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10 Tips to Clear RTA Road Test | How To Clear Driving Test in Dubai

You are reading this mainly because you have RTA road test coming up soon.

Weather its your first time or you have given it before, you’ve dreamt about this day for so long to clear the RTA road test.

You have done RTA road test theory practice and you’ve successfully passed your RTA road test theory exam.

Then studied all the Dubai  driving rules and practiced driving as much as you can.

(Of course, you’re nervous about the test, you are a human after all)

As this test means so much more to you than being legally allowed to drive on public roads.

It would help you live a better life in the UAE and be more independent.

Dubai RTA Road Test

Worry not, as we have a good news for you. There are some tips you can use to prepare for that much-anticipated rta road test, and we’d like to help you with that.

While we cannot do anything about your nervousness, we believe that if you are well-prepared and you have the right attitude, you can breeze through the test.

Here are our top ten tips for passing your RTA driving test.

(Some helpful hacks at the end.. 😉)

1. Master the RTA Road Test basics

If you want to ace your RTA driving exam in UAE, it’s crucial to understand the fundamentals of traffic signals, road signs, and other rules.

Understanding these basics will make you feel more confident during the test and would lay a strong foundation for your driving journey ahead.

Additionally, being aware of typical road signs and knowing when to stop, yield or combine will aid in your decision-making when driving.

Remember that learning the fundamentals will help you drive more safely and effectively.

Therefore, if you study hard, you’ll be well on your way to acing your RTA Road test in Dubai.

2. Pick a reputable RTA road test approved driving school

Your ability to drive successfully depends a lot on your choice of a reputed driving school.

A trustworthy RTA driving test approved school with qualified instructors will provide you the information and instruction you need to safely drive on the roads as well clear the RTA road test.

You will receive thorough education on safe driving techniques, traffic laws, and other traffic procedures thanks to their knowledge.

Making the right decision when selecting your driving school lays the groundwork for a successful and easy driving in Dubai.

3. Practice, practice and practice for RTA Road Test

You must spend a lot of time behind the wheel on a regular basis if you want to increase your driving skills and gain confidence.

You will become more experienced and adept as a driver as you practice handling various driving situations.

Take advantage of any chance you have to practice

4. Perfect your parking

Your ability to park plays a big part in passing the RTA road test on your first try.

It will be requested that you park on the side. At that time, make sure to avoid parking near a bus stop or an entrance.

After the test is finished, many people make the error of hitting the accelerator while the car is in neutral.

Such an error, even though it seems tiny, can result in a failed test.

5. Don’t take it too slow or too fast

Always follow the speed limits, and adjust your speed as necessary for the conditions of the road.

Paying attention to your speed reflects responsible driving habits and how much you care about road safety.

many a times, the testing authority who is conducting the RTA driving exam dislike driving too slowly.

Make sure to accelerate gradually to the posted speed limit as soon as you get onto the main route.

Remember that safe driving is all about being conscientious and attentive of your surroundings, and that controlling your speed is essential to avoiding risks and accidents.

6. Change lanes carefully

Use your indicators to let other drivers know when you’re changing lanes.

Before making a move, make sure there are no vehicles in your intended path by checking your mirrors and blind zones.

Always maintain a safe distance from other cars and steer clear of abrupt lane changes.

Being cautious when changing lanes indicates your knowledge of and regard for other drivers, lowering the likelihood of accidents and fostering a smoother flow of traffic in Dubai.

Put safety and patience first when changing lanes to make the roads safer for everyone who is driving.

7. Be gentle with the brakes

During their driver’s license test, drivers frequently have trouble with braking.

Applying light pressure to your brakes while leaving space for a smooth, progressive halt works like a magic.

Make sure to practice smooth braking. Avoid aggressive braking its neither good for your RTA Road test nor for safety of other cars on the road

8. Don’t let your nerves win during RTA road Test

While some people seem to flourish under pressure, most people seem to perform better when they are at ease and can concentrate on the task at hand without being distracted by other ideas.

To be able to think and act effectively during your RTA Road test, it helps to temporarily put any problems you may have about school, job, or your personal life on hold.

Before your test, try taking a few deep breaths or practicing some light meditation to help you relax.

9. Follow the examiner’s instructions

Pay close attention to the examiner’s instructions during the RTA driving test and act accordingly.

They are seated next to you to evaluate your judgement.

While you can ask them any questions, pay close attention to their directions and try to stay out of their danger zone.

Remember that improving your chances of passing the RTA test successfully depend on your ability to pay attention to the examiner’s instructions.

10. Full stop at stop signs

Do not take stop signs as roll-through signs. If there is no traffic, cars usually rush through the stop sign.

However, doing so could get you into big trouble, especially if you’re at a Dubai car testing facility.

Whether there is traffic or not, you should abide by the rules to prevent any problems.

Even if the route is clear for travel, you should ideally stop for at least a few seconds.

Basics of driving tests

Although each state has its own unique testing criteria for a normal Class D driver’s licence, most of them share a few fundamentals. Usually, a written multiple-choice exam measuring your understanding of traffic laws and regulations comes first. The next step is to schedule a road test, where your practical driving abilities and knowledge will be put to the test. The road test will include things like:

  • crossing junctions when driving
  • Changing lanes
  • Multi point turns
  • driving on a highway
  • Backing up
  • Basic parking and perhaps parallel parking

RTA Driving Test in UAE

In the UAE, passing the RTA driving exam is required in order to obtain a driving licence. Everyone who applies for the driving test is unable to pass it the first time around. When it comes to issues involving road safety, the UAE government is particularly stringent. Only skilled and efficient drivers are given a driving licence. The Road Transport Authorities administer a driving test to determine a driver’s driving abilities.

