10 Things You Should Know If You Own a Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai

10 Things You Should Know If You Own a Toyota Land Cruiser in Dubai

You need to own a really good car if you want to cope with the busy and fast-paced lifestyle that Tier-1 cities like Dubai have to offer. For the same reason, the ‘Land Cruiser’ by Toyota has thoroughly been a favorite choice for customers. This SUV model has gained popularity in the course of time because it has adaptability amidst the diverse driving conditions of Dubai and has been providing customers with their dream comfort and convenience.
Keep reading this article for everything you need to know if you own or are planning to get your hands on the very stylish Land Cruiser! 

The Land Cruiser: Why So Popular in Dubai?

 Many famous car companies directly compete with the Toyota Land Cruiser in the full-sized SUV segment. However, the impressive strengths of this SUV make it stand out and perform sales better than its competitors in the UAE market. Here are some of them:
    • The trusted member of the Toyota family has been enjoying its legacy for several generations now among motorists in the UAE, especially for the premium experience it offers, its reliability and off-road capabilities.
    • The SUV comes with powerful V6 and V8 engine options along with a strong 4WD system that help enhance the car’s performance even in the challenging terrains conditions of Dubai.
    • The innovative suspension system of the car allows it to dominate both city streets and off-roads.
    • The extensive service provision by Toyota makes maintenance of their cars feasible and cost-efficient. Furthermore, the reliability of the brand, the long-term warranty coverage, availability of quality service, use of genuine parts and involvement of well-trained mechanics are other prominent factors that help provide a hassle-free experience to the owner of the car.
    • The prioritization of safety by Toyota is a known fact. In the same way, the Land Cruiser comes with a lot of advanced safety features that provide assistance and safety to the driver and passengers in the best possible way.

Toyota Land Cruiser: An Overview

Here is a complete overview of all the key specifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser.  
Specification Details
Price Range AED 238,900 – AED 412,900
Body Type SUV/Crossover
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Type Gasoline (only engine option)
Horsepower 271 BHP – 409 BHP
Torque 385 Nm – 650 Nm
Engine Capacity 3.5 L – 4L
Mileage 9.3 Km/L – 9.4 Km/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 110 L
Cylinders 6 Cylinders
Length 4995 mm – 5145 mm
Width 1980 mm – 1990 mm
Height 1890 mm – 1925 mm
Seating Capacity 7-Seater
Boot Space TBD
Acceleration TBD
Top Speed 210 km/h
Drive Type Four Wheel Drive

1. Redesigned Exterior Autobody

The latest models of the Land Cruiser have taken inspiration from its predecessor models in terms of reliability and quality of the exterior build. In addition, this set of cars will be mid-size luxury SUVs loaded with features that enhance the amazing off-road abilities. The cars will be fresher and more premium in terms of look and comfort.
Here are some additional specs for the same:

    • The roof rails of the car are stylish and well-built
    •  The car comes with Automatic LED headlights
    •  The four-wheel-drive system comes with bronze-colored wheels
    • The roof-mounted cargo basket can be used for storage and transport
    • The exterior body of the Land cruiser rides on the TNGA-F body-on-frame platform. This kind of platform costs much less than the older Toyota platforms, provides sturdiness to the autobody, helps lower the center of gravity, and hence adds to the stability of the vehicle.

2. Performance Advancements & Upgrades

 The Land Cruiser comes with both V6 and V8 engine options. The 5.7 L V8 engine produces a maximum horsepower of around 380 hp, while the 3.4 L turbocharged V6 engine can easily pull off a maximum of 349 hp. The latter provides a much higher torque, which is why the latest versions of the car might witness the presence of two V6 engines with the V8 being dropped.

