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Car is Stuck In Desert: 7 Tips To Rescue (+1 Bonus)

If your car is stuck in desert, read this.

Dubai is an incredible place for travel enthusiasts. This marvelous land ruled by Kings is known for its hospitality, tourism & rich culture & heritage. Tall Buildings like Burj Khalifa have been the hallmark of Dubai’s captivating modern infrastructure and is a popular tourist attraction as well. However, Dubai has all the thrill and fun for adventure lovers too. No other place in the world gives you an off-roading experience like Dubai.

Driving in Dubai deserts can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. It’s a fun-filled thrilling adventure you must experience if you’re in Dubai

Picture yourself embarking on a journey in your car, under hot sun, in between mountains & sand everywhere. Looks exciting, isn’t it? However, driving in Dubai deserts comes with its own set of challenges. You have to deal with hot weather, sand storms, and unfavorable driving conditions. People often get lost or stuck or experience any other unpleasant event that spoils the adventure. And having your car stuck in a Dubai desert is a frustrating experience everyone would like to avoid. So it’s better to be aware and equipped to tackle such a risky and challenging situation.

In this blog, we provide you with a step-by-step guide that’ll help you rescue your car while driving in Dubai deserts. However, we wish your stay in Dubai is wonderful and devoid of any such experience.

What To Expect From a Desert Safari in Dubai

For adventurers & thrill seekers, driving in Dubai deserts offers a unique opportunity to explore the captivating desert landscape of Dubai. With thrill and fun guaranteed along the way. With Dubai being a leading tourist spot, driving in Dubai deserts is a golden opportunity to connect and network with adventurers and thrill seekers from around the world. While Dubai city mesmerizes tourists with eye-catching cityscapes, desert landscapes introduces you to authentic Culture of Heritage of Dubai.

Though, unfavorable driving conditions & the hot weather poses a real challenge. However, the fun part is the thrill of driving or riding a vehicle on sand, dirt, rocks, and other natural uneven terrains of Dubai deserts.

Driving in Dubai deserts will definitely be an enjoyable experience for adventurers. Though hot weather may play a spoilsport, the captivating mountains, pleasant scenic view, and the enchanting red sand dunes of the Dubai deserts will make your trip amazing and memorable. However, driving in Dubai deserts is completely different from driving on regular roads. Only an experienced driver with tight control can navigate these uneven driving tracks. There will be no quick turns, frequent bumps and a higher risk of your car getting stuck in the sand.

Preparations Before Embarking On a Desert Safari

Before embarking on your Dubai desert trip, you should know what to do if your car gets stuck in the desert. Just keeping a few things in mind is enough to prepare you to deal with such an unforeseen situation. Dubai is known for its hot climate conditions. So during your desert trip, if your car gets stuck, you’ll need enough water to stay hydrated for a longer time. So carry enough water and food to satisfy your hunger & thirst. 

Secondly, select the best off-roading car to make your trip more exciting. To navigate the uneven desert terrains, you’ll need a car which is spacious, comfortable, powerful & has smooth off-roading capabilities. An SUV is the best choice of car for driving in Dubai deserts, It has a strong reputation & is highly recommended for off-roading. 

There are certain tools & equipments that can be useful in rescuing your car.

Here are some tools that you should always carry in your car

If you carry these, you can easily rescue the car yourself. Following are the essential tools to carry on a desert trip:

  1. Shovel
  2. Tow Straps
  3. Jack stand
  4. Air Compressor
  5. First aid kit
  6. Water & Food
  7. Tent 
  8. Caps & Sunglasses
  9. Flashlights 

What to do when Your Car is stuck In Desert

car stuck in desert

Driving in Dubai desert trip is a fun-filled and exciting adventure.

But it can quickly turn into a nightmare if your car gets stuck in the sand.

You’ll be stranded in the middle of the desert, frustrated and helpless.

However, stay calm in such a situation and follow this step-by-step guide to rescue your car.

Tip 1: Evaluate The Situation

Anyone could be frustrated if your car is stuck in desert.

The hot sun would even make the experience more irritating.

However, staying calm would help you to easily navigate the problem.

Turn your engine off & safely move out of your car to evaluate the situation.

Check the tires and the depth of the sand around them.

Properly evaluate the situation & take the next step.

Tip 2: Reduce the tire pressure

Before taking any step, checking the tires and the sand around is important.

The depth of the sand and how deep the tires are inserted will decide your next course of action.

If you find the tires are not that deep and the sand can be removed, then be confident to clear the path.

Reduce your tire pressure so that the tire becomes flatter.

This gives the tires more surface area to come in contact with the sand, which means more chances of the tire pushing the sand back and moving the car forward

This is an important step if your car is stuck in desert

Tip 3: Use a Shovel To Clear The Sand

Once you know the level of sand and the depth, you’ll need a shovel to clear the sand.

Shovel the sand around each tire. This may take some time if the tires are stuck deep in the sand

If shovel is not available use any object that can take the sand out, or if nothing is available use your hands

Your car will only move if the tires have enough space to gain traction.

Only a clear path will allow tires to gain traction.

So properly remove the sand around the tires and then try to rescue your car while driving in the desert.

Tip 4: Quickly move steering

Once the above steps are done, hop into the driver’s seat and start the engine

Now you will need to steer the steering wheel from left to right in the quick precession 

Tip 5: Rock the car back and forth

This step needs to be carried out in conjunction with the above one

So idea is to try to rock the car back and forth while rotating the steering wheel from left to right quickly so that the tire position changes and it comes out of the sand pit

You can also keep the driver’s door open while doing this exercise, which can help you monitor your tire’s position in real-time

Bonus Tip: Wet the sand

By this time, hopefully, your car should be out of the sand

But still, if you are shouting my car is stuck in desert, then here is a helpful tip

Try to wet the sand under your tires, it will bind the sand together and may provide the additional traction needed 

Tip 6: Use Traction mats when your car is stuck in desert

If all fails. We can now move to recovery equipment.

If you are carrying or can find an Anti-Skid Traction Mat then it’s time to let it out

Spread the Mat in front of the stuck tires and try to move the car over it

Once the tire gets on the Mat, it provides traction and friction so that the car can move and eventually can come out of the sand

Tip 7: Seek help from fellow off-roaders, when your car is stuck in desert

If you are not able to get out of this situation, it’s always wise to ask for help

See if there are any other off-roaders in sight, if yes, wave your hands to call them up for help. If no one’s around wait patiently someone will be nearby 

If you have Straps then you can attach them to the recovery hook of your car and the other end to theirs

Once tied, ask them to accelerate their car, which will pull your car out of the sand

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