992 right?