10 Best Apps For Hassle-Free Car Maintenance

10 Best Apps For Hassle-Free Car Maintenance

Caring for your car and keeping it in the best shape takes a lot of effort. But you don’t have to be a wizard to keep your car running well.

When it comes to car maintenance, the biggest challenge is to keep tabs on what needs to be done. We are always so caught up in our busy lives that we often forget about little things such as changing oil and replacing filters.

Fortunately, the automotive industry has grown tremendously in the technology aspect. One exciting result of digitization in the automotive industry is the creation of car maintenance apps.

There are a number of apps that help users to know what their car needs. From daily maintenance reminders to helping you with little fixes every now and then, these 10 apps will keep your car in top-notch condition.


Also known as your pocket mechanic, AutoDoc is a thorough auto maintenance app that supports many different automobile models. The app offers detailed instructions and video guides for a variety of do-it-yourself maintenance jobs, like changing air filters, replacing spark plugs, and more. With AutoDoc, you can do minor repairs yourself and learn useful skills while saving money on upkeep.

This app has a user-friendly interface and clear instructions which encourages users to perform the basic repairs and fixes with confidence. The app is a useful resource when it comes to troubleshooting common car problems and understanding vehicle parts better.

Say goodbye to costly visits to the repair shop. AutoDoc gives you expert advice into your car maintenance routine. Download the app and lookafter your car’s heath like a doc.

Simply Auto

As the name suggests, Simply Auto makes the stressful task of maintaining your vehicle rather simple! You only need to add your car and this app will let you record all the essential information related to your car. On the home screen, you can add fill-ups, services, expenses, trips, and odometer reading by hitting the plus sign.

Wish to have an overview of your car’s performance and costs? Do it with the push of a button! Simply switch to the Stats & Charts tab from the Dashboard and find everything from Total Stats to Average Fuel Stats to Trip Stats neatly organized for you.

So stop stressing over car maintenance and let Simply Auto take care of everything. This app makes car care look easy-breezy.


Drivvo is another great app available for iOS and Android users and that too for free. This is more like a finance management app for your car helping you control your car expenses.

Drivvo also reminds you to pay the correct fuel prices for various services and to follow the route instructions. An additional benefit is a flexible calculator that consumers can use to choose the best fuel for their vehicles.

This app is super useful for personal and professional drivers and lets you categorize your car expenses into graphs. And don’t forget about the excellent customer service you’re going to get with this app.


It’s an amazing app that assists you with all elements of your car and serves as a virtual technician. For those who are too busy to visit the vehicle shop, it is the ideal tool. When your car requires repair, CARFAX Car Care will keep track of it, let you know how much gas it uses, and much more.

The app provides you with information on your new car’s purchase date, mileage, fuel type, whether or not it has been involved in an accident, and many other details.

To find your car, you’ll need to input its VIN number, but after that, you’re good to go! CARFAX automatically gathers and displays all of the service history for your vehicle because that is how it functions. From there, it will suggest when you need an oil change, a tyre rotation, a renewal of your registration and more.


The free AUTOsist app’s mobile scanning capability is perfect if you detest paper receipts. It transforms maintenance receipts into digital spending and service records that are accessible whenever you need them, even when you’re not connected.

If you prefer paper, you can print your digital service records whenever you want. With just one click, AUTOsist can transmit your service history to anyone if you’re wanting to sell your automobile.

You may access trip logs, personal comments, reminders, service history, fuel history, and other information by selecting a car on the main screen. Depending on how specific you are, adding a new service, like an oil change, takes approximately five minutes or less. Any service entry can include notes, odometer readings, photographs, and other information.

My Car

This one has many of the same capabilities as AUTOSist but serves a different function. You can use My Car app to locate the neighbourhood petrol station, eateries, lodging and maintenance facilities. The app provides you with a summary of your car’s condition, including the average mileage and any components that require maintenance. You can also find out how much it will cost you to fuel a single tank of your vehicle.

By connecting you with a service provider through the app, you may get any repairs completed swiftly and effectively. With this app, not only will your car receive a professional repair, but it will also be mended affordably.


People who frequently travel and drive around in cars will benefit from this software, but it will also enable you to save money. The software can communicate with the engine of your automobile and display the amount of petrol being consumed. The app will display how much petrol is used on each trip based on the date you started driving.

This software will not only provide you a list of everything your car needs, but it will also show you how much it costs on a monthly basis. Additionally, you may view your mileage and petrol consumption.

Additionally, you can include details about nearby petrol stations, the cost at various locations, the kind of fuel, and other factors.


Are you hoping to get a fair pricing and a rapid turnaround after unplanned car repairs? Your wallet can take a serious hit as a result. Openbay provides you with affordable service estimates. You can immediately schedule a vehicle repair service. After selecting the service you require, their network of trustworthy local repair businesses will provide you quotations in response to your request. Nothing is more useful than having a variety of quotations at your disposal. Talk about saving time!

This is without a doubt one of the best car maintenance applications. This app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

Auto Care 1

Auto Care 1 will tell you what needs to be fixed for your automobile whether you manually enter the information or let it handle it for you.

This best auto repair app will show you how much labour will be required to fix your car as well as how much each part will cost. This programme will demonstrate how to change a lightbulb, install a new battery, and maintain your car.

Reminders for maintenance can be set up by users based on distance or the day of the month. Additionally, you can feel secure knowing that this app regularly backs up all of your data to iCloud.


The FIXD app was created to aid users in understanding and maintaining their vehicles. It’s one of the applications on this list that is more thorough because it not only tells you when to service your automobile, but also what needs to be done and why. Users can buy a sensor that they can plug into their car to get real-time data about the condition of their vehicle.

Both iOS and Android users can download the FIXD app for free. By purchasing a FIXD Premium subscription, users can access extra services including emissions pre-check and issue forecast.


You may avoid unforeseen fuel costs and debt by using mobile apps that send you notifications in advance. Car owners can enjoy stress-free vehicle maintenance and automatic tracking of all their travel itineraries.

If you have a busy schedule or are struggling with your car’s upkeep, these apps are a fantastic place to start.

Numerous app developers are still seeking for more effective apps that aid in car maintenance while keeping in mind all the needs and services.


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