Although passing the RTA test is challenging, it is not impossible to pass the driving test. Understanding what is expected of you and how you are preparing for the test is important before you take it. All areas of the RTA drive test are covered in the courses offered by driving schools. The driving test suggestions offered by the driving school staff are useful for passing the exam.

UAE Driving Test Checklist

The RTA driving test preparation checklist is provided here. Use it to get ready for the licence exam.

  • Make sure the car’s doors are shut.
  • Adjusting seats and mirrors to get a clear view of the road
  • Use a seatbelt.
  • Be cautious when using the window washers.
  • Be mindful when using the vehicle’s lights.
  • Check to see whether the engine can start Horn Check
10 Tips to Clear RTA Road Test | How To Clear Driving Test in Dubai

Be Cautious But Not Too Cautious

Being cautious while driving is crucial. You shouldn’t move too slowly or quickly. Driving should be done in accordance with the traffic conditions, posted speed limits, and road signs. Avoid abrupt clutch release and stick to the single lane. It is advised to drive in the right lane and to avoid driving too close to the curbs. It is not advised to drive completely to the left or completely to the right.

Use the appropriate gear while changing gears, and avoid shifting into neutral while you are driving. Make sure the car is not in gear before you stop it. When you are driving and when you stop your car, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Some hacks and Tips for clearing RTA Road Test in Dubai ✅

Now once you know the basics, here are some points that I suggest you literally memorize to increase your chances of succeeding. Remember them and revise them before going the driving test, and finally; just before your test quickly glance through these ok 📑? Bookmark this link 🤫

At the beginning of the driving Test, DON’T JUST GET INTO THE CAR DIRECTLY, as you normally would do

You have to check a few things before, like check the car from outside, check tire pressure, check if the tire is punctured or not, check the bonnet, check surroundings of the car etc.

Now, you need to check these points conspicuously , meaning you have to show the instructor that you are checking all these things before getting into the car and sitting on the driver’s seat 

So remember this next time, when you have the RTA driving test – Check your car from outside, tyers, bonnet etc. before sitting inside the car

Once everything is checked from the outside, open the door and sit on the Driver’s seat

Here DON’T START THE ENGINE right away, as would do normally

You need to adjust a few things first

  • Adjust Seat, adjust it’s height and distance from the steering wheel
  • Adjust Steering wheel, it’s height and distance from your seat
  • Adjust Center Mirror/ Rear view mirror as per your height
    (But don’t set the mirror perfectly, adjust it slightly OFF. Why? The reason is explained in next few points, please keep reading)
  • Adjust the Side Mirrors

it’s time for an super important task, pay attention don’t forget

  • Put on your seatbelt 
  • Check if the passenger sitting beside you is wearing the seatbelt or not, if not then request them to put the seatbelt on
  • If there are passengers on the back seats, check if they have seatbelts on, if not then request them to put on the seatbelts


Now as you are driving pay attention to the following points

  • Keep both the hands on steering wheel (almost always, most of the time)  
  • Keep watching the mirrors continuously
  • Even if the mirrors are visible just by glancing at it, you have to turn your head a little and make some visible movements to show the instructor that you are looking in the side mirror, or rear view mirror
  • Check the shoulder, make some shoulder and neck movements to show the instructor that you are consciously monitoring the side mirrors and also to check if any vehicle is coming from the back or from side
    (The hack here is to deliberately set the mirrors slightly off, so that you will anyhow need to make efforts in order to check mirrors properly. Now you know the reason why we did not set the mirrors at the perfect sweet spot in the beginning)
  • Drive slightly above the speed limit, because sometimes it’s gets too slow compared to other cars on the road, so psychologically it feels we are moving slow
  • You know there is a grace speed limit, you are comfortable in that grace region also, no need to worry. 
    The idea is to be slightly above the speed limit, not too much, please remember, don’t go beyond the Grace speed limit
  • For example, if the speed limit is 80 kmph, and grace limit is 100 kmph, do not go beyond 100 kmph please.   

Sometimes the examiner will deliberately give you wrong instructions to check if you know the rules

For example, he may ask you to overtake a car, he may ask you to pull over/ stop the car at a certain spot, he may ask you to take a left turn and suddenly will ask you to take the right turn instead

But always go by the rules only

Explain to him that I can’t take the sudden left turn, or if it’s a road where halting is not allowed, explain him that I can’t stop the car here, because the it’s not allowed on this road  and so on

But listen to his instructions carefully

Don’t let the instructor/ or don’t give a chance to the instructor to touch your steering or accelerator or brakes that he has in his control at his seat.

If he does that, consider you have failed the test

If you can maintain good relationship with your instructor in the driving school, that may help you in a few ways

Like he can teach you with more interest or he can request cops to take your exam early


Getting your driver’s license in UAE is a little challenging, but not impossible.

You only need to clear the theoretical test and RTA Driving Test.

Remember, the most important thing is to practice and come prepared

Here is a helpful video on how to pass the RTA road test, that I found on YouTube