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Why You Should Prefer Genuine Auto Spare Parts?

There are almost 30,000 parts in a car. It is an obvious phenomena that the parts are having a lifetime for delivering their best performance. When a part breaks down it needs repairing or replacement.

Apart from breakdown due to duration of usage, other reasons for replacement and repairing of an auto part include accidents and incidents which break the auto parts.

When replacing the auto spare parts there are different options available for a  car.

Car Disassembled into separate spare parts

Here are some options available for replacing spare parts:

  1. Genuine Auto Parts
  2. OEM Parts
  3. Aftermarket Parts

Let us look into the details of each type of spare parts:

Genuine Auto Parts

Genuine Spare Parts and Genuine car parts of Car Engine

Genuine parts are those parts which come from the car manufacturer itself. When it comes to genuine parts, you don’t have to worry about the quality as they are just the same as the part they are being replaced for.

OEM Parts

OEM parts are generally mistaken to be considered genuine parts. Well, That’s neither right nor wrong. OEM parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made by the company that built the auto parts used by the manufacturer. The OEM parts are exactly as good as genuine parts, as they are used by the manufacturer of the car itself. But it is worth mentioning that the name mentioned on the OEM part won’t necessarily be the manufacturer.

OEM Spare Parts of car

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Spare Parts in a box

Aftermarket parts are used as replacement for the spare parts. The Aftermarket parts are manufactured by the third party companies, not by the manufacturer. The cost of aftermarket parts are relatively cheap. But there is no surety that the quality will be good. There are some third party companies that make spare parts of equally good quality as the manufacturer. And, there are also companies that deliver low quality spare parts. 

As far as it comes to serving our customers at Noorhan, we ensure delivering high quality aftermarket parts, but recommend you go ahead with genuine or OEM parts.

Here’s why.

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Why To Prefer Genuine Spare Parts ?

Same Exact Replacement

When you make your decision to purchase a genuine spare part for replacement, you get the exact same part. You don’t have to worry about the performance of your car. With aftermarket parts, there is a chance that the replaced part is not exactly the same, which causes trouble later, and more could damage anytime.

Better Quality

The genuine auto spare parts are verified and tested by the car manufacturer itself. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the auto part. The genuine parts or OEM parts are more reliable and durable because of the various quality tests and analysis during the making of the part. The genuine auto parts manufacturing also follows an industry set standards, which leads to better quality of the product.

Backed by Warranty

The genuine auto spare parts are backed by warranty. As mentioned earlier, the genuine spare parts are made by the car manufacturing brand itself. So, the parts are having a warranty for a set time duration. Although it should be noted that there are terms and conditions to follow to claim the warranty.

Is It Okay to Purchase Aftermarket Parts?

It is worth mentioning that not all the aftermarket parts are low quality. There are manufacturers of aftermarket parts that offer equally good spare parts. The price of aftermarket parts are relatively cheaper compared to genuine spare parts. In such cases it is advised to ask your spare parts dealer about the quality and make the purchase decision.

Wrap up

It is always recommended to replace your car spare parts with genuine or OEM parts. These have more obvious benefits. They are more durable and reliable in the long run.

Where To Shop for Genuine Spare Parts in Dubai?

Noorhan is amongst the leading brands that deal with genuine auto spare parts and aftermarket parts for different car brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Jeep, Ford, and other Japanese, European, American, Korean, luxury cars brand.

Noorhan has been established in Dubai since 1989. We are known to make sure our prospects are happy.