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10 Must-Listen Podcasts for Car Lovers in 2024

The past few years have seen countless people jumping on the bandwagon and launching their podcasts and we might have COVID-19 to blame. People don’t need to have a studio to make these podcasts and the creators don’t even have to be in the same room.

These days, it feels like there’s a podcast for everything. Whether we talk about food, comedy, weird animals, entrepreneurship, or even stationery (yes, there’s a podcast for stationery lovers too), you can find hundreds if not thousands of podcasts online.  

If you are someone who loves to hear people talk about cars or you just want to keep up with the automotive community, we have made a list of the 10 best podcasts for car lovers in Dubai in 2024. 

We are saving you hours on the internet to find the best automotive podcast in 2024 which you can listen to during your workout, daily commute or at any time and any place. Let’s dive in.

1. Motor Mania Podcast

Damien Reid, a motoring journalist and host, offers expert advice on cars and much more in this podcast.

Damien collaborates with other journalists Imthishan Giado and Noel Ebdon in the Dubai Eye studio to provide full assessments of the latest automobiles, cover critical road safety issues, and share exclusive tips and tricks that even your go-to mechanic will not reveal.

You can also follow Damien’s social media accounts to see him test-drive prototype automobiles, visit prominent automakers’ manufacturing facilities, and interview industry leaders, delivering unprecedented insider knowledge.

2. The Smoking Tire

This weekly 90-minute car show began as a YouTube video series in 2009. It consisted of the main host, Matt Farah, and his buddies creating videos that they felt TV couldn’t provide. With over 600 episodes and a near-perfect iTunes rating, The Smoking Tire now serves as a supplement to its sister video channel, providing educated and engaging reviews, tales and interviews.

These guys, who are both camera nerds and automobile enthusiasts, will pique your interest with their years of experience and brutal honesty. Recommended with a cool beer (not if you’re going to work).

3. The Collecting Cars Podcast

The host of The Collecting Cars Podcast is Chris Harris who is a former racing driver and also the host of “Top Gear”, one of the most popular and thrilling automobile shows. So you best believe that Chris’ opinions and reviews on all things automotive are extremely valued. 

The podcast has been running since 2019 and covers a wide variety of car-related topics. When you tune in, you can expect to see famous motorcyclists, Formula One drivers and car experts from different walks of life. You will hear their stories and also gain useful information about the car industry and automotive suggestions. 

Although the episodes used to be irregular in the past, the podcast has taken a weekly turn in terms of production. The length of the episodes is not too long. They are 45 to 90 minutes long which is a good length for a podcast.

4. The James Casts

The James Casts” podcast offers a thrilling and engaging audio experience to automotive fans, hosted by none other than Dr James Piecowye. With his passion and knowledge of the automotive landscape, James brings his unique outlook to the front seat, making every episode a treat for its audience. 

No matter your skill level, “The James Casts” has something to offer everyone. You will learn about a variety of subjects, such as the latest advancements in automotive technology and the fascinating background of iconic automobiles. James looks at the newest developments in the automobile sector and offers insights into the workings of high-performance machinery.

You’ll see in-depth discussions with professionals in the field and automobile designers who help to define the automotive sector. “The James Casts” is a community rather than just a podcast about cars. You are welcome to ask questions and share your stories. James genuinely fosters a sense of community by transforming each episode into a conversation amongst people who are passionate about all things automotive.

5. Past Gas by Donut Media

Donut Media, a well-known vehicle YouTube channel, has launched a new podcast called “Past Gas”. The guys at Donut Media are well-known for collecting incredible anecdotes from all phases of automobile history. 

The podcast began in 2019 and is hosted by Joe Weber, Nolan Skyes, and James Pumphrey. You will learn how your favourite cars came to be, the background tales and the famous rivalries and partnerships in the automotive industry. 


If you are a car lover who also appreciates history, then this podcast is for you.

6. The Carmudgeon Show

The Carmudgeon Show, part of the Hagerty Podcast Network, is a funny, informative talk with Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott, two automotive aficionados who are curmudgeonly beyond their years. Proving that you don’t have to be old to be cranky, they spend each episode discussing what’s wrong with various aspects of the automotive realm. Despite their best efforts to be negative, they usually end up laughing, smiling, and professing their love of cars. This only makes them angrier and more bitter.

Jason Cammisa is an automobile journalist, social media personality, and TV host with over 300 million YouTube views alone. Jason’s extensive technical understanding, aided by a lifetime fascination with cars, enables him to thoroughly comprehend what’s going on inside a vehicle – and then translate it into easy language for others to understand. Furthermore, a Master’s Degree in Law prepared him to be impossible to debate with.

Derek Tam–Scott keeps trying. He’s a young automotive expert with old-man taste in vehicles and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, so he knows how to treat Jason civilly. Or at least he tries. 

He has spent a decade and a half purchasing, selling, driving, and brokering antique and exotic cars, giving him firsthand knowledge of the world’s most legendary vehicles. And hated the majority of them.

7. Car Cast

If you don’t know about Adam Corolla, he is the former host of Loveline and The Man Show. He has collaborated with automotive expert Matt D’Andria to create a totally unique pod. The show frequently covers news regarding aftermarket accessories and performance items. Your hosts assist you in taking the initial step towards purchasing a new automobile without being a victim of a scam. You’ll appreciate getting to know celebrity automobile owners and enthusiasts as they discuss their passions and current projects.

To be honest, there is unlikely to be a better blend of fun and skill in an automobile podcast. Adam and Matt answer fan inquiries, provide useful advice and highlight some of the best custom rides you’ll ever see.

8. Drive Torque Podcast

Get an inside look at all things automotive from two of the UK’s top content makers. Sharing experiences and insights into the latest automobiles and emerging technologies. Taking you behind the scenes at automobile premieres, events, and motorsports. Meet automotive industry leaders, including designers, race drivers, journalists, and content providers. Get the inside scoop as they Torque everything automotive. Presented by Joe and Pete, a duo of YouTuber automotive enthusiasts who met over 5 years ago and immediately hit it off. They’ve spent a lot of time together at car debuts, press tours, and events, conversing about everything automotive, and they decided it was time to do it in public.

9. Behind The Glass

Fans of travel and the automotive business should be familiar with Sam Fane, also known as Seen Through Glass. His elegant and unique approach to content creation has taken him all over the world, driving some of the world’s rarest vehicles and bringing the audience along for the adventure. Being connected with so many businesses and events has helped Sam to broaden his network of friends and colleagues, which led to the creation of the Behind the Glass podcast.

Sam co-presents the extremely popular show with Tony Gravelwood, a well-known and straightforward businessman who specializes in luxury used cars. His skills and understanding of car sales enable him to provide a whole different viewpoint on car buying than Sam does. This podcast always makes for an entertaining listen and a few chuckles!

10. Antonio Bravata's The Business of Trucking

If you’re a trucker and want to be more than just an operator, live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of and have your own successful business, this pod is for you. 

Tony Bravata, the host of the podcast, has spent years helping entrepreneurs and salespeople to reach their goals. He is now giving out his useful suggestions and strategies to the people in the trucking business. 

This podcast will describe the specific actions you can take to improve your thinking and learn how to make decisions based on strategy rather than emotion or out-of-date approaches that do not serve your best interests. You’ll gain a completely new perspective on the industry and transform your business faster than you could have imagined.


Tune in to one of these terrific podcasts the next time you’re driving (or even just relaxing at home). From profound insights to hilarious views, the podcasts on our list cover a wide range of topics to help you enhance your automotive knowledge while also having a good time.