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History of Infiniti

Infiniti has long been associated with luxury; throughout its history, the automaker has established and exceeded the bar for luxury. Despite only being around since 1985, INFINITI quickly caught up to—and then surpassed—the standards set by organizations that had been active in the market for much longer while offering unparalleled innovation to rise to the top of the customer satisfaction rankings. In this section, we’ll examine INFINITI’s past to see what has helped the company grow into a market leader for high-performance premium cars.

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Infiniti history:

Nissan made Infiniti to fight in the market for high-end cars. Nissan hired designer Jerry Hirshberg in 1985 to lead a team to create a new luxury car brand. The Q45, the first Infiniti vehicle, debuted at the 1987 North American International Auto Show.

Nissan, a Japanese automaker, makes the pricey Infiniti brand. On November 8, 1989, Infiniti sold its first car in North America. In 1990, Infiniti made its third car, the small Infiniti G20, based on the Nissan Primera.

The M30 was a luxury two-door coupe made to compete with other luxury two-door coupes of the time. The M30 was based on the Nissan Leopard and had a V6 engine that was 3 liters in size. Even though the M30 was stylish and had high-tech features, it was taken off the market in 1992. But it is still an important model in the history of Infiniti because it was the company’s first try to compete in the luxury market.

The VQ series is a new line of V6 engines in 1995. Because it was made to have the most power, torque, and fuel economy, the VQ stayed in the top 10 of the world’s best engines for the next 14 years. The Infiniti Twin Turbo V6 was the one that came before the VQ line.

But at the end of 1996, after making changes to the Nissan Pathfinder, Infiniti came out with the QX4. Infiniti was one of the first luxury car companies to make a mid-size SUV when it came out with the QX4. This was a big deal.

Everyone who makes cars knows that attention is everything. The best way to get people to buy your car is to make them feel special, smart, and part of a small group. In 1999, the brand made the INFINITI Owners Club, which was hard to enter and open to only a few people.

During the 2000s, Infiniti changed its already well-known and loved cars. After these two important changes in 2001, 2002 brought even more important changes. Voice recognition was finally made available so that you could control your car without taking your hands off the wheel. This made driving even safer.

When it first came out in 2004, the Infiniti QX80 was called the Infiniti QX56. The full-size luxury SUV used the same base as the Nissan Armada. The QX80 had a strong V8 engine, three rows of seats, and the latest electronics.

Around View Monitor was first put into use by Infiniti in 2007. This method gives the driver a clear view of their surroundings and a 360-degree view of the car while parking.

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2008, Carlos Ghosn announced that Infiniti was coming to Europe. The official start date was late 2008, and it took two years for 21 European countries to get on board.

In 2010, the Blind Spot Detection System was added to current cars to make them safer. For the 2011 Formula One season, Infiniti worked with the champion team, Red Bull Racing. This made Infiniti think about working with other tech companies in the future.

Infiniti came out with a Backup Warning System in 2013 that breaks when it senses a possible crash. The Infiniti Q50 is a small, high-end car that came out in 2013 to replace the Infiniti G sedan. It is the first Infiniti model to use the brand’s new naming scheme, which uses “Q” for cars and “QX” for SUVs.

In 2015, the Q60 concept car was shown at the North American International Car Show. It went into production in 2016.

Infiniti showed off a redesigned QX50 in 2019. It had a new chassis, new looks, and a VC-Turbo engine. The new VC-Turbo engine is the first variable compression turbocharged engine in the world that is ready for mass production. With this new technology, the machine can change its compression ratio while driving to give the best speed and use the least gas.

In January 2018, CEO Hiroto Saikawa said all new Infiniti cars would be electric. Infiniti showed off a redesigned QX50 in 2019. It had a new chassis, new looks, and a VC-Turbo engine. The new VC-Turbo engine is the first variable compression turbocharged engine in the world that is ready for mass production.

Future of Infiniti:

Infiniti is undergoing a brand refresh. According to Infiniti Global Chairman Peyman Kargar, the corporation is now in the midst of the 2025 electrification period.

It is a three-year goal to debut electrified vehicles and have the majority of the brand’s vehicles electrified by 2030. At Infiniti’s Canadian offices, we were able to speak with Mr. Karger and learn more about the company’s plans for the future.

Several times throughout our conversation, the brand stated that it is not trying to fully reinvent its current car line-up. The goal is to build on the success of previous releases like the QX60 while also refreshing and renewing current models. All of this is part of the initial stage of Infiniti’s transition. This proposal will include some hybrids, but the majority of the vehicles will be pure battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Infiniti is open about the fact that even in 2030, some consumers may choose pure internal combustion engine (ICE) alternatives, which will remain in the brand’s inventory. Infiniti does not want to lose customers and will continue to provide them with options if there is a need. If that changes in the future as markets and customer tastes shift, the plan will adjust accordingly.

The e-power range extender is one component that will not be included in phase one. It has been postponed in favour of fully electric vehicles. Mr. Karger did discuss hybrids with Infiniti-exclusive technologies in the future, but he wouldn’t go into specifics at this time. We hope the e-power concept is revived because it seemed promising for individuals who are still hesitant to commit to a totally battery electric vehicle.


It’s not just electric cars at the forefront of Infiniti’s new philosophy; the brand also wants to provide a better experience for its clientele. The brand aims to improve the customer’s feeling when acquiring an Infiniti. Incorporate an actual Infiniti showroom’s sights, sounds, and smells for a truly authentic and immersive experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The INFINITI brand is Nissan’s upscale division.

Infiniti produces luxury automobiles. In reality, it’s Nissan’s luxury arm. Compared to other premium brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti is a more attractive option due to its lower price and reduced cost of ownership.

Honda’s premium brand would be called Acura, while Toyota’s would be called Lexus. A sporting spirit has long pervaded Acura.

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