Snapshot of Automotive Industry in Dubai


A Snapshot of The Automotive Industry in Dubai

There are almost 540 cars for every 1000 residents in Dubai. That’s a lot of cars. 

Also, Dubai has cars imported from all over the globe.

According to statista, the total number of vehicles sold in UAE, just in the year 2019 was approximately 2,35,000. If we go back to 2014, the total vehicles sold were 4,07,000.

The automobile and vehicle market also saw a spike in the number of commercial vehicle sales in 2019, it was almost 28,000.

Dubai is a city where you will be able to spot most of the luxury cars, commercial cars, and cars of different variations and classes.

It could be safely concluded that Dubai is a hub of automobiles across the global automobile industry.

Dubai cars on road

If we observe closely, the most popular car brand, Toyota, is based in Japan. Other popular brands, Nissan, Mazda, Lexus, for instance, are based in Japan too. 

Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes are European brands. Jeep is an American brand, so is Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet. Hyundai and Kia Motors  are Korean brands.

The Automobiles in Dubai bring all the world of automobiles together.

Japan has had an amazing relationship with Dubai, for the automobile sector growth.

The GM(General Motor) office is based in Dubai, which has an amazing relationship with the UAE government.

Toyota in Dubai

A while back, The Minister of Automobile and transport said the Auto Industry is one of the most important sectors to grow the overall economy.

Not just UAE, the complete Automobile and automotive industry in the middle eastern countries is going through a major transformation. The vehicles are more advanced than they ever were. The technology and innovation are updated and with artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, connectivity, and more it seems like the growth would continue and the effects on the economy would be good.

As the Automobile industry keeps on supporting the economy, The automotive and parts industry is directly connected.

According to the news by Arabian business, ​The total area dedicated to the automotive and auto spare parts sector in Dubai Industrial City covers more than 37m square feet.

The after-sales market which includes the sales of genuine spare parts and quality aftermarket parts is also expected to increase. 

It was reported by Dubai Customers that in the year 2018, the trade volume of auto parts of the overall industry – including trucks, commercial vehicles, and normal vehicles reached almost 1.9 million tonnes

This also includes the tires, batteries, and other body and engine parts.

There has been importing of car spare parts for Toyota, car spare parts for Nissan, Car spare parts for Mazda, car spare parts for Mercedes, car spare parts for BMW, car spare parts for Honda, car spare parts for Jeep, car spare parts for Ford, car spare parts for Chevrolet, car spare parts for Chrysler, car spare parts for Kia Motors, and others.

As mentioned at the start of the article, there are 540 cars for every 1000 residents. The demand for spare parts is obviously as much as the cars in Dubai.

What Do Dubai Officials have to say about the Automobile Industry?

Dubai automobile industry overview

The Managing director of Dubai Industry City, Saud Al-Shawareb, said: “Dubai’s advantageous geographic position between the east and the west provides numerous benefits to automotive companies exporting cars around the world.”

The UAE Minister of Economy, Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, has a very positive outlook about the impact of the automobile sector on the overall economy of the UAE. He said the Automobile industry is amongst the most important sectors of the upcoming economy. As the industry uses and encourages innovation and advanced technologies like Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Noorhan is proud to be an important part of the Automotive parts industry. We’re gladly helping the residents of Dubai to easily get genuine spare parts for their cars and delivering quality aftermarket parts.

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