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Leasing, renting a car vs Buying a Car in Dubai: What Is Best for You?

Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations. Millions throng the city to explore its warm hospitality, wealthy lifestyle & vibrant culture. When you’re in Dubai, you’ll witness Tall buildings like Burj Khalifa, lavish shopping malls and the wealthy lifestyle of Arabs. 

The city is equipped with well developed & modern infrastructure.  You’ll find every luxurious car on the road too. If you stay in Dubai for long, you may have the desire to drive those luxurious cars. 

There is a great pleasure in driving luxurious cars on the roads of Dubai.

Dubai city roads and cars

Say you have recently shifted to Dubai from your home country, and you realised that commuting to work from your rented apartment to your work location using public transport is cumbersome.

You also realised that, if you are in a hurry you may have to book a Careem, Uber or RTA taxi, and that’s going to put a dent in your pocket if you do this many times a month.

So you decided to apply for a driver’s licence and join a driving school, while you are close to acquiring the licence, there is still this question in your mind, should I buy a used car from Dubizzle? Or should I rent it for some time, save some money and then go buy a used car?

So, should you be renting a car vs buying a car in Dubai, let's discuss

should I be renting a car or buying a car in Dubai

(A small disclaimer: For keeping this article generic and non technical, we are not going into details of renting vs leasing)

There are different reasons that can influence your decision regarding buying a car or leasing a car.

Few of them are as follows:

When it is about time & money

If you’re on a short trip to Dubai, maybe for a few months then renting a car is the most feasible option for you. You just pay the money and in a few minutes the steering is in your hand. You don’t have to go through all the pain of registration, insurance or papers of any kind. Renting a car may save you both time and money. But make sure you drive carefully. Any accident or damage to the car while driving may invite a hefty penalty. You can enjoy the car but have to return it in the same condition. You don’t have the freedom to damage it or decorate it. 

In Dubai, you can rent a car on a monthly basis. The charges may vary depending upon the car. Renting a car in Dubai may cost you anywhere between 3500 Dh to 5000 Dh.

When it is about emotional connection with the car

Owning your dream car gives you a sense of pride. The happiness and confidence you get while driving your own car is unmatchable. You have full control over it. You can decorate or modify whenever you feel.  The emotional connect brings in a lot of excitement and joy to you and your family. You are happy. Your kids are joyous. 

Yes, owning a car is no less than an achievement. But this achievement comes with its own expense. You’re responsible for its maintenance, insurance renewal or damage of any kind. Buying a car in a city like Dubai may seem a hectic process for some. 

Following all the regulations,, registration & renewal process, insurance, maintenance is on you. One big advantage of owning a car is that any of your family members or friends can use the car without worrying about the damage or penalty incurred when renting a car. 

(There are tips with which you can extend the life of your car too)

Renting a car vs buying a car: What about flipping a car?

renting a car vs buying a car in dubai - flipping a used car

If you own a car there is a huge advantage, in terms of reselling it. If your car model has a resale value and you have maintained it well (Especially is Sumer), you might get a good resale amount.

And now you can invest this back into buying a new used car.

And enjoy it for next set of tenure 😋

You can experience different cars when you get a car on lease

Mercedes - renting a car vs buying a car in Dubai

If you’re fond of luxurious or 4×4 cars and driving a Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce or Jeep is your dream then renting a car can be a good option for you (provided you have deep pockets).

Imagine you’re driving a BMW, then after a few days a Mercedes then a Rolls Royce and then another branded luxurious car. This is only possible when you rent a car. Pay the rent and drive your favourite car in Dubai.  And that too without a headache of registration, renewal or maintaining the car. When renting a car, you can only drive it. You don’t have the luxury of decorating or modifying it. 

Some Dubai expats believe that renting or getting a car on lease could get more expensive. As the rent for a car could exceed the pricing when we think in the long term.

But in another scenario where you rent a normal commuter car like Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda etc. you can do this until you are sure that you want to stay here in Dubai for a long.

Also, buying involves investment of huge money upfront, so till the time you complete your savings, you can go about renting the car and driving.

Wrap Up: Leasing vs. Buying a Car: Which Is Best for You?

Driving a car in Dubai is fun. You’ll enjoy your ride. 

If you are staying in Dubai for a short term, you might not want to buy your own car. You can have fun and pleasure by getting a car on lease.

If you are staying for a long term, and you want to enjoy the sense of pride associated with owning a car, you could go ahead and buy a car.