An Interview With Mr. Ali Asgar Saeed

An Interview With Mr. Ali Asgar Saeed

How has your role evolved since you first joined Noorhan Auto Parts?

When I started, I wore multiple hats. I used to handle tasks in management, purchasing, sales, and accounting. It was essential for me to be versatile and involved in various aspects of the business.

Over time, as Noorhan grew and became an ISO-certified company and had customers and partners in over 20 countries, my role has transitioned more towards a management-focused position.

This shift has allowed me to focus on strategic planning and overseeing the company’s continued growth and success.

What is your vision for the future growth of Noorhan Auto Parts?

My vision for Noorhan Auto Parts is to continue expanding our presence, both locally and internationally.

We plan to establish a branch in every emirate within the UAE. We also aim to extend our presence into other GCC countries, allowing us to serve a wider audience within the Gulf region.

We also envision further growth in our export business, reaching even more countries around the globe and solidifying our reputation as a leading provider of auto parts.

How do you plan to expand the company's presence in the market?

We are following twofold strategies.

First, we are trying to create a physical presence in every emirate, across the UAE.

Second, we recognize the importance of embracing the digital world and plan to expand our business into the online domain. This helps us reach a broader audience. It also helps in providing a seamless customer experience.

What are some of the most significant challenges you've faced, and how have you tackled them?

One of the major challenges we’ve encountered is the prevalence of non-genuine parts in the market.

These companies often lure customers with their low prices, but they compromise on quality. To tackle this issue, we’ve built a strong reputation for providing genuine parts and high-quality aftermarket parts at competitive prices. This helped us earn our customers’ trust and loyalty, (Currently, we have close to 400 reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 on Google Maps.)

Another challenge we’ve faced is the vast number of parts required for the different car brands.

If you count all the big and small parts in one car, there are approx 30,000 parts. Now, you can imagine how we have to deal with millions of parts.

To effectively manage this, we’ve implemented a Just-In-Time (JIT) system with our suppliers. This approach ensures that we can promptly supply our customers with the parts they need without any delays or stock shortages.

How do you ensure that Noorhan Auto Parts stays ahead of the competition?

Firstly, We invest in technology to streamline our operations. This enhances our efficiency, and provides our customers with the best possible service.

Secondly, we nurture and maintain strong relationships with both our customers and suppliers. These relationships help us to understand our customers and meet their needs. At the same time, our relationship with vendors helps us maintain a comprehensive stock.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service in the auto parts business sets us apart. We strive to exceed customer expectations and maintain their satisfaction.

Can you share any significant milestones or achievements during your tenure?

There have been several notable achievements during my time with Noorhan Auto Parts.

Between 1989 and 2005, Noorhan focused only on Nissan parts. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings, and we now hold dealerships for over 25 brands. Dealing with Japanese, Korean, American, and European car manufacturers. And other aftermarket brands too.

Another major accomplishment has been the establishment of our Swiftec brand of lubricants. This caters to the automotive, marine, and other industrial sectors.

Swiftec has experienced tremendous growth. We are exporting to 10+ countries and received the prestigious ESMA Quality Government certification. This is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

How do you maintain and foster strong relationships with suppliers and clients?

Our approach to building and nurturing strong relationships with suppliers and clients centres around recognizing their importance to Noorhan’s success.

For our customers, we focus on maintaining a strong brand image and providing a one-stop-shop experience. We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts. We ensure that our customers don’t have to look elsewhere for their requirements, which strengthens their trust.

For our vendors, we position Noorhan as a high-volume business partner. Thanks to our extensive local and international customer base. By providing our suppliers with consistent and sizable orders, we establish ourselves as a valuable partner. This helps us foster long-lasting relationships and mutual growth.

How has digital transformation impacted the growth and operations of Noorhan Auto Parts?

Digital transformation has had a significant impact on Noorhan Auto Parts, in terms of both growth and operations.

While the market still relies on traditional methods of business, we’ve embraced digital technologies to serve our customers better.

For instance, we recognize the popularity of instant communication through WhatsApp, and we have a dedicated sales force in place to cater to all customer inquiries through the platform.

We’re planning to further enhance our digital presence with an online ordering and delivery system for our customers. This will streamline the buying process and provide a better experience for our customers.

What steps have you taken to ensure customer satisfaction?

At Noorhan Auto Parts, we prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure a positive experience for our clients.

One key step we’ve taken is to respond to customer inquiries within one hour, providing quick and efficient support to address their needs.

We recently launched a new auto part delivery service under the brand name NoorEX to streamline the delivery process. With this, we are promising auto parts delivery anywhere in Dubai within two hours of confirmation.

By focusing on these aspects of our service, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

How do you stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the auto parts industry?

One way we stay informed is by participating in events such as Automechanika Dubai, which serves as an excellent platform for networking with professionals from the industry and exchanging valuable insights.

Additionally, I actively follow online magazines and articles. This enables us to stay aware of emerging trends, technologies, and best practices that help drive our business forward.

What do you like to do in your free time, and how do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I prioritize maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I believe it is a must for achieving a balanced work-life dynamic.

I make sure to exercise regularly, aiming for at least five sessions per week. This helps me stay fit, focused, and energized. I’ve recently added yoga to my routine. It has been very effective in improving my well-being.

How has your father's experience and mentorship influenced your approach to leadership?

My father’s experience and mentorship have played a pivotal role in shaping my approach to leadership.

Having been a well-known figure in the Dubai market since 1974. He transferred the knowledge accumulated from his 15+ years of experience in the auto industry.

His strong relationships with vendors and understanding of the market have helped Noorhan become one of the industry’s leaders.

One of the key principles my father has instilled in me and our entire team is the importance of ethics. He has always emphasized the need to refrain from any practices that are unethical or against government policies. This foundation of ethical leadership has influenced my approach, guiding the way I manage and lead our organization.

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