10 Things You Should Know If You Own a Nissan Patrol in Dubai

10 Things You Should Know If You Own a Nissan Patrol
in Dubai

 The ‘Patrol’ by Nissan has always been a top choice for drivers who wish to have a comfortable and convenient driving experience in the challenging terrain conditions of Dubai. With a sixty-year-old legacy and the trust of millions, Nissan is undoubtedly one of the most beloved automobile brands in the UAE.
Keep reading this article for everything you need to know about the very stylish Nissan Patrol!

Nissan Patrol: Its Popularity in Dubai

Many famous car companies directly compete with the Nissan Patrol in the full-sized SUV segment. However, the opulence and comfort this car offers make it stand out among the biggest automobile giants in the industry. Some of the most prominent reasons for its widespread recognition in Dubai are:

    • The trusted member of the Nissan family has been enjoying its legacy for over six decades now among motorists in the UAE, especially for the premium driving experience it offers, its reliability and its luxurious features.
    •  Nissan has fortified its image and status in the market over the course of time. It has always shown commitment and dedication when it comes to customer service. It has been making continuous technological refinements and innovations in order to cater to the comfort and convenience of drivers. In this way, Nissan excels in customer retention and long-term association with car buyers in Dubai.
    • The car has established its robustness by performing effortlessly in sandy, uneven terrains as well as in the humid jungle conditions of the UAE.
    • The Nissan Patrol offers a variety of choices to its customers in terms of color, look, design, and performance. The car comes in 9 variants on the basis of features and performance and 5 color options, thus allowing the customers to choose the perfect car for themselves based on their requirements and preferences.

Nissan Patrol: An Overview

 Here is a complete overview of all the key specifications of the Nissan Patrol.


Price RangeAED 210,000 – AED 398,500
Body TypeSUV
Transmission7-speed AT (Automatic Transmission
Fuel TypePetrol
Maximum Power (Ps)405 Ps
Maximum Torque (Nm)560 Nm
Engine Displacement5.6 L
Engine TypeV8 DOHC Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) with Variable Valve Event & Lift System (VVEL)
Mileage15 km/L
Fuel Tank Capacity140 L
Cylinders8 Cylinders
Length5270 mm
Width1995 mm
Height1995 mm
Seating Capacity8-Seater
Boot Space468 L (All Seats Occupied)
Acceleration0-100 Kmph in 7.5 s
Front and Rear BrakesVentilated Disc
Steering SystemElectric/Hydraulic Power Assisted
Top Speed210-220 km/h
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)


Nissan Patrol: Top 10 Things You Should Know

The top 10 things you should know if you own a Nissan Patrol are listed herein:

1. Powerful Legacy and Trustworthiness

Nissan has been one of the most reliable and popular automobile companies in the UAE for over sixty years now. Right from its establishment, the company has always focused on customer satisfaction and product quality excellence. The Nissan Patrol is a robust and performance-packed SUV that is famous for its premium design and comfort value. Customers of Nissan like to associate with the brand on a long-term basis.

 This is because Nissan also ensures an extensive network of quality services that consists of skilled technicians and experts who use genuine parts for servicing and repair.

2. Diverse Segment of Models

The Nissan Patrol is especially popular among car enthusiasts for the wide range of car models it offers.

    • The Nissan Patrol 2024 XE is the base version of the car that comes with a 4 L 6-Petrol engine and     7-speed automatic transmission. A solid blend of performance and design, this cost-efficient and minimalistic car proves to be one of the favorites in the segment.
    • The Nissan Patrol Nismo is the most high-end car in the segment. This is designed especially for people who prioritize luxury more than anything else. The car provides a seamless performance owing to its strong 5.6L V8 engine. It also has a larger display screen than its lower variants along with an integrated JBL sound system.

 The Nissan Patrol 2024 SE Titanium is the most beloved variant among Dubai buyers. The mid-range SUV proves to be value for money for its customers because of its impressive fuel efficiency. It comes with a 4.0 L 6-Petrol engine and excellent safety and infotech features.