3. Hybrid Powertrains and Fuel Efficiency

The latest manufacturers of the car come with a hybrid powertrain system. This mechanism of energy transfer uses combined energy from both the fuel and the battery to operate the wheels and the other systems of the car. This system of alternation or combination of power using both the combustion engine and the electric source helps optimize the drive in the most efficient possible way, thus qualifying the car to face off with the biggest flagship car companies in the market.
Here are the fuel economy stats for the newest versions of the Land Cruiser:

Fuel TypeGasoline (only engine option)
Estimated Fuel Economy14 mpg (combined)
Estimated Range319-418 miles
Annual Fuel CostsAED 13,530 (AED 13.33/L)
Mileage9.3 Km/L – 9.4 Km/L
Tank Capacity24.6 gal (110 L)

4. Latest Technologies Used in Car Safety

The presence of all essential safety features in the Land Cruiser is the primary reason for its far-and-wide reputation and reliability. Emergency braking, lane departure assist, lane tracing, intersection support, emergency steering assist, scanning of oncoming traffic, multiple airbags protection, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) are some of the most notable safety-oriented services offered by the vehicle.

5. Premium and Spacious Interior Design

he Land Cruiser is a stunning blend of comfort and performance. The interior of this car features a three-row setup that allows up to seven passengers to comfortably ride aboard. High-quality and genuine materials are used during the manufacture of the seats and door panels. In addition, a 14-inch infotainment screen graces the interior of the Land Cruiser. Drivers can seamlessly avail the services of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay services with the latest wireless connectivity support of Toyota. 

Following are the interior space specs of the car:


Cargo Volume 
Cargo Space16.1 cu-ft
Cargo Space (Seats Lowered)81.7 cu-ft
Headroom & Legroom 
Front Headroom38.3 in
Front Legroom42.9 in (AED 13.33/L)
Rear Headroom38.9 in/35.8 in (2nd and 3rd Rows)
Rear Legroom34.4 in/28.3 in (2nd and 3rd Rows)

6. Advanced Technological Upgrades

The TRD Pro trim level of the new Toyota Land Cruiser comes with lots of exciting features and advanced tech. Some of these include:

    • Safety Sense 2.5 & Wireless Connectivity
    • Enhanced off-road technology with Toyota’s latest Multi-Terrain Select software, Crawl Control, and Downhill Assist.
    •  Additional features such as underbody armor, off-road tires, and a refined suspension system.
    • The other latest features include Multi-Zone Climate Control, efficient air circulation through around 30 vents, an integrated JBL audio system, a dual-screen infotainment display system, ventilated seats, a heated steering wheel, and a keyless entry system.

7. Legendary Off-Roading Capabilities

The Land Cruiser by Toyota is most widely known for its exceptional off-road robustness. Some of the best reforms in its manufacture and technology for this particular segment are enlisted herein:

    • The strong TNGA-F body-to-frame platform offers a stable center of gravity and sturdiness to the vehicle body.
    •  The retention of the autobody on the frame chassis enhances the torsional flexing, which allows an independent and smooth movement of the frame across uneven and challenging terrain.
    • Toyota’s latest Multi-Terrain Select software comes with advanced technologies that help adapt the movement of the car to uneven terrain lands for a comfortable driving experience. Crawl Control and Downhill Assist are some of the newly added features.

8. Towing Capacity of The Vehicle

The latest models of the Land Cruiser can come with a whopping 7000 lbs of towing capacity which is more impressive than most vehicles in its price segment. Credit for this goes to the powerful turbocharged engines and the sturdy four-wheel-drive setup of the car.

9. Upgrades in Driver Assistance

Toyota’s most recent upgrades in its Driver Assistance technology include the following:

    • The all-new ‘Teammate Advanced Driver Assistance System’ allows the car to automatically steer, accelerate and park itself under active driver supervision.
    •  Other known reliable features offered by the car include Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Auto-Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring and Vehicle Stability Control.

10. Efficient and Powerful Suspension System

 Land Cruisers might be actively involved in heavy-duty driving. For the same reason, additional care is taken during the manufacture of the car’s suspension system. The car comes with a multilink coil-spring suspension setup that provides the perfect balance and strength to the car, especially on off-roads. It is ensured that no passenger experiences discomfort due to jerks and jolts, and their ride quality is not compromised at any cost.


 While all automobile vehicles have their own pros and cons, the array of features and facilities provided by the Land Cruiser is undoubtedly a rare find. The way Toyota has successfully integrated advanced technologies that provide the most comfortable driving experience within a cost-efficient price range is really remarkable.
In short, The Land Cruiser by Toyota is hands down one of the best choices for car enthusiasts and drivers who wish to make their driving experience hassle-free and convenient on the busy roads and challenging terrains of Dubai.

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