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5 Best Chinese Cars to Buy Under AED 70000 in Dubai

Cars lovers in UAE are fascinated with International luxury car brands. 

Everybody is fond of either BMW, Mercedes or Rolls Royce. That means, European, German, American or British Car brands are popular and first choice among car enthusiasts. 

This has been a trend since the last few decades. 

Anybody looking to buy a car doesn’t look beyond these popular luxurious car brands. Other car brands are royally ignored. 

However, the scenario has significantly changed in the last few years. Many car brands have emerged in the UAE market. Car lovers too want to give a chance to these new car brands which are high-quality, performance-driven but more affordable – These are Chinese Car Brands. 

Chinese cars have found a place both in the UAE market & the hearts of car lovers across Dubai. China’s automotive industry has witnessed remarkable growth in the last decade. Innovation with quality is the foundation of this growth which has allowed Chinese car brands to flourish and expand into international markets. 

After tasting success in other international markets, Chinese manufacturers have made a dent in the UAE market, giving a stiff competition to every major car brand. According to the study, Yalla Motor, an online car dealer, reported 86 percent increase in Chinese car sales in UAE, despite a drop in domestic sales.

With innovative designs & affordable prices, Chinese car brands are slowly taking over the UAE market. This is good news for UAE people and especially car lovers with a tight budget. If your budget is 70,000 AED, you’ve a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a reliable and affordable Chinese Car

In this blog, I’ll walk you through five best Chinese cars available under 70k AED in the UAE market that offer excellent value for money, performance, and features.



If your budget is 70K AED, then your first choice should be JAC JS4 – priced at AED 66,000

Design and Exterior

JAC JS4’s unique design will definitely surprise car lovers. Its parallel geometric face design looks stylish, bold & pure dynamic. The through-type taillight design just captivates you at first glance. The overall aesthetics has a modern feel. With sleek lines, inverted-7 shaped LED highlights & stylish alloy wheels enhance its visual appeal & overall aesthetics. 


While this compact SUVs exterior exudes confidence, its interior possesses a unique freshness & charm. The simple, spacious & well-appointed interior prioritizes passenger comfort and convenience. Its asymmetric geometric instrument panel is simple, meticulous & user-friendly. Just enter the cabin and feel the cool inviting atmosphere made possible due to luxurious materials, polished touch, and superiorly crafted design.


  1. Seamless connectivity
  2. Entertainment options
  3. Smartphone integration
  4. Voice commands, 
  5. Wireless charging capabilities
  6. Intelligent constant temperature air conditioning
  7. 10.25 inch full LCD combination instrument
  8. 10.25 inch MP5 + Carplay + Android Auto
  9. 1.5T Turbocharged Engine
  10. Precise steering and responsive handling
  11. Raised central control, aviation-style lever
  12. 6 airbags and ABS for a safe driving experience 

JAC JS4 is a perfect blend of performance & fuel efficiency. It’s supremely powerful & agile to navigate any road conditions. The super stylish design and advanced tech features offer exceptional value for money to UAE people. 

Great Wall Wingle 7


If you’re fan of pick up truck cars, then Great Wall Wingle 7 is the most affordable option for you – priced at AED 58,038

Great Wall Wingle 7 – Awarded the title of “Top Ten Chinese Engines”

Design and Exterior

Priced at AED 58,038, GW Wingle 7 just stands out amongst the range of pick up truck cars available in the UAE market. Wingle 7 is manufactured by the Chinese company Great Wall Motors and was first introduced in 2018. 

Ever since its arrival, Wingle 7 has charmed car enthusiasts with its solid durability, superior aesthetics and advanced features – Exceptional value for money in AED 58,038. If your budget is under AED 70K, then this chinese car is a top choice. 

It’s fierce design symbolizes strength, the stylish interior exudes boldness & overall aesthetics promises a commanding presence on the road. The rugged exterior is perfectly complemented by stylish INTEGRATED CRYSTAL LENS HEADLIGHTS.

Aluminum side steps, alloy wheels & spacious cargo add a touch of elegance & modernity to the overall aesthetics.


Step into the cabin and feel at home. Comfy leather seats and spacious interior is pleasant and inviting for passengers, whether on short commutes or long journeys. The 6-Way electrically Adjustable seats are comfortable, supportive & provide enough space. While the automatic constant temperature air conditioner keeps the cabin refreshing and cool even in the hottest conditions.


  1. Lavish 5 Leather Seats 
  2. Multi-function leather steering wheel 
  3. Advanced richmedia dashboard designed to display 13 functions
  4. Multimedia screen 
  5. Automatic constant temperature air conditioner
  6. 6-Way electrically Adjustable seats
  7. Integrated Crystal Lens headlight 
  8. Double cabin
  9. Automatic wipers 
  10. Turbo GW4D20D Diesel Engine 2.0 – 4-cylinder
  11. Diesel- 70L Tank
  12. Fuel economy of 13.2kmpl
  13. Seamless connectivity
  14. Entertainment options
  15. Smartphone integration
  16. Voice commands, 
  17. Wireless charging capabilities
  18. Cruise Control 
  19. 6 airbags and ABS for a safe driving experience 
  20. Reverse camera 
  21. Hill-Start assist control (HAC)

Great Wall Wingle 7 is the most reliable pickup truck car under AED 70K in UAE. The best pickup truck car with a powerful diesel engine, high efficiency and low fuel consumption. Offering exceptional value for money to the UAE people seeking both economic performance and a practical lifestyle.

