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Top 10 Chinese Cars in Dubai: Affordable, Innovative, and Stylish Choices

Chinese cars have become quite popular in the automotive market in Dubai in recent years. These cars are not only affordable but also come with several innovative features. People in Dubai are now more interested in using Chinese cars compared to any other car. There are many car manufacturing companies in China and they have introduced the latest models of their cars in the market.

Importance of Features in Influencing Consumer Choices

  • Affordability: Usually, Chinese cars offer a lot more for the money as they have a lower price than Western or Japanese cars.
  • Technology: Chinese cars come with the latest technology in terms of infotainment, connectivity and some are fully automated.
  • Design: With eyes on the modern style, Chinese cars have a modern look, both interior and exterior.

The Rise of Chinese Cars in the UAE Market

According to the market trends, Chinese cars are seeing a good wave in Dubai’s consumer market. Stats from the last decade show a rise in the number of cars Chinese manufacturers are selling in Dubai. 

  • Constant Upgradation in Quality: The recent cars are of good quality and the most dependable, which has boosted consumer interest in buying from China.
  • Conclusion in Features: One can get the best high-tech at affordable rates, which is why the recent tech freaks prefer them.
  • Recommendable Marketing Strategies: The last main reason for this car’s popularity is the marketing strategy.

Criteria for Ranking the Cars




How much does the car cost. We look at affordability to ensure the cars offer good value for the money.


This includes the car’s speed, handling, fuel efficiency, and overall driving experience.


How dependable the car is. We consider the likelihood of the car needing repairs and its maintenance costs.


The modern tech features the car includes, such as touchscreens, navigation systems, and safety features.

Customer Reviews

What current owners have to say about the car. We look at satisfaction levels and common praises or complaints.

List of 10 Best Chinese Cars

Geely Coolray

The Geely Coolray is a shining beacon of modern automotive design and price efficiency in a world where buying a vehicle has become an extremely competitive job, especially in Dubai. It was launched in SUV form to deliver young working professionals as well as small families a mix of style, efficiency, and the most affirming features.

Key Features:

  • Sporty Exterior Design: The sharp lines and modern aesthetics catch the eye.
  •  Smart Connectivity: It has a high-tech infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  •  Safety: It has all the latest safety techniques. A 360-degree camera, parking assist, and adaptive cruise control.


  •  Value For Money. It has all advanced features at a very reasonable price.
  •  High Fuel Efficiency. It has a magnificent fuel mileage so that you can drive it daily.
  •  Compact and Agile. It is convenient to manoeuvre through the city roads.


  • Interior space. The rear seats are smaller, and so is the cargo area.
  • Lower Resale Value. Currently Forrester has a less marked resale price.

Why It Stands Out:

The Geely Coolray has the most advanced connected technologies and performance in offering an extremely competitive price. It stands out as an option for individuals who quit a vehicle with the latest features but does not want to shed the extra money as the vehicle makers. And this makes one of the favorite choice amongst the best chinese cars in Dubai.

Specifications :

Engine1.5L Turbocharged
Horsepower177 hp
Transmission7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 15.5 km/L
Safety FeaturesABS, airbags, blind-spot detection, collision warning system
Dimensions4330 mm L x 1795 mm W x 1609 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 68,000

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro

The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro has caught eyes in Dubai for its modern design and robust features, at an attractive price. An SUV, it is ideal for a family or single looking to combine space and luxury on a budget. The Tiggo 7 Pro received excellent feedback from Dubai, after it was introduced in the market, central to this was the performance, advanced technology and elegant design aesthetics.

Key Features

  •   Elegant Design: A modern and sleek exterior design and a decent interior space, loaded with features.
  •    Cutting-edge Technology: A digital dashboard and advanced entertainment system.
  •   Safety: Multiple airbags, electronic stability control, and a rearview camera. 


  • Value For Money: The best in class features at an exceptional price point.
  • Interior Space: The SUV has ample cabin and luggage space for a whole family.
  • Ride Quality: The vehicle’s ride quality is smooth and is well engineered for comfort. 


