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Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Every car lover at some point in their lives has had a love for amazing car photographs. We’ve had them as our wallpapers, screensavers. Heck, we’ve had them as our profile picture also… we love the car – we also love its pictures.

Clicking photographs of cars requires strong skills. You need to look at different aspects. Let’s start with what makes good car photography.

What makes good car photography?

Proper lighting is the most important element of any car photograph. Do you know the best time to click car photos is either one hour before the sunset or one hour after the sunrise? The warmth in the light in these hours adds to the texture and image quality of the Car Photograph.

Yes. The background of the car is super important in the car photograph but that is not the priority. So don’t focus on the background. The best car photographs, no matter what the view is, bring focus to the car. 

And, there are other important elements to a good Automotive car photograph, It is very clear that it requires skill and patience…

The car photographers deserve a huge shout-out. With that said, here are some amazing car photographers every car lover should follow…

Please note that this list is in no particular order – everyone is amazing. We have also included some growing automotive photographers, for they deserve exposure. On a side note, car photography is also known as automotive photography.

Here is our list of some inspiring car photographers you should follow

NOTE: All the images are properties of their respective owners. The images are displayed for your reference only.

George F. Williams

Buggati - Dubai - Burj Khalilfa

Instagram: George Williams

George F. Williams is a London-based Commercial Automotive photographer.

There is a huge chance that you’ve already seen some of the photographs by George. He is known as one of the most talented car photographers in the automotive industry. George’s love for automotive photography started when he was a fifteen-year-old kid.

Holding a camera in his hand and glancing at mother nature, George’s eyes fell on his father’s Caterham 7 sports car & that’s where a dream was born. His father’s car became George’s first click and there began his endless love for cars.

Despite being based in London his passion for automotive photography takes him around the world.

Frederic Schlosser

Frederic Schlosser is an award-winning German Photographer.

He is voted as Germany’s best car photographer. His marvelous clicks have earned him a spot in the list of top 10 best car photographers in the world too.

Behind his stunning car photographs lies his deep passion for cars & design. To capture great car photographs you need a strong vision. That’s where the photography starts – in your head. When you look through the car photographs by Fredric, you finally understand what that means.

His clicks are well thought out and planned to give you jaw-dropping car photos. 

Webb Bland

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Webb Bland

Webb Bland is a California-based automotive photographer, retoucher, and interior designer.

He does PR photography for many top car brands. Webb’s portfolio includes car brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Ford & Jaguar. He effortlessly captures mind-blowing car photos.

He knows his job very well and apart from clicking stunning pictures, he scouts the best location that enhances the car pictures.

Richard Thompson

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson is the most recognized car photographer from Los Angeles.

With his vast experience and solid photography background, Richard has been the go-to photographer for all the Elite car brands in the world like Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota, & Mercedes-Benz.

When you scroll through Richard’s profile, you’ll stay dazzled for a while. Every photograph by Richard has a concept to it.

And it seems like Richard will take down every location there is with every car available. Richard flawlessly creates high-quality car images by combining his creativity with his technical knowledge of film, photography, and graphic design.

Nate Hassler

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Nate Hassler

Nate Hassler is a Los Angeles-based automotive & Auto racing photographer. When you scroll through his photos, you’ll stop, and think if that is what a dream looks like.

He sure knows how to create a vision of impossible imaginations. His Instagram is loaded with photographs of different genres. You’ll often find him clicking at car racing events as he enjoys capturing the cars in action mode.

T Surov

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: T Surov

T Surov is a Budding photographer from Dubai.

He sure knows the skills & is an exceptionally talented photographer. His photographs speak volumes of his expertise. He regularly delights his followers by sharing stunning car photographs & videos. 

When you see his jaw-dropping images, you’ll feel the irresistible urge to jump on the steering & drive the car.

Jaimy Briquet

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Jaimy Briquet

Jaimy Briquet runs the Instagram page @jb.carphotography. He is from Netherland and travels around the globe clicking perfect car images. A photographer like Jaimy is rare to find.

He is a versatile photographer. He not only clicks photographs of cars but makes them desirable with his unique approach. He is a commercial photographer who has worked with major car brands.

Jeremy Cliff

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Jeremy Cliff

Jeremy Cliff is an Automotive Photographer from Chicago.

With a camera in his hands and hunger in his eyes, he is constantly after branded cars and stunning locations. He can be crowned the most stylish automotive photographer in the world. And this is evident when we see his mind-blowing car photographs.

Andrew Link

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Andrew Link

Andrew Link is a versatile photographer making his mark in various genres like Automotive, portrait & car racing photography.

His client portfolio includes some exclusive car brands like Lamborghini, PRI, McLaren, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus. His photographs regularly appear in magazines, manufacturer websites, blogs, and social media.

His passion coupled with technical expertise & vision makes him the most sought-after commercial photographer.

Alpha Spotting

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Alpha Spotting

Alpha Spotting is a Dubai-based photographer, his real name is Mohammad. Unlike other folks on this list, he is an all-around photographer and car photography is one of his skills.

He sure knows how to capture the maximum essence of a view. Alpha entered a photography competition by Nikon and won Nikon D5500 in 2015. He used this camera to hyperfocus on his photography career. If you love Dubai and the cars, you must follow Alpha Spotting.

In November of 2015, he entered a competition from Nikon and he won himself a Nikon D5500 which is the camera he soon used to start his career in the photography industry.

Other Noteworthy Mentions

Josué Soto

Lotus Exige orange car

Instagram: Josué Soto

Charlie Larkman

Blue Porsche

Instagram: Charlie Larkman


black Ferrari

Instagram: Flavien

Olav Tvedt

black Rolls Royce car in snow

Instagram: Olav Tvedt

Qijin Xu

Inspiring Car Photographers to Follow If You Love Automotive Photography

Instagram: Qijin Xu

Car photography is a branch of photography that is devoted to the capture of images of automobiles. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising and editorial to art and personal expression.

Car photography can be divided into a few different sub-genres. There is commercial car photography, which is often used in advertising and marketing. Then there is automotive journalism, which covers the car industry and often includes images of new models and features. And finally, there is fine art car photography, which is created with the intention of being exhibited or sold as artwork.

No matter what the purpose, car photography requires a good understanding of both the subject and the camera. To create technically excellent images, the photographer needs to know how to use light, composition, and other photography basics. But they also need to have a strong understanding of cars and how they work, as this will dictate how the final image looks.

Whether it’s a sleek and shiny sports car or a rusty old truck, there is a certain beauty to be found in automobiles. And with the right approach, car photography can be a truly rewarding experience.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization and is responsible for creating international standards.

ISO 15036 and ISO 100 is amongst the standard for car photography. Although, this completely depends on the size and position of the camera, the type of background, and the lighting conditions.

Car photography requires both a keen eye for detail and a technical understanding of lighting and composition.

To improve your skills, start by studying the work of professional car photographers. Look for common themes and techniques that they use, and then practice replicating these in your own photography.

In addition to this, it is also important to experiment with different techniques yourself. Try different angles, lighting setups, and compositions to see what works best for you. Please don’t be afraid to use editing software to enhance your photos. With practice and experimentation, you’ll soon develop your own unique style of car photography.