Geely Emgrand


All-New Geely Emgrand – Priced at AED 57,900-69,900 based on the variant.

Design and Exterior

The only Car Brand that perfectly combines style, elegance & technology to leave a long lasting impression on viewers. 

Geely stands for excellence – Geely Emgrand for performance, innovation & meticulous design. 

This all-new Emgrand is enhanced by a nicely crafted silhouette & a classy skyline rhythmic taillight to create a strong & unforgettable visual impact. 

Geely has carved out a niche for itself as an automaker with extraordinary meticulous design which translates well into a striking presence on the road.


Geely Emgrand adorns a quiet & classy interior. The stylish inner layout is elevated with premium leather-fabric materials & sophisticated design. Enter the cabin and you’ll be greeted by a cool, comfortable & spacious interior. Suede seats & a comfortable chassis ensures a smooth ride. Low noise & advanced climate control systems makes every short commute & long journeys pleasant.


  1. Seamless connectivity
  2. Entertainment options
  3. Smartphone integration
  4. Voice commands, 
  5. Wireless charging capabilities
  6. 1.5L engine 
  7. 8CVT transmission
  8. High rotational torque of 142Nm
  9. Rear view camera interaction system
  10. 12.3” HD digital dashboard displaying 27 information items
  11. Intelligent scenario air conditioning interaction system
  12. 6-airbag security protection 
  13. An intelligent tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  14. A back row intelligent monitoring system
  15. Ultrasonic reversing radar
  16. Automotive-grade CN95 filter
  17. CVT gearbox
  18. Cruise control

Geely Emgrand personifies class & luxury. An affordable & reliable car under AED 70K in UAE. Offering exceptional value for money to the UAE people seeking comfort & impressive fuel efficiency.

Changan Alsvin


Changan Alsvin – Priced at AED 47,050

Design and Exterior

A stylish appearance that touches the heart. The contemporary design that exceeds your expectations. As its logo says – Exceed Your Expectations, Meet Every Demand. 

This compact sedan by Changan Automobile promises to meet your every demand. 

The exterior has a sleek and contemporary touch – Where bold meets dynamic! Eye-catching distinctive grille to stylish alloy wheels, the modern interior gives you an exceptional feeling. A smart choice for comfortable, and practical daily use. The exquisite design, advanced tech features & the extraordinary driving experiences makes Changan Alsvin the most preferred choice in this price range.


Its luxurious & spacious interior is unique & innovative. Trusses in the seats,  electric sunroof, & sporty cockpit, ensures a pleasant driving experience. The console garnish enhances the overall interior & offers the luxury feel. 

Changan Alsvin’s interior is both iconic & fashionable – Making a strong impression. 


  1. Seamless connectivity
  2. Entertainment options
  3. Smartphone integration
  4. Voice commands, 
  5. Wireless charging capabilities
  6. 1.5L Inline-4
  7. 5 DCT Transmission 
  8. 145 N-m Torque 
  11. Daytime Running Lamps
  12. Shark Fin Antenna
  13. Aerodynamic Waistline
  14. Dual-beam Projector Headlamp
  15. Combination Tail Lamps
  16. Boneless Wiper
  17. Triptronic Sports Mode
  18. cruise control
  19. 2 airbags and ABS
  20. Anti Lock Brakes

Changan Alsvin delivers impressive performance and agility in any driving conditions. It offers excellent value for money to the UAE people who are expecting a car with excellent fuel efficiency under AED 70K. With so many advanced tech features, this Chinese car brand will surely impress car enthusiasts and will find many takers.



BAIC X35 – Priced at 54,990 – 66,300 based on the variant

Design and Exterior

The BAIC X35 has a stylish appearance that turns heads wherever it goes. With its shining exterior design and superiorly crafted contours, this SUV exudes style & luxury on the road. Whether you’re navigating the busy city streets or tackling off-road adventures, the BAIC X35 ensures a pleasant driving experience.


The BAIC X35 is a rare combination of stylish exterior as well as a comfy interior. Its spacious and inviting cabin creates a relaxing environment for passengers. Fabric or leather seats offer ample room and support to enjoy the ride. Plus, features like the sunroof and air conditioning system with AC keeps everyone cool and refreshed even on the hottest days.


  1. Seamless connectivity
  2. Entertainment options
  3. Smartphone integration
  4. Voice commands, 
  5. Wireless charging capabilities
  6. 8.0 inch dashboard
  7. Premium Equipments
  8. Voice control – 4 Automatic Transmission
  9. Magic Space
  10. The Next Generation Surrounding Interior Design
  11. Panoramic Sunroof
  12. 1.5L Inline-4 engine
  13. Automatic gearbox
  14. 6 airbags, ABS, and front park assist

Wrap Up - 5 Best Chinese cars to buy under 70,000 in UAE

Chinese car brands are enjoying a good run in the UAE market. They have emerged as the best alternative to the already popular American, German & European car brands. They aren’t leading the race though but they are also not far behind. With quality and affordable cars, they are giving a tough competition to other car brands. They are slowly evolving into a reliable option and building a place in the heart of car lovers in the UAE. You’ll find many Chinese cars on the UAE roads and too soon you’ll be tempted to try one. However, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a chinese car under AED 70K, then have a look at these 5 best Chinese cars to buy – JAC JS4, Great Wall Wingle 7, Geely Emgrand, Changan Alsvin, & BAIC X35.