  • Brand: The Tiggo 7 Pro is a relatively unknown vehicle brand, which may lead to a lesser resale value compared to more established brands.
  • Number of Services Centres: The Tiggo series does not have a significant number of exclusive service centres, causing inconvenience in maintenance.


Why It Stand Out

The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro is the perfect balance between luxury, size, and budget. It provides a luxury drive for a fraction of what other brands charge, which makes it unique in its class, and sell.


Specifications :

Engine1.5L Turbocharged
Horsepower145 hp
Transmission9-speed CVT automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 13 km/L
Safety FeaturesTraction control, brake assist, hill start assist
Dimensions4500 mm L x 1842 mm W x 1740 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 72,000

Haval H6

A midsize SUV that has brought excitement back to the Dubai market is the Haval H6. The model has the right amount of power, technology, and value that suits many customers. The H6 is a robust and reliable car, being an alternative that looks appealing compared to the flashy high end European models.

Key Features

  • Powerful Performance: The H6 boasts a strong engine performance with excellent fuel economy.
  • Advanced Safety Features: This vehicle comes fitted with the latest safety innovations, including Autonomous Emergency Braking.
  • Premium Interior: The interior of the H6 is constructed with high-quality materials and appears luxurious.


  • Reliable Performance: The Haval H6 is known for its durability and good driving.
  • Feature-Packed: It’s full of features which are found in vehicles that cost much more money.
  • Competitive Pricing: H6 delivers a lot of vehicles for the money.


  • Conservative Design: It’s not as exciting as others from the exterior.
  • Fuel Consumption: A little heavy on fuel in the city.

Why It Stands Out

The Haval H6 is known for its robust features and build quality, including its long list of items on the standard list, and prices that challenge a vehicle from a better-established brand. It has earned a reputation in the country as being a fantastic vehicle overall.



Engine2.0L Turbocharged
Horsepower190 hp
Transmission6-speed automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 12 km/L
Safety FeaturesForward collision warning, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition
Dimensions4653 mm L x 1860 mm W x 1724 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 80,000


MG is a stylish SUV for Dubai. People like this car as a sports car, and it is also fashionable for use. The manufacturer first introduced the ‘MG’ cars in Dubai this year, but people of Dubai like this car because of its attractive colour and model, fashionable look, and sophisticated design.

 Key Features:

  •  Stylish Design: This car looks perfect and has a sleek design.
  • Engine – This car comes with two different kinds of engines. Here is the list of them
  •  Turbocharged- This car has a turbocharger engine that can blow at a speed of thirty-two pounds
  •  Digital Display-This MG has a high digital display with a ten-inch touchscreen. Also, with an in-built apple car and power stereo.


  • High-end: A lot of people in Dubai are fond of DS cars, but not everyone goes out to buy this car as this car is very expensive. 
  • Engine:MG cars provide the same engine cars as DS.  


  • Presence: The brand is still somewhat in an immature stage in sales at some places in Dubai.
  • Traits: Although the company sells $1 million worth of cars a year, the company’s presence is still weak.

 Why It Stands Out
People seem to be more interested in buying MG cars because of their nature, i.e., they provide all the sports and extra features within an affordable range. Therefore, for the young professionals’ mindset, MG cars are a better option.


Specifications : 

Engine1.5L Turbocharged / 2.0L Turbocharged
Horsepower160 hp / 231 hp
Transmission6-speed manual / 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 14 km/L
Safety FeaturesLane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring
Dimensions4574 mm L x 1876 mm W x 1685 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 69,000

BYD Tang

Dubai’s prominent luxury electric car dealership, the BYD Tang, is an SUV. A powerful and eco-friendly car is in huge demand due to the increasing demand for efficient and eco-friendly cars. The BYD Tang has very powerful electric and hybrid powertrains. 

Key Features

  • Hybrid and electric powertrains
  • Luxurious and comfortable interior and spacious
  • Advanced driving assistants, semi-autonomous and modern features


  • Provides an eco-friendly alternative through its fully electric and hybrid selections.
  •  Features efficient power with fast acceleration.
  • Spacious and comfortable, making it good for families.


  • Price: It has a higher price compared to several other conventional vehicles in this category.
  • Charging:Its dependence on charging infrastructure, not all people use electric charging station cars.

