15 Different Hacks to Clean your Car

A car is like a tiny house on wheels. In the same way, a clean home makes you feel calm and happy; a clean car makes you feel at ease while driving very important. In the article below, talk about tips and tricks for keeping your car clean and in good shape. These can be used on everything from your car’s floor mats and air vents to its interior and windscreen wipers.

Here are some hacks to clean your car:

1. You can clean seams and cracks with a toothbrush

There are a lot of different shapes and sizes of brushes for cleaning the inside of a car, so there is always one that will fit in the small cracks and seams around the cabin and even on the wiper blades. These places get the least attention when cleaning but always have the most dirt and grime.

If you want to clean your car but need the right brush: Use an old soft toothbrush instead. Don’t scrub your leather seat too hard; make sure you move carefully, so you don’t scuff or scratch the material.

2. Toothpaste Brightens Headlights:

The headlights on every new car are made of plastic instead of glass. Plastic is cheaper than glass, easier to shape into complicated shapes, and stronger when hit. It is gentler and more sensitive to UV light. Over time, road dust, debris, and small pieces of rock will wear away the UV protection put on at the factory, revealing the plastic. Over time, your headlights will get cloudy and too dim to be safe. The problem can be fixed with a polishing compound for the headlights and a battery drill attachment. Most auto care stores sell these, which work well to eliminate stains. But it’s easy to fix if you’re on vacation and notice that your headlights aren’t working well. You can clean the headlights with a microfiber cloth and toothpaste from your overnight bag. After two minutes, the results will blow your mind. There are rough, solid particles in toothpaste that scrape and polish the tooth enamel. It works well to polish plastic.

3. How to Easily Clean Your Cupholders:

Dirty drink holders? Spilt coffee, food crumbs, and chocolate that has melted. During your daily commute, all the cracks and crevices in the car get dirty. Reaching in there and getting the entire gunk out can be a real pain. Here’s a clever way to solve the problem. Use a vacuum, if you have one, to get all the intricate pieces out of the cupholder. Then, roll up a nice, thick microfiber towel so that it just barely fits in the cupholder. Spray a lot of a cleaning product on the roll with a spray bottle, and then push it into the cupholder. Turn it a few times, then pull it out while it’s still turning to keep the junk in place. If necessary, repeat it.

4. When you vacuum your car, brush the carpet and seats

Okay, you may already know this tip, but many car owners need to learn how to clean the carpets in their cars properly. As you vacuum your carpet, you should brush it with a stiff nylon brush. The brush will agitate the carpet, separating the fibres and pulling out dirt and other things that have gotten stuck in them. Cleaning with a vacuum will be more effective and last longer. When you’re done, brush the carpet in one direction to make it the same colour.

5. Put muffin cups in the cup holders

The above hack for cleaning cupholders works well, but it would be better if your cupholders didn’t get so dirty in the first place. Your car’s cupholders are the perfect size for paper cupcake liners or silicone muffin cups. They’ll pick up all the dirt and grime, and you can pull them out and wash them more efficiently or throw them away and get new ones.

6. Organize your supplies the right way

You need to drive a limousine (and know how to drive one) to ensure your trunk stays neat. Get a few extra boxes and organizers from the closet and make it a habit to put things back where they belong. Straps (there should be at least a couple you can use) or carabiners and spare shoestrings can be used to secure the container to the mounting points in your trunk. When going on a long trip yourself, keep your drinks, snacks, and other supplies in a box organizer or a small trash can in the back seat or passenger seat. You can reach everything you need without taking your eyes off the road.

7. Use compressed air to blow out the trash

If you have access to compressed air, you can use this hack to clean the car thoroughly without taking the seats out. Junk, crumbs and other trash bits love getting stuck in the cracks of your interior. Getting in there and taking it out is a huge pain. Even the best parts of vacuums can only do so much. Use compressed air to blow trash and junk out under the seats and other tight spots. Hold the vacuum at the other end to catch them as they fly out. The best thing to use is a garage compressor with a tank outside the garage, but a 12V tyre pump can also do a good job.

8. You can clean your windscreen and windows with baby wipe:

Who knew that baby wipes could also be used to clean the windows and windscreen of your car without leaving streaks? Since baby wipes are made of soft materials, they won’t scratch your vehicle’s windshield. But only use it if you have no other way to clean your glass and need access to a product made just for that.

9. Put your windows down while you clean them:

Most people who own cars spray cleaner on the windows and wipe them down. Most of the time, they miss the dirt on the top of the window. If you don’t clean this dirt, it can make streaks when it rains. Make sure to roll down the window and clean off the top.

10. Use dryer sheets to get rid of bug droppings:

Have you ever come back from a road trip to find bugs all over the outside of your car? Use the dryer sheets to get rid of the bug splats quickly. But if the stain is deep, you should take your vehicle to a nearby car wash to clean it.

11. In areas where fresh water is rare, try "waterless washing."

Do you live in an area where water is scarce and valuable because of drought? Did you know you can clean your water without a single drop? You can clean the whole car with just a few microfiber towels and no water. If you have water but want to avoid getting everything wet, try a shampoo that doesn’t need to be rinsed out. You mix it with water in a bucket and put it on the car once without washing it. Then you use a clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe down the panels, and you’re done.

12. Use a microfiber wash mitt to wash with less risk of scratches:

This one is a rule that all detailers follow. Scrub your body panels only with a microfiber wash mitt or towel. Most light scratches and swirl marks are caused by improper washing and scrubbing with brushes or other hard, stiff materials. Even on black cars, microfiber is soft enough that it won’t leave many scratches on the paint. Use a lot of dish soap and warm water while scrubbing, and move the mitt in straight lines, first back and forth, then side to side. This way, you leave fewer swirl marks on the paint, and it’s easier to polish and buff them out.

13. Baking soda to remove odour:

All you need is a pinch of baking soda to eliminate bad smells from the seats and floor mats in your car. Spread the baking soda on the carpets, chairs, and other surfaces, wait a few minutes, and then vacuum it up.

14. Use vinegar for odour removal:

Vinegar is also a great way to get rid of smells because it can neutralize foul odours. Put some white vinegar in a cup and leave it in your car overnight.

15. To get rid of pet hair, use a Velcro curler:

Yes, you read that right. You can use Velcro curlers to get your furry friend’s hair out of the car. It’s easy to do. Just find a spot with hair and roll the curlers over it to get rid of stray hairs. You can also use lint rollers to get rid of hairs that are stuck in them.

Wrapping Up: Hack to Clean your car

These quick and easy tips will help you clean your car when you’re in a pinch and don’t have everything you need. If you pay attention to the little things, your road trip will be much more comfortable.
Many things around the house, like an old sock, baby wipes, hair conditioner, paper towels, and a few drops of essential oil, can make your car shine.