Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Washing Your Car

Car owners should wash their cars regularly. How much you spend on maintenance and how often you do it depends on how well you do it.
Some people may think washing your car is hard, but it doesn’t have to be since there are so many good products.
But most of us don’t know when we do things that hurt our cars. Washing a car is as easy as a walk in the park, and it’s easy to wonder what could go wrong while washing a car.
You can get great results without taking your car to a car wash. But getting sloppy results with spots, streaks, and annoying marks is easy. Everything depends on how accurate the information you use to wash your clothes is.
Here is a list of people’s seven most common mistakes when cleaning their cars:

When you clean with just any cloth:

If you don’t care about your car, this is the only thing you should do. If that’s not true, then this is just a bad idea. Because the material is too rough for your car, it can scratch and leave streaks on the paint job.
Remember that the cleaning supplies you choose can make a big difference. You want to use a soft material that can soak up water. Never clean your car with a paper towel, an old T-shirt, a bath towel, or a sponge. The only thing that should touch your vehicle’s paint is a soft microfiber towel or a similar cloth.

The car was cleaned in the Sun:

One of the most common ways to wash a car is in this way. We always like to wash cars when the Sun shines brightly and the temperature is high. But we should never pass a car in direct sunlight because it makes the car hotter than we want it to be and makes the water evaporate quickly, leaving ugly water droplet marks on the car.

Wax, automotive soap and other chemicals aren’t meant to be used on hot surfaces, and they often come with instructions to park the car in the shade while using them. So, wait until the Sun calms down a bit. The best time is right before the Sun goes down.

It’s cooler, and the Sun isn’t too strong, so it’s just the right amount of brightness. Because it is cooler, the water won’t evaporate, so the car will stay nice and wet and be easy to wash.

Any way you want to wash the car:

Even though it shouldn’t be a secret, the order in which you wash your car is important. It matters as much as what you use to clean. And how should they go? First, clean the tyres, then the body.

The simple reason is that the tyre is the dirtiest part of your car, and when you wash it last, you get sand and mud on the paint you’ve already cleaned. Wash the tyres first instead of going against yourself. Then, rinse the car with water to remove any dirt on the colour so you don’t scratch the body when you wash it.

When you’re done washing the car, and it’s time to dry it off, the order is backwards, but the reasoning is the same. Clean the car from the top down so you don’t get dirty from the wheels and tyres back on the body.

When washing with a single bucket:

This is the easiest mistake to make, and almost everyone does it. When washing a car, you should use more than one bucket. Instead, you should always use two separate buckets.

One bucket should have clean, soapy water for washing, and the other should have water for rinsing. Put the dirty towel in the rinse bucket and wash it, so the dirt falls to the bottom and doesn’t get into the clean soapy water.

Putting wax on the steering wheel, shifter, and gas pedals to make them shine:

Most people do this every time they clean the inside of their car. They also use a leather or vinyl cleaner to make the steering wheel, gas pedals, and gear stick shine. We want to hold all these pieces well, but putting the greasy substance on them will make them slippery.

We can easily lose control of the car while driving, leading to an accident. There are many ways to keep your car shiny, but please don’t use car wax on these parts.

If you wash without a lubricant:

People also often need to use the right lubricant when they wash their cars. If you don’t use oil, the vehicle will be a little dry and more likely to get scratches when you wipe it down with a cloth. Water is not a good lubricant by itself.
So, if you want to clean your car without scratching it, use a lubricant like a liquid car wax spray. We’ve all had to deal with bird poop at some point. You should not even with water; try to clean up dry bird poop with a dry towel or cloth.
Always use a lubricant spray or liquid to keep it from getting scratched, and then wipe it off with a towel. And don’t let that dirty poop sit on your car for too long because it has acids that will damage the paint and leave a dirty mark.

When you wash with kitchen soap, degreaser, or shampoo:

This may seem easy and convenient, or using dish soap, or laundry detergent is safe. No matter why you want to do this, you should not.

Using the right cleaning supplies is an important part of caring for a car because they are made for that purpose. Kitchen soap and similar products aren’t, so they will wear away at the wax and paint on your vehicle if you use them often.

Cleaner has a wide range of cleaning products for cars that are made to get rid of dirt and keep the paint in good shape. Use our great products to clean your car the way it deserves gently.


The following are the seven most common mistakes that should be avoided when washing your vehicle. It’s fun and easy to clean a ride, but if you do it right, your hard-earned money will look good and break your heart.

Keeping your car clean and shiny can be easy. You only need the right tools that are clean and a way to clean them. It is essential that you do not perform any of the seven faults that have been mentioned above.

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