Why It Stands Out

The BYD Tang Green Finance Eco-Friendly Electric and Hybrid driving SUV. The Tang points to its electric and hybrid powertrain and adds 4X4 to its SUV mix. But the innovation here is the speed of recharging. 


Specifications :

Engine2.0L Turbocharged (Hybrid) / Electric
Horsepower505 hp (Combined, Hybrid)
Transmission6-speed automatic (Hybrid)
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 2.5 L/100 km (Hybrid)
Safety FeaturesEmergency braking system, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist
Dimensions4870 mm L x 1950 mm W x 1725 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 220,000 (Hybrid)

Changan CS75 Plus

The Changan Changan CS75 Plus stands as evidence to the fact that the Changan SUV can blend with the best of technology and features with pricing of the SUV and reaches an ideal form. The CS75 Plus is up for consideration for the UAE people who are popular here for its features and pricing. It is for the large variety of people looking for similar cars at various other prices. 

Key Features: 

  • Smart Interface: Large touchscreen with voice recognition.
  • Digital Dashboard: Convenient digital instrument cluster.
  • Safety Features: Automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control for enhanced safety


  • Cost : Lower purchase and maintenance costs making it more affordable.
  • Loaded features: Being an extensive loaded car with so many features in comparably to the higher models.
  • Space and Comfort: Is spacious and gives superior comfort.


  • Engine Performance: Many users may find the engine less powerful 
  • Brand Recognition: Changan is still in the process of establishing the brand in the UAE.

Why It Stands Out

Changan CS75 Plus certainly stands out for all its features and its extremely convenient price being the best motor vehicle giving you the sense of technology and comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. It, therefore, marks as a practical and buyer friendly product.


Specifications :

Engine1.5L Turbocharged
Horsepower178 hp
Transmission6-speed automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 12 km/L
Safety FeaturesLane departure warning, blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert
Dimensions4700 mm L x 1860 mm W x 1700 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 73,000


GAC GS3 stands out for its looks and features in the compact SUV segment. If you are a young professional or have a small family, GAC GS3 should be one of your top picks. It looks fresh, modern, is feature-loaded, and offers a performance. The reason for its increasing popularity is its sporty looks and driving capabilities.

 Key Features:

  •  Dynamic Styling : The GS3 looks futuristic and more modern than the next SUV on the road. 
  • Efficient Preformance :ts turbocharged engine makes it a fun car to drive, however, doesn’t suck the fuel lot. 


  • Affordable: One of the best-priced compact SUVs in the segment.
  • Compact Size:: Its convenient size helps in proper city driving and easy parking.
  • Reliable Quality:The interiors are well built and look comfortable to drive.



Tough To Sell: GAC is relatively new in Dubai, making it tough to build consumer trust. It has low resale value.

Interiors: Few interiors may scream budget than the peers.

 Why It Stands Out: 

The GAC GS3 stands for its modern styling, performance, and affordability. Suppose you are buying an SUV for its looks, overall practicality, performance, and value. In that case, the GAC GS3 is the best compact SUV found in the market segment.


Specifications :

Engine1.3L Turbocharged
Horsepower137 hp
Transmission6-speed automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 15 km/L
Safety FeaturesElectronic stability control, hill start assist, tire pressure monitoring
Dimensions4350 mm L x 1825 mm W x 1660 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 55,000


The MG ZS is the latest entry in the compact SUV section which is widely known for its stylish design and exceptional value. It is quite famous  amongst the Dubai audience as it fits today’s demands for being chic, efficient, and affordable. 

 Key Features:

  • Smart Appearance: It is a contemporary looking SUV with neat lines and a dynamic stance.
  • Efficient Engines: Multiple engines to choose from and ensures good performance as well as good fuel economy.
  • Rich Features: Some of its most sold features include the touchscreen infotainment system, rear parking sensors, a panoramic sunroof with a good range.


  • Affordability: The MG ZS is affordable for the people with low budget.
  • Fuel economy: It has a excellent fuel economy even in the worst of traffic snarls.
  • Compact: Perfect for urban dwelling as it is compact in size.