3. Pricing

The Nissan Patrol provides a wide range of choices to its customers. The pricing of the models also increases with the superiority in performance and luxury of the car.
Here is the Average Pricing overview for the latest models of Nissan Patrol in Dubai:


Nissan Patrol 2024 ModelsAverage Price in Dubai
Nissan Patrol 4.0L XEAED 210,000
Nissan Patrol 4.0L SE T2AED 233,500
Nissan Patrol 4.0L LE T1AED 240,500
Nissan Patrol 4.0L SE TitaniumAED 260,500
Nissan Patrol 4.0L SE Platinum CityAED 290,500
Nissan Patrol 5.6L LE T2AED 290,000
Nissan Patrol 5.6L LE TitaniumAED 318,000
Nissan Patrol 5.6L LE Platinum CityAED 347,000
Nissan Patrol 5.6L NismoAED 398,500

4. Engine & Performance

The latest versions of Nissan Patrol come with two engine options: The 5.6L V8 engine and the 4.0L 6-Petrol engine.

    • The 5.6L V8 engine is capable of producing a massive horsepower of around 400 Ps and a torque of 560 Nm. This results in the excellent acceleration power and towing capacity of the vehicle. However, this model of engine is power-hungry and consumes fuel at a much faster rate.
    • The 4.0L 6-Petrol engine is a better choice for users who mostly focus on economy. This engine generates a comparatively lower horsepower and torque but is much more fuel-efficient.
    • The 7-speed AT and an advanced 4WD system that further enhance the performance of the car.

5. Elegant Exterior Design

The latest models of the Nissan Patrol come with an attractive and elegant exterior design. The cars come in 5 eye-catching color variants. Some of the important exterior specs include:

    •   A honeycomb 3D mesh grille
    •   Front fenders
    •   LED headlights & taillights
    •   Front and rear bumpers
    •  Huge 22-inch two-tone aluminum wheels
    •  Aggressive Body Kit
    •  7 LED Rear Fog Light.

6. Exclusive Interior Build

The luxurious driving experience offered by the Nissan Patrol is its primary USP. The minutest of details in the design are taken care of in order to provide the most premium interior feel and comfort to the riders. Some of the notable specs of its interior design are:

    •  The interior of the car comes with a carbon fiber trim. The seats and cushions are made of soft leather in place of plastics/vinyl, which provides us with a comfortable driving experience.
    •   The car comes with a spacious 8-seater arrangement that ensures the comfort of all passengers during long roadway journeys. Ample amounts of headroom and legroom are available for all the riders. The seats are power-adjustable and well-ventilated for added comfort.

7. Enhanced Safety Features

 The Nissan Patrol comes with a comprehensive array of advanced and reliable safety features. Advanced driver-assistance technologies are incorporated in the vehicle software that ensures the protection of passengers and drivers. Some of the most significant safety features of the car include:

    •  Anti-lock brakes.
    •  Traction Control and Airbags
    • ‘Nissan Safety Shield 360 degrees’
    •  Emergency Braking System
    •  Lane Departure Warning Alert
    •   Blind-Spot Sensor
    • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert.

8. Performance on Desert Terrain

The off-road performance of the Nissan Patrol is specifically impressive. The powerful suspension system of the car allows it to perform amazingly in desert terrains and uneven roads. The four-wheel-drive system along with the latest electric steering has different driving modes like ‘Rock Climb’ and ‘Sand Crawl Terrain’. Features like ‘Hill Descent’ and ‘Crawl Control’ help stabilize the vehicle on inclined surfaces, thus providing a convenient off-roading experience to the drivers.

9. Additional Features for Convenience

The interior of the Nissan Patrol is heavily equipped with accessory features that provide the ultimate comfort and entertainment value for the passengers. Some of these features include an 8/12.3-inch infotech display screen, an integrated JBL audio system, a panoramic sunroof, a center console cool box for storing chilled snacks and drinks, a wireless phone charger, dual automatic A/C, etc.

10. Refined Suspension System

The Nissan Patrol is equipped with a refined HBMC (Hyper Body Motion Control) suspension system that negates all discomforts due to jerks and jolts during a journey. This strong suspension system also allows the car to perform impressively on the uneven sandy terrains, urban jungles, and challenging roadways of Dubai.


While all automobile vehicles have their own pros and cons, the diverse set of features and facilities provided by the Nissan Patrol is undoubtedly a rare find. The way Nissan has successfully integrated advanced technologies that provide the most comfortable driving experience within a cost-efficient price range is really remarkable.
In short, The Nissan Patrol is hands down one of the best choices for car enthusiasts and drivers who wish to make their driving experience premium, hassle-free, and convenient on the busy roads and challenging terrains of Dubai.

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