Driving In Dubai? These 15 Mistakes Can Land You In Jail

Driving In Dubai? These 15 Mistakes Can Land You In Jail

Dubai, famous for its stunning mind-blowing infrastructure and busy lifestyle also has some strict traffic and road safety rules.

Dubai, known for its stunning architecture and bustling lifestyle, also upholds strict traffic regulations to ensure road safety. While minor driving errors might result in fines and black points, certain mistakes can even lead you behind bars. In this blog, we will explore 15 driving mistakes that could land you in jail in Dubai.

Understanding the black point system in Dubai

The Black Point System records traffic law violations by motorists. To indicate how significant the infringement is, this approach employs points.

This is how it goes: A driver accrues black points every time they break the law, such as driving too fast or disregarding a traffic sign. More points are awarded for more significant errors. It resembles a scale where larger errors earn more points.

Someone might receive a few black points, for instance, if they just neglect to utilize their turn signal. However, if a person does something extremely risky, like drive too fast or fail to stop at a red light, they may accrue a lot more black points.

This system makes sure that every driver follows the traffic rules and everybody is safe on the road.

Driving Mistakes You Will Get Fined For In Dubai

Dangerous driving
A fine of Dh2,000 and 23 black points are assessed for driving in a way that endangers the life and safety of others or damages public or private property. Additionally, these offences may result in a 60-day car confiscation period.

The punishment for heavy vehicle operators is more severe. A Dh3,000 fine and a one-year license suspension are imposed on drivers of heavy vehicles that risk lives, harm public safety, or damage public or private property.

Speeding and signal violations
Speeding is still a severe issue for road safety. More than 60 or 80 kph over the posted limit will result in a Dh2,000 fine, 12 black points, and 30 days with the car impounded.

Penalties for lesser speeding offences serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to follow the rules of the road.

A Dh300 fine and no black points are assessed for exceeding the maximum speed limit by no more than 30 km/h.

For the same offence, light vehicle drivers risk a fine of Dh1,000 and 12 black points, while drivers of large vehicles risk a fine of Dh3,000 and a one-year license suspension.

Not using seatbelts
One important road safety rule is the seat belt law, which mandates that everyone in a car wear a seat belt. Due to this regulation, fewer persons suffer serious injuries in car accidents.

The penalty for not using a seat belt in Dubai is 400 dirhams. It is significant to emphasize that the driver of the vehicle, who is in charge of ensuring that all passengers are using seat belts, is subject to this fine.

No matter where they are seated, everyone must be appropriately restrained to comply with the law. Non-compliance with the seat belt law in Dubai carries a monetary fine as well as four black points on the driver’s license.

Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited and Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy for this violation. This act will result in 23 black points and your vehicle will be seized for 60 days. Not only this, you will also have to pay the fine as decided by the court.

Driving without insurance or car registration

In Dubai, purchasing auto insurance is required; failure to do so could result in severe fines or the suspension or termination of your driver’s license. The traffic police can fine you AED 500 and add 4 black points to your driving record if you are discovered driving without auto insurance. In the worst instance, even your car might be impounded for a few days.

Mobile phone usage

Driving while using a mobile device is a significant traffic infraction in Dubai. It forbids using a phone while driving unless it is a hands-free device.

In Dubai, using a phone while driving carries a substantial charge intended to discourage motorists from this risky practice. As per the latest update, the fine is AED 800 and comes with four black points. Even at a red signal, texting and calling while driving are both prohibited.

Not giving way to pedestrians or priority vehicles

Failing to give way to emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and police cars, or failing to give way to pedestrians at authorized crosswalks, is punishable with a fine.

Depending on how serious the crimes are, the fines for such offences often vary from AED 400 to AED 1000 and/or may result in black points.

Parking violations
Parking in a no-parking zone, utilising a designated handicap zone without a permit, occupying a fire lane, and parking on pedestrians’ pathways, are all examples of parking offences. The penalty for parking infractions ranges from 400 to 1,000 AED, and depending on the area and the seriousness of the infraction, they may also result in black points.

Throwing garbage on roads
How many times have you wiped off your sweat and flung it out of your car? We bet you don’t even remember.

Throwing waste on roads or littering public spaces in Dubai will lead to a fine of Dh1,000 fine and six black points. You might as well travel an extra mile to dispose of that tissue paper in a trash can.

Not leaving a safe distance between vehicles
Drivers in Dubai run the risk of being arrested if they don’t leave enough room between their vehicles and the ones in front of them. Tailgating is one of the most frequent traffic offences in the United Arab Emirates, and it has caused a number of fatal car accidents.

According to the court’s decision, tailgating is illegal and is punishable by up to a year in jail, a 400 AED fine, and four license points.

Vehicle condition
Dubai’s traffic laws emphasize the need to keep vehicles in good working order. Driving offences involving defective illumination, including indicators, rear lights, or car lights in bad condition are punishable by fines between Dh400 and Dh600 and between two and six black points.

Moreover, driving loud vehicles Drivers found violating this law face a fine of Dh2,000 and 12 black points.

Using old or expired tyres in the vehicle will also invite a Dh500 fine along with 4 black points. Not only this, the police can impound your vehicle for a week if you get caught using expired tyres.

Not using your indicator while taking turns
In Dubai, you can be fined Dh400 for failing to signal lane changes, turning, or using the indicator lights. However, in addition to the Dh400 fine, you would also receive two black points if the indication lights were not in functioning order. If the back or sidelights of a large vehicle are damaged or missing, the driver is subject to a Dh500 fine and four black points.

Driving without lights at night or in foggy weather
Driving without headlights can be risky for you, other drivers, and road users like pedestrians. The condition of your car’s headlight should be maintained as a result. If you are caught driving in Dubai without headlights, you will be fined AED 500 and given 4 black points on your license. Change your car’s headlights right away if you realize that they aren’t functioning properly. In Dubai, you may find a variety of automotive lights for sale at affordable prices.

Not stopping after causing an accident
If a driver causes an accident that results in injuries on the road but does not stop, they may be sentenced to jail time. Other penalties that drivers will have to endure for this offence include an AED 500 fine, 8 black points, and 7 days with their vehicle impounded.

Crowding around accident sites

Dubai police have advised that it is against the law to crowd around accident scenes in Dubai. The fine for the offence, according to the police, is Dh1,000.

Bystanders are not permitted to congregate near accident or fire scenes because it makes it harder for first responders to get to the scene. Officials from the police, civil defense, ambulance, and rescue services are hampered by the practice.

Filming accident scenes carries a harsher punishment. The Ministry of Interior states that there is a Dh150,000 charge associated with documenting traffic incidents and sharing them online.

It’s important for the people in Dubai or those who are visiting to follow every traffic rule not only to avoid these fines but to also make sure that every person on the road feels safe. If you follow all the rules and pay attention to your surroundings, you can make sure that you don’t get any black points. Let’s make driving safer for everyone.

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