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Most Common Problems With MG Cars

MG is an 100 year old iconic Car Brand. 

It’s synonymous with style, performance & affordability. The brand accomplished a significant milestone when it was voted third place for the ‘Best Manufacturer’ category in the Auto Express 2014 Driver Power survey. 

MG’s unique and stylish cars have a special place in people’s hearts. Soon the brand will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2024. Thanks to its diverse product range, the brand has enjoyed record breaking sales year after year. With 2014 being a record-breaking year that had the company lead UK car-industry growth. 

With classy designs, hi-tech features, & the thrill of speed, every MG car offers you a luxurious and pleasurable driving experience. However, with pleasure comes pain and frustration. The pain that every MG car owner like you has to deal with. The frustration that every MG car owner has to go through. 

Your brand new car may be perfect in every sense. But the moment it stays with you for a year a more, unexpected problems start to emerge. 

Whether you’re a pro MG enthusiast or a brand new MG owner, you deserve a thrilling & enjoyable driving experience. Such an experience is only possible when you’re familiar with troubleshooting any common issues your British MG may likely encounter. If you’re an MG car owner, just go through this comprehensive guide of the most common MG car issues & equip yourself to tackle these to give yourself a pain free driving experience.

Electrical Problems

Performance of a car is influenced by many factors. One such factor is the electrical system. 

MG cars are known for their complex electrical systems. Such complex electrical systems have proved quite dicey for MG car owners. They often give surprising and unexpected electrical issues like power loss, malfunctioning lights & sensors, faulty lock system, faulty wiring etc. When you face any such issues, quickly check the battery, fuse & relays. With time, the battery may have turned weak or faulty. Moreover, uncleaned battery terminals or a blown fuse can trigger issues in various electrical components. Timely replacement of the battery can help restore the car’s electrical functionality and ensure a smoother driving experience. 

However, it’s recommended to seek professional help in tackling electrical issues in your MG car.

Engine Performance

Engine-related problems are quite frustrating for any MG car owner. 

Breakdown or engine related failures signal much larger underlying problems. While MG cars are renowned for their excellent performance, many engine-related problems have regularly been reported. 

Common issues like rough idling, vibrating, overheating, engine misfires, or decreased power output, etc can spoil your driving experience. 

One MG Hector owner reported sudden unexpected engine failure while driving. While driving his MG Hector, the engine started vibrating and the car stopped. After sending the car to the showroom for repair, a manufacturing defect with the piston was found by the car repairing team.  

Another owner reported a similar problem in Dubai “I won’t recommend anyone to buy this car, I was facing vibration issues from day one.”

If you experience any such engine-related problems, then quickly visit your car mechanic. Only your expert car mechanic can diagnose such issues which mostly stem from clogged fuel injectors, worn-out spark plugs, or glitches in the ignition system. 

However, to prolong your engine life and maintain its peak performance, use of quality fuels and lubricant is recommended.

Transmission Issues

Another common but frustrating problem found in MG cars is related to transmission.

Transmission problem is nothing but experiencing difficulty with the gear system. The gear just slips or gets stuck. It even loses its smoothness and becomes hard or slow. 

If you experience this problem or hear noises when shifting gears, then quickly turn to your car manual. It’s time to check and replace your transmission fluid level. Check your clutch system too. Often transmission problems stem from a faulty clutch system. In some cases, the synchronizer ring, and hub sleeve can trigger issues in your gearbox. Timely replacement of the clutch, synchronizer ring, and hub sleeve can restore the transmission efficiency. However, it’s recommended to seek professional help in tackling transmission issues in your MG car. 
Also, remember, replacing the transmission in Dubai can cost between 200 AED– 500 AED, depending on the type of transmission: manual or automatic.

Cooling System Issues

Your MG car needs a working cooling system to maintain optimal engine temperature. Failing to which may exceed the engine temperature beyond acceptable level and cause overheating. 

And in any situation, you can’t afford an overheating engine. Overheating may cause increased emissions, engine shutdown, fire or explosion. Even result in damaged circuits and components. So carefully check the coolant system. Spot any leaks in the cooling hoses. Check coolant level & circulation. Low coolant level and poor coolant circulation causes overheating. If your coolant system isn’t maintaining the adequate temperature then the leaking radiator & hose might be responsible.  

Additionally, a radiator fan assists the cooling system in dispersing heat effectively. If this fan malfunctions or fails to operate correctly, it can lead to overheating. Replacing the faulty radiator fan is highly recommended.  

So take your MG car to your regular car mechanic to replace the coolant to prevent overheating & other cooling system issues.

Oil Leak Problems

Oil leakage is a common problem in many cars. MG cars are no exception. Both new and older MG models are likely to encounter oil leakage problems. 

You proudly own your MG car. Enjoy driving it. For years your MG car has stayed problem free. However, one day, when you park your car and return later, you’re startled to find oil leaking from underneath. You look around & try to locate the source of the leakage. But, no matter how much you search, the source of the leak remains a mystery. Oil leakage mostly stem from the following: 

  1. Damaged Gaskets covers
  2. Loose & fault Seals
  3. Loose & faulty filter
  4. Damaged Engine Components
  5. Loose or Faulty Oil Drain Plug
  6. High Oil Pressure
  7. Other cracks 

Wrap Up - Most Common Problems With MG Cars

MG cars’ timeless appeal has charmed car enthusiasts since decades. A symbol of royal British heritage, MG cars unique & sleek designs display modern flair with classic sophistication. However, the design & look only impresses car enthusiasts. It’s a car’s performance that converts visitors into buyers and buyers into loyal brand advocates. Performance of a car is influenced by many factors. Every car owner expects smooth performance from their MG car. A problem free car too. However, MG care owners are likely to encounter these issues. Issues that look smaller on surface level but signal big underlying problems. Oil leakage, electrical problems, poor engine performance, cooling system problems, transmission problems, are some of the most common problems with MG cars.