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10 Interesting Facts About Audi
(7 Bonus Facts)

For more than a century, the German automaker Audi has been turning out luxury vehicles that are technologically ahead of the curve. The German-based corporation is accountable for delivering 50 unique vehicle models to the UK market.

All Audis have cutting-edge technology and German engineering, including a powerful and efficient engine. Audi is well-known for their road and racing cars, with which they have had much success.

1. The Audi Group

The four rings in the Audi logo stand for the four different automakers that make up the Audi Group. The “Quattro” or Auto Union consists of the businesses DKW, Horsch, Wanderer, and Audi.

This organization has been around since 1932 but has quickly become a symbol of the whole car industry. For nearly eighty years, the Audi logo’s interlocking rings have stood as a symbol of the company’s dedication to quality and innovation.

2. Ranks among the best in the world

Along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Audi is among the top three premium automakers worldwide. Originally established in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany, Audi is globally recognized today as a manufacturer of premium automobiles with cutting-edge design and technology. After many years at the top, Audi is still one of the most prestigious automakers.

3. Audi TT RS Downpipes: Full of Power

The exhaust down pipes plays a significant role in the Audi TT RS’s legendary turbocharged performance. A larger diameter (nearly five inches) on the TT RS’s standard turbine-out elbow improves exhaust gas flow and, thus, engine performance.

This greater diameter aids in realizing the TT RS’s full potential, making it one of the most potent and dependable vehicles available.

4. Truly Remarkable history

Audi, a German automaker, was founded on a rather unusual set of circumstances. In German, “horch” means “hear,” thus it’s fitting that August Horch, the company’s namesake, got his moniker from that.

The company’s name, “Audi,” comes from the Latin word for “hear,” so it’s appropriate. That August Horch is forever linked to the Audi name is a tribute to both him and the firm.

5. Recognizable Four-Ring Logo

The four rings in the Audi logo, first used in the company’s branding in 1932, have come to represent the high standards to which Audi holds itself.

Audi’s logo was designed to incorporate the brand identities of the original Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer brands that united to establish the modern automobile manufacturer.

Since 1932, all Audi automobiles have featured the iconic four rings, which have come to represent the company’s dedication to quality.

6. Audi Leather: Precision Crafted Luxury

The perfect leather finish in an Audi A8 requires 36520 unique threads, demonstrating the meticulous care and precision with which the vehicle’s interior is made.

The Audi A8 is exceptional because every detail has been meticulously planned to provide its passengers with the utmost in luxury and refinement. Leather upholstery is built to last, so you may ride in comfort and style for years to come.

7. X-Ray inspection of Audi R8

Every Audi R8 body goes through an extensive x-ray inspection after manufacture to guarantee it is up to Audi’s exacting standards.Each Audi R8 is inspected to ensure it’s in perfect working order before it hits the road, eliminating any chance of a defect from the production process.

Audi takes various measures, including an x-ray inspection, to guarantee that their vehicles are of the highest quality and safety.

8. First Automaker to Perform Crash Tests

When Audi introduced crash testing in 1938, it was a game changer for the auto industry. This bold action paved the way for future vehicle makers and provided crucial knowledge about how their vehicles would respond in a crash. Audi ensured the safety of its drivers and passengers by rigorously testing their cars, and their efforts became a benchmark for the auto industry.

9. Rally car racing was completely changed by Audi's dual-clutch transmission in 2009

Audi was the first manufacturer to install dual-clutch transmissions in their rally cars, which sparked a revolution in the field in the early 1980s. This innovative technology gave Audi a leg up in the world of rally vehicle racing competition by facilitating quicker gear changes, acceleration, and fuel efficiency.

10. An Original Audi RS Built in Partnership with Porsche

Audi and Porsche worked together to create the 315-horsepower TS2 RS in 1994. Porsche was involved in the design process and left their stamp by putting their logo on the car’s grille, brakes, and trunk lid. This legendary vehicle pioneered the Audi RS lineup and forever raised the bar for its successors.

Some additional facts:

Inventor of Audi apprenticed with Karl Benz

The company’s namesake, August Horch, was a young German engineer who got his start as a blacksmith. After finishing his engineering degree, he worked in the shipbuilding industry before joining the staff of Mercedes-Benz under its creator, Karl Benz. Horch spent three years learning the ropes from Benz before striking out.

Original Audi was based on a vehicle called "Horch"

August Horch did not launch Audi as his first foray into the automobile industry. In 1899, Horch started a car manufacturing company called A. Horch and Cie. The Horch automaker achieved considerable success, garnering numerous awards across Europe. After a disagreement with his investors in 1909, however, Horch decided to found Audi.

Latin word for "Hear" is "Audi"

In 1899, Horch parted ways with A. Horch and Cie. to start his own company, which he called August Horch Automobile GmbH. However, copyright and trademark difficulties necessitated that the word “Horch” be removed from the business name. He settled on Audi, a Latinization of Horch that means “listen” in English.

Audi's Emblem Stand for the 4 Founding Members

Although the Horch automaker and Horch himself got off to a rocky start, by 1932, they had reconciled. Audi joined the Horch firm, the DKW, and the Wandered to form the Auto Union. Horch produced luxury vehicles, Audi produced luxurious cars, Wanderer maintained a focus on regular mid-size vehicles, and DKW produced compact vehicles and motorcycles. This way, the Auto Union’s four-member firms are symbolized by a circle of rings.

Performing safety evaluations for over 75 years

You could be forgiven for supposing that using crash test dummies, cameras, and sensors is a recent innovation. This, however, is different. Audi has been performing crash tests for a very long time—75 years, to be exact—and once demonstrated safety by rolling down a hill in an Audi F7.

In 1938, Auto Union built a race car capable of 430 kph

A heated rivalry between Mercedes and Audi has a long history of spilling over into off-track competition. Before World War II broke out, in 1938, Auto Union enlisted Ferdinand Porsche to create the world’s fastest race car. Combined, the two companies made the Auto Union Type C, a V16 monster capable of producing 560 horsepower. Type C reached a top speed of 430 kph on the Autobahn thanks to its rear-mounted engine and improved handling. How dare you, Bugatti!

Acquiring by Volkswagen

Volkswagen launched the new Audi at the same time they acquired the company, a move that initially benefited Volkswagen. It merely needed another manufacturing site for its enormously successful Beetle.


In 1930, Hitler ordered the production of the Auto Union Type-D to demonstrate Germany’s automotive prowess to the rest of the world. In reality, Ferdinand Porsche recommended that Hitler host a race between arch-rivals Audi and Mercedes. In response, Auto Union manufactured the Type-D. This sold for a whopping 12,000,000€ back in the day.

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