  • Space: Some might feel a bit tight especially in the back seat and trunk area.
  • Noise: Engine can carry a racket under heavy acceleration.

Why Its Stands Out

The MG ZS is one of the affordable cars in the market with the most number of features. It is a perfect car for someone who wants to make a grand entry into the SUV market. If you’re just looking for a feature-packed car that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, the MG ZS is perfect for you.


Specifications : 

Engine1.5L Naturally Aspirated / 1.0L Turbocharged
Horsepower106 hp / 111 hp
Transmission5-speed manual / 6-speed automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 14.5 km/L
Safety FeaturesABS, EBD, cornering brake control, speed alert
Dimensions4314 mm L x 1809 mm W x 1648 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 45,000


The BAIC X55 has a mid-size SUV. Style, space, functionality and everything related to the X55 is portrayed in the car. The car is built for individuals and families who need something more practical. That’s why we have the X55. In Dubai, the BAIC X55 has a good web for its design and brawny specs

Key features:

  • Spacious Interior: Room for Passengers and Cargo.
  • Modern Tech Features: Modern tech featured like touchscreen entertainment, rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Safety Features: Multiple Airbags, Anti-Locking Brakes


  • Affordable: Offers the amount of pace and features.
  • Family Friendly: Safety and room for space.
  • Sturdy Build: Decent stability for on-road


  • Brand: BAIC is a less known brand when it comes to vehicles and brand value never hurts.
  • Performance: Engine performance is alright not for someone who desires an exciting pull.

Why It Stands Out

The reason it stands out is due to the functionality of the car, with a relatively low price. If you are a family person, there aren’t enough cars in the market that give you more than X55. Required strong build, tech features and space for comfort, even if you are broke to afford an expensive better SUV.


 Specifications :

Engine1.5L Turbocharged
Horsepower148 hp
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 12.5 km/L
Safety FeaturesParking sensors, electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring
Dimensions4410 mm L x 1843 mm W x 1700 mm H
PriceStarts from AED 65,000

Dongfeng Rich 6

The Dongfeng Rich 6 pickup truck is now available in the Dubai Market. The Rich 6 is a rugged, dependable, and practical truck. The Rich 6 is a solid option for someone who needs to drive on rougher terrains frequently and have to haul heavier loads.

Key Features

  • Robust Build Quality: The structure of the Rich 6 is meant to last despite frequent damage and abuse.
  • Powerful Engine Options: The Rich 6 comes with gasoline and diesel engine options.
  • Practical Features: The cargo bed on which things can be put is large enough, and it is also good at taking up off-road as well as heavy-duty towing.


  • Affordability: The Rich 6 is one of the most economically priced trucks in its category in the market.
  • Utility: It is highly practical to use for work purposes. It has other great uses for towing.
  • Durability: Built with the idea to take plenty of abuse and still last, which occurs from working on tougher terrains.


  • Basic Interiors: The interior of the truck are very basic as compared to other brands of the truck.
  • Limited Luxury Features: There is no advanced technology or much comfort offered

Why it Stands Out:

This truck is simply practical and affordable. The Rich 6 has all necessary features that are sought in a solid work truck. The affordability and simpler options in the Rich 6 combine to create dependability.


Specifications :

Engine2.0L Turbo Diesel / 2.4L Gasoline
Horsepower150 hp (Diesel) / 143 hp (Gasoline)
Transmission6-speed manual / 8-speed automatic
Fuel EfficiencyApproximately 9 km/L (Diesel)
Safety FeaturesBasic safety features, including airbags and ABS
Dimensions5335 mm L x 1880 mm W x 1810 mm H

Starts from AED 59,000



Disclaimer: This list is based on our research. Please talk to field experts before making a major decision based on this.

Future of Chinese Cars in Dubai

Chinese automobiles might look promising in Dubai as they have greatly improved their quality and technology, which will only improve with time. As more people realise the monetary and reliable benefits of Chinese cars, they are more likely to buy them.

 So, if someone is ready to buy a digital car, or a hybrid one or an electric car with style and power, then the first brand that comes to mind is Chinese. So when buying a car, people can choose it as the Chinese have already developed electric cars in Dubai.